Nude swimmers abused by Muslim gang in Germany

Nude swimmers abused by Muslim gang in Germany July 29, 2016

A gang of Muslim men threatened to ‘exterminate’ a group of nudists after storming a swimming pool in Germany.
According to this report, six men described as having “full Islamic beards” reportedly barged into the complex shouting “Allahu Akbar” and hurled abuse at nudists at a swimming pool in the German town of Geldern. Pictured above is one pool in the town, although it is not known at which complex the incident happened
They are said to have spat at children, verbally abused the men and called women “sluts” for swimming naked. Witnesses said they also branded the swimmers as “infidels”.
One of the nudists, a mother, claimed the men told her:

German women are all sluts and they would exterminate all of us. This contempt, this potential for aggression made me really afraid.

She said the men spoke German well as Arabic, suggesting at least some of them were likely second or third generation Muslims.
Geldern is in the North Rhine-Westphalia region which is known for its acceptance of naturist swimming.
The men finally left after customers complained to staff that they felt threatened and harassed. But they are believed continued their abuse at a water skiing facility where they were chased out by one of the staff. The gang then returned to the swimming pool, but staff called police.
Officers checked their identification, but there were no reports of any arrests being made. However, the state security service have said they will investigate the matter further.
This report adds that this year there have been reports of a spate of sex attacks at public baths in Germany and Austria, perpetrated by refugees. It has been suggested that many refugees from conservative Muslim backgrounds are unfamiliar with the preference for natural form of swimming in Germany, nor are they accustomed to seeing women swimming in bathing costumes.
Cologne lifeguard chief Berthold Schmitt said there is a “fundamental problem” for refugeesat 6,000 indoor, outdoor and school swimming pools in Germany.

The ‘new people’, as we call them, have three problems: they speak no German, have no knowledge of German or European bathing culture, and most cannot swim.

In an effort to create better understanding of Western social norms, charts have been displayed and flyers distributed at swimming pools in Munich in a bid to teach migrants to treat women and children at the local pool with respect.
The professional swimming association in Germany has suggested that sex attacks by refugees at public baths could be prevented by training migrants to become pool lifeguards with responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers.
The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be:
An inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.
BDS president Peter Harzheim explained:

Often it is the case that women feel sexually harassed by a group of migrants just because they look at them. Such situations could be disarmed faster with migrants as pool attendants.

In February, an Iraqi migrant in Vienna admitted to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool cubicle. The attack happened at the Resienbad pool last December.
In January, a Belgian mayor in the coastal town of Kokzijde sought to ban male refugees from a local swimming pool after police were called to investigate an incident involving an Iraqi man and a 10-year-old girl.
Police have said there would be zero-tolerance for sexual assaults.
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