More jail time for Ireland's 'singing priest', Tony Walsh

More jail time for Ireland's 'singing priest', Tony Walsh July 10, 2016

Walsh, 63, above, who gained fame in Britain and Ireland in the 1980 with  his Elvis impersonations, has been sentenced to two years in prison for sexually assaulting a boy. On one occasion he inserted a crucifix into the his victim’s anus.
According to this report, Walsh is currently serving a 17-and-a half-year sentence for other sexual offences against children.
A Roman Catholic, Walsh –well-known for his Elvis impersonations on Father Michael Cleary’s All Priests Show – was found guilty in his latest trial of forcing the child to have sex twice.
The first incident happened in the parochial house in his parish and on another occasion in a tunnel under Dublin’s Phoenix Park, where he raped the child with a holy cross.
The victim, who was ten when the abuse began, said that he was happy with the outcome but “exhausted and drained” after the three-day trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

It will take some time to process the whole thing.

The jury of two women and ten men returned verdicts of guilty on all counts after approximately one hour of deliberation following a three-day trial.
The priest, formerly of North Circular Road, Dublin, pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to five counts of indecently assaulting the boy on dates between January 1980 and December 1982. The boy was aged between 10 and 13 years old at the time of the abuse.

Walsh pictured doing his Elvis Presley act
Walsh pictured doing his Elvis Presley act
The Murphy Report, into historic cases of the sex abuse against children within the Catholic church in Ireland has described Fr Tony Walsh as:

Probably the most notorious child sexual abuser to have come to the attention of the Commission… His pattern of behaviour is such that it is likely that he has abused hundreds of children.

It was reported here that, during the trial, Walsh told the jury that his offending in relation to children started in 1980 and continued to 1986. He said a number of the children told their families what was happening and he was called in by the Archbishop in 1986.
He said he was sent for six months treatment in the UK and on his return home he was made a hospital chaplain.
In 1997 he pleaded guilty to offences involving five boys in the period 1980 to 1986. Initially he was jailed for ten years and this was reduced to six years on appeal. He was released in 2002.
In 2010 he pleaded guilty in two further cases and not guilty in one case but was convicted by a jury. In 2013 he pleaded guilty to two more cases. Walsh said that in 2015 he was convicted by a jury in relation to the sexual abuse of a girl.
The victim in the latest trial told the jury that initially Walsh had sat him on his knee and pulled him backwards with a gyrating motion.
On further occasions Walsh sat him on his knee and then pulled down his trousers and underwear before fondling his genitalia. He said he sometimes remembered music playing. Walsh told him it was Elvis.
He also recalled being bent over a sofa by Walsh who then assaulted him. He said on another day he felt something being put “inside his bum” and afterwards saw a crucifix on the ground behind him.
He said on the final occasion Walsh asked him to go for a walk and brought him to the Phoenix Park. They went for a walk and into a tunnel were there was a mattress on the ground. Walsh pulled down his underwear and assaulted him again.
Hat tip: Peter Sykes

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  • Broga

    With priestly power holding sway the priest had no need for restraint, shame, pity or fear. The child victim was an object for sexual gratification. The RCC church would offer protection and the gullible parents confidence in the priest at the expense of their child. An so the horrors, with vast suffering, continued and continue.
    And what of the effects of the priests’ faith, his beliefs, his fear of his all seeing all powerful God judging him? By their acts ye shall know them and from that we know they have as much belief as I have in their God i.e. zilch.

  • He ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.

  • When I worked as a prostitute in Soho during my teenage years (I used the name Lola, L-o-l-a, Lola, and drank cherry-cola) I discovered to my great horror and distress that many men of the cloth were as kinky and depraved as f–k. The Protestants were bad enough, the Catholics even worse. The trauma I experienced will be with me always.

  • Stuart H.

    An Irish priest, Elvis impersonator and child abuser?
    It’s like the dark side of Father Ted.
    As for the crucifix up the anus….brings a whole new meaning to religious fundamentalism.
    Sorry, not trying to make light of what the bastard did to kids, but we also need to mock the claims of such religious leaders to moral authority until every last shred of credibility is gone, and then cause people to laugh at them some more.

  • Broga

    @Miss F.R. Nice one, Floribunda, but he is worse than a hound dog. The said hound dog’s sexual activity was with grown women as far as we know.
    You, as a young woman, have had the most awful and intimate experience of these holy men of the cloth. You speak with authority and we should listen.

  • It is difficult to imagine the protest that would arise if Roman Catholic laity were to learn that their clergy sheltered those who rape children on a regular basis as church policy.
    Did I say protest? I meant utter silence. Because it takes billions of laity to support millions of clergy who hide hundreds of rapists.
    This is why criticism of their faith as a whole is needed. Theirs and all the others.

  • barndoor

    Elvis impersonating catholic priest.Those four words tell you all you need to know. The danger to children was writ large.
    How can anyone still support the catholic church which is a criminal religiopolitical organisation that sought, and still does, to exert its control over all the countries it infects.It is way overtime time to lance the pustulating catholic boils bespoiling the arse of the world.

  • barndoor

    I once knew a forbidding and upright Methodist minister who was intolerant of all the usual things – a nice beer down the pub, full frontal nudity, page 3 girls, premarital sex, marital sex for fun, tv and radio programmes pushing the boundaries of “decency”. He made Mary Whitehouse look like a bit of a raver. When he died, rather quickly late diagnosis throat cancer, the mance he lived in was cleared out by some hired help. They were shocked to find a truly spectacular highly illegal library of well thumbed pornography. This was not your Mayfair or Men Only bums and tits stuff. No this was the real McCoy. The shocked helpers were told by the widow, who was a prim and laced up superior type, claimed that her late husband had needed it for research to help understand the temptations faced by his flock.Yeah right. I have known several vicars teenaged daughters in my time and all of them were sexually active, actually bordering on promiscuous, and in two cases were keen on, lets say, rather unusual advanced sexual technique. Such are the pious.

  • grub screw


  • Lucy

    @barndoor. Your post made me laugh out loud…research!!!

  • Broga

    @Lucy: The research explanation has been used before by clergy with their trousers unzipped in compromising situations. Research for them would be extreme pornography for others.

  • AgentCormac

    Sorry to go OT, but the Thinking Atheist site has done a wonderful job of documenting just how well Ken Ham’s ‘Ark Encounter’ theme park has been doing in its first few days. Rather like Ham’s god, there’s no one there.

  • Vanity Unfair

    “…Father Michael Cleary’s All Priests Show …”
    “Father Ted” looks more like a documentary with each passing day.

  • 1859

    Of course, it is the outright, shameless hypocrisy of men who claim to be morally superior because they represent a religion, that makes the sexual abuse of children so revolting – not forgetting the pain and emotional damage they inflict on their victims. But let’s not forget that this crime is not restricted to ‘holy’ men. When I was 7 or 8 years old I was molested by my middle-aged uncle who was a ‘respected’ member of society (a bank manager), and I suspect that even today, despite the fact paedophilia is so openly talked about, that many children are still suffering at the hands of abusive family members and other trusted and ‘respected’ adults.

  • Peter Sykes

    With apologies to Mr Blake:
    “As the caterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest boys.”

  • Lucy

    @Agent Cormac. That’s such an interesting link. Cheers. The ark looks absolutely bonkers. All sweet little cages and trusses of lettuce! Luckily few punters though.

  • Paul

    It is the worst thing that Constantine never did – become a christian.
    But what he made, then left, was abhorrent.

  • Robster

    Do these clerics, any of them, have any redeeming features amongst them? Seems not. Obviously.

  • Cali Ron

    Agent Cormac: Was watching TV this weekend and tuning out the commercials like usual when I realized I heard something about an “ark encounter”. I backed it up and there was Ken Ham’s albatross and a slick commercial promoting the “theme park”. A lot of money is being spent to promote this absurdity so I was quite happy to see the pic of an empty building. I hope he loses his ass financially and quits trying to peddle his fairy tales as science.