Kentucky man photographs 'soul' of fatally injured biker

Kentucky man photographs 'soul' of fatally injured biker July 17, 2016

Saul Vazquez, a truck driver from Powell County, Kentucky, is convinced he captured the moment the soul of a motorcyclist left his body following a crash.
A Catholic website carried this headline:

Stunning photo shows soul leaving the body.

After Vazquez posted the image to Facebook, it went viral, reported CatholicSay:

The reason is astonishing. The picture shows a ghostly figure, in the shape of a person, rising above the victim’s body. Many believe it shows the man’s soul departing.
Could it be?

And it added (with superfluous question marks):

The Church does not specify when the soul leaves the body, either at the moment of death or at some other time. An ambulance transported the victim to a hospital where he soon died. But it is possible his soul departed his body before doctors could declare him deceased?
It’s also unusual for a soul to be photographed, but perhaps there are conditions where this is possible?

Commenting on the report, Tom Rafferty said:
It’s called pareidolia: … This post reveals how uneducated and deluded one can be. It’s your choice: remain such or understand reality through science.
“Patracie” disagreed:

When Pope John Paul 11 was shot in his popemobile, there was a picture taken of his slumped figure. When the picture was viewed there was the image of Our Lady holding the Pope in her arms. If the scientifically minded wish to conclude that those of us who believe in such miraculous occurrences are ‘delusional’ I suggest you show more respect for people who have this special faith. You may want proof to explain everything of faith, behaving like the doubting Thomas who just could not trust that Jesus had reappeared to the apostles after death …well, sorry, people…no one is going to persuade you to believe. Just stop insulting those of us who do believe.

Here’s the picture “Patracie” alluded to:
And here’s a link to a report that says the picture it was a hoax.

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  • barriejohn

    Ah, yes: “respect”. Maybe if the religious stopped churning out palpable nonsense that is an insult to the intelligence they might just receive a bit of the respect that they so earnestly seem to crave.

  • Trike

    R Soul

  • andym

    Funny isn’t it?Religiots constantly shrug off the need for empirical evidence for religious belief. You don’t understand, they say.It’s faith that’s important, they say. Yet the minute something like this is produced, laughable and dubious as it is, they’re onto it like a shot.

  • Paul

    Isn’t that a tree trunk?

  • Roman Catholics hold that there is such a thing as a soul, and that it is associated with a person at conception. No clear answer about chimera births or Siamese twins or spontaneous miscarriages but no matter.
    The existence of the soul has the least amount of evidence and the most amount of counter-evidence of any superstitious claim relative to the number of people who make that claim. It’s a curious thing.
    If souls exist, and if souls matter while bodies don’t, at best the religious can be following orders to care for the sick and starving but in no way does it help the souls of the sick and starving. God sure likes to give man impossible and pointless tasks.

  • Justin

    So if the soul is taken before the person dies, but that person is later revived and recovers is their soul returned to them or do they walk around forever without a soul? Maybe once it is taken you are doomed to death, so the work by the doctors and emergency staff is all for nought. Seems kind of cruel, although that would be inline with their God’s reputation.
    The snort about being respectful of this belief underscores they have no sensible defence of such blatant nonsense. You could also ask them how respectful Catholicism has historically been to other beliefs over the last 20 centuries. (Hint: not very)

  • barriejohn

    Siamese Twins – that’s a good question! Just take a look at this load of garbage dressed up as rational debate:
    God in not within time, I believe that children who start as one child and then develops into 2 or 3 or more babies, have already received their soul exactly when the proper time came along… such as separation of the cells. The timing is no problem for God.
    Nothing is going to shake the faith of these people – certainly not some inconvenient facts!

  • barriejohn

    Here’s an interesting article about conjoined twins, though there’s quite a bit of waffle. It does mention the Fall though, and my immediate response to all these questions is to point out that this is always the Christian’s “Get Out of Jail Free” card, as “God” just didn’t plan for any of this “confusion” to happen!

  • Daz

    The problem of twins’ souls is easily solved: Link.
    Checkmate, atheists!

  • L.Long

    And we ignore the fact that the victim was still alive at the time of the pix!! Or that there is a light colored tree trunk in the background and that I-witness testimony is mostly BS. And almost everyone without training can not even evaluate a simple pix!

  • Dru

    I’m a freethinker but believe in God.

  • Barry Duke

    Which god, Dru? there are thousands to choose from.

  • RussellW

    I’d be interested if someone could actually photograph the IQs of these demented religiots.
    How can the immortal,immaterial soul be photographed?

  • Angela_K

    There are examples of pareidolia published regularly in Fortean Times – although most of the magazine is nonsense. The Daily Mail is fond of publishing photographs of so called ghosts as click-bait for the terminally deluded; it is disturbing how many people believe this rubbish.
    According to many religious types, us motorcyclists have no soul.

  • TrickyDicky

    @RussellW says:
    Mon 18 Jul at 2:41 am
    I’d be interested if someone could actually photograph the IQs of these demented religiots.
    I suppose one could try using an electron microscope

  • Newspaniard

    @Barry Duke. All the troubles in the world involving islamists and this is the best you can do? Speculation is rife that Erdogan arranged his own coup which is why so few military are involved. islamist lorry driver with weapons goes mad in Nice, kills 84. A pretty flat week (not). Have you been threatened for reporting islamist atrocities?

  • AgentCormac

    Strange how Mary chose to appear in the form of a Renaissance oil painting rather than as a real person.

  • barriejohn

    AgentCormac: Did you follow the link?
    The “original” is even more nauseating!

  • RussellW

    Even people who have no interest in organised religion believe in the supernatural, ie life after death, spirits etc.
    It is disturbing, particularly after 500 years of progress since the Renaissance.

  • AgentCormac

    No, I’d missed that. So thanks for pointing it out to me. As you say, nauseating!

  • Broga

    Oh dear, so much scepticism even with the evidence. That is definitely the soul and it is climbing the tree to get to the top branches. From there it will launch itself into the air, without being impeded by branches, where it will be caught be a waiting angel. From there it will be headed straight to heaven.
    So obvious.

  • barriejohn

    I remember otherwise intelligent Christians really tying themselves in knots when talking about the “spiritual realm” and “resurrection bodies”. I was told that in the Bible the North signifies the place of judgment (dispensationalists are very fond of giving significance to numbers, colours, names etc), and that it is “significant” that in the night sky the north is “empty” (only in the Northern Hemisphere, of course!), thus giving unimpeded access to Jesus and his myriad of saints when they appear at some juncture in the future. WHAT? They are supposed to be “spiritual beings”, for goodness’ sake. How could any stars and planets possibly get in their way? And for all their blathering about heaven being in a “spiritual realm”, they still go on about it being “above”, because the Bible’s writers quite clearly see heaven as being above the earth (ie the Middle East), and hell as being “below”, and anyone who claims otherwise is flying in the face of the facts.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Broga: Too bad he didn’t take a video of that.

  • Barry Duke

    Newspaniard, the events in Nice and Turkey received blanket international coverage, and there was nothing I could possibly do to add anything fresh or different to reports everyone will have seen or heard. So I opted for a little levity, and sparked a lively debate. Having said that, today I DID uncover an interesting twist to the Nice atrocity, and have just posted it here:

  • Gill Kerry

    It’s the family of the deceased I feel sorry for with ghouls with cameras hanging around

  • Peter Sykes

    That I will have to pinch!

  • Peter Sykes