Nude swimmers abused by Muslim gang in Germany

Nude swimmers abused by Muslim gang in Germany July 29, 2016

A gang of Muslim men threatened to ‘exterminate’ a group of nudists after storming a swimming pool in Germany.
According to this report, six men described as having “full Islamic beards” reportedly barged into the complex shouting “Allahu Akbar” and hurled abuse at nudists at a swimming pool in the German town of Geldern. Pictured above is one pool in the town, although it is not known at which complex the incident happened
They are said to have spat at children, verbally abused the men and called women “sluts” for swimming naked. Witnesses said they also branded the swimmers as “infidels”.
One of the nudists, a mother, claimed the men told her:

German women are all sluts and they would exterminate all of us. This contempt, this potential for aggression made me really afraid.

She said the men spoke German well as Arabic, suggesting at least some of them were likely second or third generation Muslims.
Geldern is in the North Rhine-Westphalia region which is known for its acceptance of naturist swimming.
The men finally left after customers complained to staff that they felt threatened and harassed. But they are believed continued their abuse at a water skiing facility where they were chased out by one of the staff. The gang then returned to the swimming pool, but staff called police.
Officers checked their identification, but there were no reports of any arrests being made. However, the state security service have said they will investigate the matter further.
This report adds that this year there have been reports of a spate of sex attacks at public baths in Germany and Austria, perpetrated by refugees. It has been suggested that many refugees from conservative Muslim backgrounds are unfamiliar with the preference for natural form of swimming in Germany, nor are they accustomed to seeing women swimming in bathing costumes.
Cologne lifeguard chief Berthold Schmitt said there is a “fundamental problem” for refugeesat 6,000 indoor, outdoor and school swimming pools in Germany.

The ‘new people’, as we call them, have three problems: they speak no German, have no knowledge of German or European bathing culture, and most cannot swim.

In an effort to create better understanding of Western social norms, charts have been displayed and flyers distributed at swimming pools in Munich in a bid to teach migrants to treat women and children at the local pool with respect.
The professional swimming association in Germany has suggested that sex attacks by refugees at public baths could be prevented by training migrants to become pool lifeguards with responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers.
The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be:
An inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.
BDS president Peter Harzheim explained:

Often it is the case that women feel sexually harassed by a group of migrants just because they look at them. Such situations could be disarmed faster with migrants as pool attendants.

In February, an Iraqi migrant in Vienna admitted to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool cubicle. The attack happened at the Resienbad pool last December.
In January, a Belgian mayor in the coastal town of Kokzijde sought to ban male refugees from a local swimming pool after police were called to investigate an incident involving an Iraqi man and a 10-year-old girl.
Police have said there would be zero-tolerance for sexual assaults.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • L.Long

    “In February, an Iraqi migrant in Vienna admitted to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool cubicle. ” I thought gayness was an abomination to the muslins??? I guess hypocrisy is not!?!?!?!!
    The only reason they attacked a women’s pool is because if they did so to men, they may have found out how many muslins can’t swim. Okay they had another reason, this way they could slaver over nakid wemens without violating their BS rules.

  • Tony

    Sorry for ot but there is Yet more sickening papal hypocrisy on display in Poland.
    Eugenio Pacelli Pope Pius XII is known as Hitlers Pope and was in collusion with Hitler and complicit in ignoring the hollocaust. The arrangement suited the Third Reich and the Vatican agendas very nicely. Pius XII slammed the Vatican door shut in the face of the Jews and was in full understanding of what was going on. So for Francis to put on this show of cynical faux compassion is truly hypocritical. The holocaust was an atrocity committed by the Third Reich with the blessing of the Catholic Church … a fact that has been hidden from view very effectively by the Vatican just as was the smuggling of nazi war criminals into Catholic sanctuaries in South America.

  • Tony

    The muslims have copied the Trojans by substituting a tsunami of refugees for a wooden horse. The evil forces of islam now have a powerful ruthless lawless barbaric guerilla army embedded in every European town and city. Behind the front door of a house on your street there are mirthless cretins of jihad quietly sharpening blades, clicking rounds into AK47 magazines trying on suicide belts and praying for the opportunity to unleash deadly indiscrimate bloody assault on the softest of targets … you. Islam spreads hate and ruin wherever it infects. It’s no longer safe to go anywhere in Europe. Islam is worse than the shitty stain in the underpants of the world. It’s the nematode riddled turd floating in the toilet.

  • Tony

    No way would I go to a pool with an immigrant Muslim lifeguard. They can’t fucking swim for starters and they would be too busy leering to notice anyone drowning. Want to empty the swimming pools even on the hottest day?

  • Tony

    Probably toss a grenade in the kiddies end.

  • barriejohn

    Evidently, distribution of the leaflets had nothing to do with immigrants’ behaviour, though just why anyone would need to be advised not to grope women wearing swimsuits I have no idea!

  • barriejohn

    Remember that wonderful horror classic The Creature from the Black Lagoon?×338.jpg

  • Smokey

    “Oh, look, they’re behaving badly at swimming pools! Let’s give them jobs there!”
    I’m definitely taking crazy pills.

  • Broga

    Lusting after what they affect to despise.

  • Do keep in mind that Christians, atheists and Jews are known for doing the same thing when they go to Muslim countries.
    No, sorry, that’s a lie. Goodbye Germany. Your leaders have betrayed you.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Tony, have you seen this book God and the Fascists:
    Karlheinz Deschner was a brilliant writer, Barry has featured him in the Freethinker before. Unfortunately not many of his books have been translated into English, which is a pity as his Criminal History of Christianity, is a great ten volume series which deserves a much wider audience.

  • Club Secretary

    “The professional swimming association in Germany has suggested that sex attacks by refugees at public baths could be prevented by training migrants to become pool lifeguards with responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers.”
    What a good idea, maybe I could train a fox to protect the hen coup.
    And as for the response of the German police, I would call them wankers if it wasn’t so obvious that they have all been emasculated.

  • John

    Why aren’t the idiots being deported?
    Send them to death cult countries where they’ll feel happier.
    Then they can fight and die happily.
    They will be in paradise and we will all be relieved of them.

  • Tony

    Any immigrant that steps out of line should be given a swimming lesson … dropped of 1km from the sea shore nearest to their country of origin with some armbands … home is that way … now fuck off.
    Also I have an idea for a more discrete burquah. It’s totally enclosing with no eye slit or mesh but it has a little webcam on the top of the head connected to a tablet so the woman (the wayward, not to be trusted, deceitful, prick teasing, sex crazed nymphomaniac slut) can see where she is going. A backward facing camera can be added so she has rear vision to see Muslim men creeping up behind for a sneaky grope. The comment in brackets is what Muslim men think of women folk … I see Muslim women as a something to be pitied. Can you imagine having to be covered from head to toe because Muslim men cannot control themselves. No justice there.

  • John the Drunkard

    We really cannot use ‘refugee’ as a euphemism for ‘Islamist dickhead.’ Here’s a place where political correctness backfires almost perfectly.
    Of course, the flood of refugees will include a quota of Islamist Dickheads. But they actually do identify themselves by behaviors like this.
    Training lifeguards to say ‘fuck off, asshole’ in Arabic, Farsi etc. might be of practical use. Obviously these individuals should not be permitted to stay in Germany.

  • Dionigi

    In the days when aramco, in Saudi Arabia, had family camps with large numbers of expats in them, the swimming pools were regularly visited by the beardy wierdies who would walk around tut tutting and shaking their heads when it was obvious they had not come in to swim. The same thing happened at the beaches. They just love to go and see what they are not supposed to and fell that holier than thou feeling they get through seeing people do what their own religion denies them. They also stopped ladies softball, the theatre and the cinema and also anything which was for mixed sexes. I don’t see any way around this crisis when their innerant holy book is filled with words that are filled with hatred and encitement to kill and enslave non believers. If every word of their hloy book is from the mouth of god how can they tell people not to do what it so plainly tells them to.

  • Dave

    If I swam naked in a public place, I’d be abused my everybody. Including other nude swimmers.

  • Great Satan

    Good job those muslims have never heard of this very forthright young muslim lady – their heads would probably explode ! ;