India and Bangladesh bans Dr Zakir Naik's Peace TV

India and Bangladesh bans Dr Zakir Naik's Peace TV July 11, 2016

Following recent Islamic terror attacks in Bangladesh, India has banned Naik’s Peace TV (motto: ‘The Solution for Humanity’). Its neighbour, Bangladesh, then imposed a similar ban.
Peace TV – “a 24-hours Islamic International TV Channel” – serves as a platform that air’s Naik’s mainly ignorant and inflammatory views.
According to The Bangladeshi Humanist Zakir Naik had been accused in India of inspiring, “albeit perhaps inadvertently”, the recent terror attacks that rocked Bangladesh.

The Islamic proselytizer, rising to fame for his pedantic knowledge of the world’s religion, can and has been described as everything ranging from ‘an authority on comparative religion’ to a radical Islamic televangelist, perhaps an equivalent of the US’s Ted Haggard.
The Mumbai-based preacher is hardly a stranger to being tangled in the web of controversy, accruing a name for himself through range of purported comments aired on his channel Peace TV and other areas. These include his consideration of the theory of Darwinian evolution as a mere ‘hypothesis’ and ‘unproven conjecture’, as well his admission that Muslim men are entitled to sex with their slaves. He is banned from entering the UK and Canada.

The Dhaka terror attacks were said to have been inspired by Naik’s teachings, leading to an analysis of his programme and and an evaluation of its place in Indian television. The Maharashtra government has ordered a probe to be conducted into his sermons, the contents of which officials have described as “a security hazard”.
The government has indicated its intention to check the contents of Naik’s teachings, from his TV programme to his writings, and and also the sources of the funds for his channels.

Some of his sermons posted on YouTube may also be removed.
Naik is currently on a trip to Mecca. He has aired a WhatsApp-ed video insisting on his innocence, deflecting any blame for the attacks.
The Bangladeshi Humanist carried a follow-up report, saying that the government of Bangladesh has announced that it will ban Peace TV in the wake of reports that the Dhaka gunmen were inspired by Naik’s teachings and writings.
Naik was most recently in the news when he released “Peace Mobile 2”, the second edition of the “world’s first authentic Islamic smartphone”.
Editor’s note: There is an interesting analysis on “Islamic televangelism” here.

Regrettably, the radicalization of Islamist televangelism has emerged as a serious threat to the global democratic societies with Muslim populace. It has communicated the exclusivist messages of radical Islamism more effectively than even the sizeable corpus of extremist jihadist literature. The Salafism-inspired Islamic TV channels have done an irreparable damage in the war-torn Middle Eastern societies perpetuating retrogressive religious thoughts furthering nefarious political ends. That it has taken roots in South Asia is a matter of grave concern for the peace-loving and pluralistic peoples of the region.

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  • Broga

    A “holy” cap, a beard ,a copy of the Quran in hand and a microphone and you don’t need to know more to assume that he is rabble rousing the gullible with inflammatory religious claptrap.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    his pedantic knowledge of the world’s religion,
    There’s only one now?
    That could be good news or bad news.

  • If magic spells were real, a wizard could say special words and force listeners to commit the deeds he wished them to.
    But magic spells are not real and aside from children and those with mental illness, people are responsible for their own actions.
    For this reason, I support the freedom of speech of all people. Even liars and fools and bullies.

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  • L.Long

    Don’t see anything wrong here. An ahole muslin bigot behaving in a normal manner according to their book o’BS! If they don’t like what they are hearing then the radical muslins that don’t like killing others should quit their BS religion and stop supporting the precepts of that religion. The governments should have a constitution that grants rights for ALL and stop supporting the BS religions and enforce common decent laws. Don’t want that? Then continue putting up with the hate & violence!

  • Brand

    And this in the UK … It must be stopped. One law for all … none of this islamic sharia shite. The Government must crack down and make sharia courts illegal with heavy penalties for those that transgress

  • Matthew Carr

    What or who holds people responsible for their own actions? Speech can and will be weaponized by people who are not necessarily sane. The public in turn will have those who are not equipped to view such teachings critically for their own reasons. Then we have those afterwards who say they didn’t expect this member of the public to cause such death and destruction. We can learn from this or more will perish.

  • Brand

    Naik is as thick as shit … so much so that he does not even realise it himself and a bloody danger to humanity. He should be incarcerated in a high security jail with no access to mobile phones or computers.

  • RussellW

    Another example of a demented Muslim using Kuffar technology to promote his barking-mad superstition. There’s a long tradition in Islam of using the culture of superior civilisations to destroy them,it started with Islam’s so-called ‘Golden Age’. Muslims are then bewildered as to why all the consumer goods have disappeared. Their ‘solution’of course is not science and technology but more madrasahs.

  • sailor1031

    Whatever he says must be wrong – that koran he’s holding is in English not arabic. Any fule kno only arabic korans are the true word of doG.