Row erupts over Christian shop that won't sell Catholic goods

Row erupts over Christian shop that won't sell Catholic goods June 1, 2016

Muriel Swan, 61, above, was ‘left reeling’ when she was told that The Mustard Seed Christian Bookshop in Nottingham did not sell anything associated with Catholicism.

Swan, according to this report, had entered the store to look for a gift for her grandson for his first holy communion. She was not only told that it was a Protestant store, but that it was “anti-Catholic” to boot.

We asked the lady in the shop if she had anything for first communion and the reaction we received left us reeling. In this day and age, I was left speechless when she said the shop was anti-Catholic.
She went almost into a rage, my grandson and daughter in law were upset by this, it was truly awful.
I have come up against discrimination before but all the time I have lived in England this is the first time anti-Catholism has reared its ugly head.
There were other people in the shop and that made it worse.
We just wanted to buy a special Bible.

The Mustard Seed has been running for more than 30 years. In 1996 the shop was about to close and was taken over by Chris Stala, who said:

We are Protestant – not Catholic. The bottom line is that if you want Catholic things go to a Catholic shop. The complaint is ridiculous and its just logical you won’t get Catholic things here. If you want Catholic goods you go to a Catholic store.

She added:

We are not anti-Catholic in anyway. I am a Christian and she is too but we are part of different sects. You would not get Jehovah’s Witnesses coming here either.
We don’t advertise as a Protestant shop but people who come here just know.
She should get the Pope to open a few bookshops for her because he has plenty of money.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission said they would not comment on the case as it is a private matter and it was up to the shop what they sell.
One comment beneath the report that made me laugh out loud said:

I went to the butcher’s to buy some bread, but they said they didn’t sell it. I felt offended.

Hat tip: Gill Kerry

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