Priest butchered by Islamist barbarians in French church

Priest butchered by Islamist barbarians in French church July 26, 2016

The first pictures of Fr Jacques Hamel, above – the elderly priest who had his throat cut by two IS ‘soldiers’ – began appearing on the Internet late today as media outlets updated their reports of the atrocity.
The 84-year-old was butchered and four other people taken hostage this morning by two armed men who stormed his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France, according to the BBC.
The two attackers, who said they were from the so-called Islamic State (IS), slit Fr Jacques Hamel’s throat during a morning Mass, officials say.
Police later surrounded the church, in St-Etienne-du-Rouvray, and shot dead both hostage-takers.
One of the hostages is in a critical condition in hospital.
According to this report, the archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrun, urged all non-believers to join those of the church in:

Calling to God. The Catholic Church can take up no other weapons than prayer and fraternity between men.

President Francois Hollande, visiting the scene, said the attackers had committed a “cowardly assassination” and France would fight IS “by all means”.
Pope Francis decried:

The pain and horror of this absurd violence.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May branded the attack “sickening” and offered her condolences to the people of France.
One attacker is reported to have been known to French police, and had tried to enter Syria last year.
Police special forces raided a house in Saint-Etienne-du-Rovray in the aftermath of the attack, and French prosecutors earlier said one person had been arrested.
The attack happened during morning Mass at the historic church, situated in a quiet square of St-Etienne-du-Rouvray.
A nun, who identified herself as Sister Danielle, said she was in the church at the time.

They forced [Fr Hamel] to his knees. He wanted to defend himself, and that’s when the tragedy happened. They recorded themselves. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It’s a horror.

She said she managed to flee as they were preparing to kill him.
Elite police units, specialised in hostage-taking, surrounded the church.
President Hollande said the attackers claimed to be from the self-styled IS before they were killed by police as they came out of the church.
Three of the hostages were freed unharmed, but one remains in a critical condition, said French interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet.
Within hours of the attack, the IS-linked Amaq news agency, said “two IS soldiers” had carried out the attack.
Few details are yet known about the attackers, but Mohammed Karabila, a local Muslim leader, said that one of them had been:

Followed by police for at least a year and a half.

The French ITele website also said one of them had tried to reach Syria in May 2015 but was turned back at the Turkish border. He then spent nearly a year in prison before being released in March, on condition he wear an electronic tag and move back in with his parents.

Meanwhile, ITV News’ lead story on its national news bulletin at 6pm tonight was about a “rise of Islamophobia” in the UK.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    The Catholic Church can take up no other weapons than prayer and fraternity between men.
    Prayer is a superstition, you nitwit!
    Time was when the RCC was a formidable force (militarily, even). Now it’s a gelatinous blob.

  • Marcus

    Someone should remind Dominique Lebrun that Catholic Church has Swiss Guards, who DO have weapons:

  • Broga

    And Trump will become President.
    “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

  • barriejohn

    Soemeone mentioned on an earlier post the the peurile statement made by the Archbishop of Rouen. Just take a look at this page:
    The Archbishop of Cant’s response was mentioned on the BBC earlier today:
    “Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth & love, is defeated through Jesus Christ.”
    What the bloody hell is THAT supposed to mean?

  • Broga

    “the Archbishop Of Canterbury was among those who tweeted a call to prayer.”
    That’s about it. The Islamists will soon change after that.

  • Brummie

    When repeated violence breaks out in or near a football ground the club itself is penalised with fines and/or banning. Should not this same principal apply to muslim organisations in countries suffering Islamic terrorism? Imposing financial penalties on all mosques and muslim leaders, most of whom are peaceful and law abiding, would be a great incentive to put their own house in order. After all, they work from the same manual/instruction book as the murderers don’t they?

  • L.Long

    This is why I like the Shaolin, as priests they know how to kick ass!!!!

  • I feel sick.

    I do not see nor hear of any condemnation coming from any Muslim organisation or mosque in Europe. The deafening silence is proof, if any was needed, that many of the “peaceful muslims” quietly approve of what is going on. They are waiting quietly until they have outbred the kuffars and then will rise up in uncontrolled mob violence in an effort to impose sharia upon the kuffars and infidels. I say that the mosques frequented by those involved in terrorism and unilateral war must be closed down and the imams detained indefinitely under threat of inprisonment or deportation. Also offending mosques to have their assets frozen. Then you will hear the shrieks and howls of protest of islamophobia racism and discrimination from those who are currently silent about the atrocities perpetrated by their fellow muslims. Muslims are so quiet when they need to be heard condemning violence and so fucking hysterically and outrageously noisy when it’s to their advantage.

  • I feel sick.

    And in the aftermath of today’s Islamic terrorist assassination of a French catholic priest, which is an abomination for sure, the Archbishop of Rouen, Dominique Lebrun, who was attending a Catholic gathering in Poland, said: “I cry out to God with all men of goodwill. I would invite non-believers to join in the cry.
    What a puerile sentiment. Us Non Believers are as incensed by islamic barbarism as any deluded catholic. I suggest that we atheists value life more than religious people because we know that we only have one short life and don’t rely upon the false consolation of a life in the fictional hereafter. In fact if one was really harsh one could ask the Archbishop of Rouen why be upset when he preaches that good catholics go to heaven. So why grieve the dead if they have gone to a better place?
    I know my comments will be condemned by most who read them but the pious need to be be honest about their position. Celebrate the lives of the dead because they are in heaven or grieve in the knowledge that they are not. So which one is it dear Archbishop of Rouen … Heaven or not?

  • I feel sick.

    There is absolutely no prospect of peaceful assimilation of muslims into civilised democratic secular society. Accepting a huge influx of stupefied beggared muslims into Europe is nothing less than than allowing the enemy to freely infiltrate and embed its troops, who sneer at ideals like the Geneva convention, into infidel territory. Muslims have copied the Trojans, not with a wooden horse, but with the invisibility cloak of faux refugeeism. It’s a calculated and planned invasion of Europe by a hateful vengeful barbaric death cult who have sent droves of people into Europe hidden amongst which are battalions of ruthless murderous shitehawk cutthroats who are more than willing to forfeit their worthless shitty lives for the promise of raping all the prepubescent virgin girls they can handle. In the town where you live there are right now the guerilla soldiers of allah quietly and patiently sharpening their blades, clicking rounds of ammunition into AK47 magazines and praying five times a day for the command to go onto the streets and kill as many infidels as possible. We are in big trouble now. its going to be a ruthless dirty war waged on your street by fanatical barbaric lawless terrorists of allah who look upon you as infidels only worthy of extermination and annihilation.

  • Paul

    I wonder when we will see in the news some “prominent’ muslim say – ‘these people aren’t true muslims” or ‘this isn’t true Islam”.
    Unfortunately they are and it is. They are as devout, if not more so, than the shameful useless cowards making statements such as the ones I put above.

  • If a person whose birth certificate said that person was born a male appeared in the BBC (or most mainstream media outlets), and that person presented themselves as a female, and the BBC (or most mainstream media outlets) described them as “so-called female” – there would be no end to complaints.
    But when the BBC (or most mainstream media outlets) describe Islamic State as “so-called Islamic State,” there are few complaints.
    I think it’s both more courteous and more accurate to refer to people as they refer to themselves. These weren’t “two armed men” or “two attackers” or “hostage-takers” – these were MUSLIMS who cut that man’s throat. Calling these Muslims Muslim as they call themselves Muslim might not do much good, but not calling them Muslim is sure to do harm. It gives these pests another day to hide.
    Most Muslims aren’t cutting off people’s heads. Most people who cut people’s heads off are Muslim. Does that statement of fact make me suffer from the imaginary disease of Islamophobia? So be it.

  • Paul

    On the points expressed that muslims won’t ever really stop or even condemn these abhorrent monsters, they will in terms and in strong victimised fashion (as usual) to something so innocuous as a child’s tv programme Fireman Sam, showing a page of the koran.
    These people deserve no respect and are truly vile.
    You couldn’t make it up.

  • John the Drunkard

    ‘…the tragedy happened.’
    Even allowing for the stress of the moment, and possible mistranslation, could you be more evasive about describing a murder?
    Is there ANY other violent group on Earth that keeps getting a free pass, or the ‘no true whatever’ excuse for anything they do?
    I gather the Sikhs started out as a ‘religion of peace,’ but after their first TEN leaders were murdered by Muslims, they became a warrior people.

  • Diesel Balaam

    Just when you think these feral Muslim aggressors can’t sink any lower, they somehow find a way to do so. Like the Professor on tonight’s BBC News said, it is no longer good enough for politicians to wring their hands, speak of “challenges”, and to light a few candles. We need decisive action against the Islamist aggressors in our midst. The authorities know who these people are – let’s get them tagged, GPS tracked, and use internment where necessary. Moderate Muslims will support such actions (and if they don’t, then they weren’t really moderates in the first place). And if any wretched politician dares to say “This attack has nothing to do with Islam” then, frankly, they deserve a good kicking from us all when they seek re-election.

  • RussellW

    Yes,democracies have prayer and candles and flowers. If these atrocities continue, Muslims will eventually be faced with a real backlash of the kind that they regularly inflict on Kuffars. The great leftist fantasy that all ethnic and cultural groups could be ultimately accommodated in the West is a disastrous failure. It has reached its limit, Islam is too toxic and inimical to liberal democracy to coexist peacefully with secular societies.
    It’s all the West’s fault of course, it’s because of Islamophobia. Don’t mention the war, ie the 1400 year jihad.

  • Moderate Islam is the grass, violent Islamic extremism is the snake.

  • Trike

    It was said higher up the order of this article.
    “Muslims are so quiet when they need to be heard condemning violence and so fucking hysterically and outrageously noisy when it’s to their advantage”.
    Well here is the proof.
    Apparently Fireman Sam has fucked up this time …
    I need to see PEACEFUL MUSLIMS publicly, loudly sincerely,noisily and en masse at public rallies everywhere distancing themselves from and condemning the current wave of MUSLIM Acts of War.Otherwise I am and going to treat all MUSLIMS in the same way … with overt and unashamed contempt, distrust, disrespect and ridicule.
    When I am driving I treat all other road users as if they are learners, inebriated, unlicensed, uninsured and incapable. It is a survival instinct. A bit like not poking your head through the bars of a Lions cage.
    I now treat all MUSLIMS, all of them, as if they are carrying a blade, carrying a firearm or wearing a suicide belt, and here is the damning part, capable of using them because MUSLIMS are divinely instructed to kill kuffars and infidels unless the kuffars and infidels convert or pay money.
    I cross the road when I see a burqha or a man with a beard and a silly knitted cap. I don’t use taxis unless the driver is an infidel (I ask before I get in).I don’t use convenience stores or indian restaurants unless I know the owners are infidels.Its much tougher to be selective when dealing with health care … and I worry about that … how do I know that the muslim medic is not going to put my health at risk? At the supermarket I choose the till with the kuffar attendant. At the bank I choose the infidel clerk. I swap queues if a muslim lines up behind me.On the train I change carriages. On the bus I change seats or even get off and wait for the next one. I do whatever I can, shamelessly, to keep muslims at a safe distance.
    We need to have random patrols of heavy duty armed police checking muslims on the street with mobile metal detection devices and sniffer dogs. The penalties for infraction must be swift and very harsh.
    All Imams to be licensed after stringent security and citizenship and checks. AnyImam preaching unlicensed to be punished harshly and swiftly.
    All mosques to be wired for sound. Any preaching with nasty content to render all Imams of that mosque to delicensing and harsh and swift punisment.
    Outlaw muslim faith schools. Anyone running a muslim faith school or sending their kids to one to be punished harshly and swiftly.
    By harshly I mean summary deportation back to country of origin. Or if British nationals, loss of citizenship and withdrawal of priveledges and state handouts.
    These people have no limit to their barbarism. In fact the more brutal or mundane the murder weapon the better for shock value and ratchetting up the level of terror. I guess we will not have to wait long for the inner city dirty bomb, or the poisoning of food and water supply, or the shooting up of a primary school, or the shooting up of a hospital. Make no mistake … there are no boundaries to islamic brutality … as we have witnessed.
    And I must not be criticised for all this. After all MUSLIMS identify me as an infidel kuffar and a target. And don’t forget that I fear for my safety … I am a risk of being killed when I walk the street.
    And when I worked for my living I faced disciplinary action and even dismissal if I disregarded Health and Safety protocols. For example, when servicing plant, I was bound to absolutely guarantee that the equipment was electrically isolated, locked out and over checked by a competant buddy. Lone working was forbidden. So I now treat MUSLIMS as HAZARDOUS. Is that stupid or wrong of me? And if your response is yes then you really need to do your own risk assessment or get your head examined.

  • Trike

    And as an addendum to the above:-
    It is up to MUSLIMS themselves to prove to me that I am wrong. If MUSLIMS can prove to me that they are committed to live peacefully and harmoniously in a secular, integrated, democratic society with equal rights for all and with two way free speech then I will soften my position. But I suspect that MUSLIMS will not consider it even worth trying. And as far as I can see MUSLIMS ARE NOT committed to live peacefully and harmoniously in a secular, integrated, democratic society with equal rights for all and with two way free speech. I invite them to prove me wrong. And actually I sincerely hope that I am wrong. How many muslims can bring themselves to say that?

  • Neil

    Here is a question for the theologians.
    Why didn’t the catholic christian god protect its own priest from the hit squad of the muslim god?
    I really want to hear the answers to that one.I fear that none of the replies will be honest, credible or even couched in understandable straightforward plain English.

  • Newspaniard

    Imagine the furore if this killing had occurred in the UK. There would be queues of islamic MP’s and Mayors DEMANDING why these “protesters” were killed. Who authorized the killing? Have the islamophobic perpetrators of the double killing of these misunderstood muslim demonstrators been suspended from duty? Need I go on?

  • Paul

    So the French President Hollande met all the faith leaders. What ever that term ‘leader’ means as islam’s leaders have no control or guidance even! over the demented scum that perpetrate these evil crimes and they are crimes against all of us. I can’t find words harsh enough to describe these people – it seems an empty guesture because something very serious needs to be done – namely action and hard and serious action.
    i wonder if he stated clearly that these faiths are totally secondary to protection and respect for life.

  • barriejohn

    Stop tarring all Muslims with the same brush. We are supposed to be freethinkers!

  • I feel sick.

    Eh? What? No idea what your point is.

  • I feel sick.

    Barriejohn, until they declare their abhorrence and condemnation loudly and clearly from their minarets across Europe for all to hear then one has to assume that muslims in general are supportive of the terrorism that is committed in the name of their god by their fellow muslims. Until then I claim the right to treat them all with equal contempt.

  • I feel sick.

    Publish a cartoon of Mo and hoardes of very agitated hysterical muslims waving placards declaring death to kuffars magically appear. Why don’t muslims parade in such numbers and with such energy to condemn the Islamic execution of a priest. Or for the 84 victims of Islamic hate in Nice.
    I think we all know the answer.

  • I feel sick.
  • I feel sick.

    And maybe Miqdaad Versi should be organising the Muslim anti terrorism protests instead of making a complete and utter arsehole of himself complaining about Fireman Sam. When the mosques burn will Sam be disposed to put out the flames.
    Miqdaad Versi, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, tweeted: “I have no idea what went through the producers’s minds when they thought this was a good idea #baffled”.

  • I feel sick.

    Newspaniard … Got it now. Sorry.

  • tonye

    I would also add that, in my opinion, our politicians have a share of the blood on their hands. They have buried their collective heads in the sand for far too long.
    I have noticed, however, since around the Charlie Hebdo massacre, that they are using the phrase ‘religion of peace’ somewhat less.
    Does this mean that the scales are falling from their eyes? I would not bet on it.

  • RussellW

    I’m not sure that our politicians have ‘buried their collective heads in the sand’. How can they admit that the Muslim community is an inexhaustible supply of instant jihadis, or that Islam is a violent totalitarian ideology? That would be ‘racist’.
    More multi-culti pixie dust, perhaps?

  • Barry Duke

    To those of you you who have asked why we don’t see “moderate” Muslims decry such acts of terror, may I direct you to the Muslim Press, which recently carried this piece by US-based writer CJ Werleman:
    “The expectation non-violent Muslims should condemn radical Islamic terrorists is not only obscene, it also makes efforts to counter terrorist narratives even harder. Asking Muslims to condemn the actions of ISIS, for instance, implies there is something fundamentally wrong with ‘their’ culture – and it’s up to ‘them’ to fix their culture, rather than for all of us to address the socio-economic-political issues that are at the root of Islamic terrorism. When cultural entrepreneurs (Islamophobes) and right wing politicians converge to paint Islam, and therefore Muslims, responsible for the violent political acts of a tiny few, ISIS recruiters are in a position to propagate the idea that Muslims are not wanted in the West.
    “Muslim communities have been our most important counter-terrorism partner. Most foiled plots have come as a result of Muslims reporting suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies. When we hold non-violent Muslims collectively responsible for Islamic terrorism, we alienate Muslim communities. Thus handing ISIS and whoever else an important operational victory.”

  • tonye

    Russell W,
    Currently, I don’t know where a good solution lies.

  • RussellW

    Neither do I. There’s very little liberal democracies can do, except practise vigilance and improve our security, the question is, at what cost?
    Werleman is presenting a rather circular argument. One of the ‘social-economic-political issues that are at the root of Islamic terrorism’ is Islam itself. His attitude is also remarkably patronising to Muslims, why can’t we point out the flaws and dysfunctions in Islamic culture? People outside the West and Muslims in liberal democracies have no inhibitions in criticising Western civilisation.
    ‘Making Muslims collectively responsible’ is not on my agenda.

  • Neil

    There IS something fundamentally wrong with ‘their’ culture. Very fundamentally wrong especially if the good ones find condemnation of islamic terrorism obscene. In that case they all have to be “Tarred with the same brush”as bj puts it and must be considered to be incompatible and immiscible in western secular democracies.

  • Paul

    that’s an interesting piece. But it beggars belief.
    “The expectation non-violent Muslims should condemn radical Islamic terrorists is not only obscene….”
    How can that be obscene? In a civilised world how can anyone NOT make such a condemnation. This argument or statement, is utterly puerile and entirely ridiculous. If a person I know at my local ‘club’ or wherever, goes out to a public festival and drives a Lorry into those people killing scores, it is not just obscene but reprehensible not to voice any condemnation.
    Secondly: ……” it also makes efforts to counter terrorist narratives even harder. ”
    So a group condemnation, as one voice against this kind of irrational disgusting behaviour, somehow makes efforts against terrorists harder (as a collective group). I can think of no reason whatsoever how that might be correct.
    If anyone has an inside view on helping me understand that speak up.

  • tonye

    I think a lot of the current problems could have been avoided if Tony Blair’s parents had practiced contraception………!!

  • Peter Sykes
  • 1859

    ‘…implies there is something fundamentally wrong with ‘their’ culture…’
    This is absolutely correct, there is. What is fundamentally wrong with their culture is that every aspect of their life is to be dominated by their religion. And yes this is a value-judgement made by a freethinking, western-educated person (me!). But to be ruled by a fanatical interpretation of some ancient book at the start of the 21st century cannot be considered ‘correct’.Such a stance is inimical and totally incompatible with everything our open-minded, liberal democracies have achieved since the French revolution. Two worlds are colliding head-on – our more-secular world with that of a purified, fanatical religion. The other thing to realise, which. by now , is so painfully obvious, is that people from islamic cultures cannot broach any criticism of their ‘culture’ no matter how mild. In 1970 I met at uni in the UK a fellow post grad chemistry student from Iran. He was a quiet-spoken, courteous, modest man in his mid-twenties. But the moment I politely mentioned how women in his country were treated, his character transformed before me into a hate-filled, grimacing monster. He got up and shouted that ‘our’ women were all ‘whores’ and stormed out of the room. I never forgot that incident. I had somehow ‘trespassed’ into the forbidden territory of critical analysis. The difference being – had he criticised something about the UK I probably would have agreed with him and we might have had a congenial discussion, but pointing out the shortcomings of his culture was, for him, totally unacceptable.

  • barriejohn

    Peter Sykes: I’m not sure how much faith we can put in these polls, but the most up-to-date one for which you have provided a link (Comres) doesn’t seem to bear out what you are saying at all.
    Almost all Muslims living in Britain feel a loyalty to the country (95%). Just 6% say they feel a disloyalty.
    Nine in ten (93%) British Muslims believe that Muslims in Britain should always obey British laws.
    One in nine (11%) British Muslims feel sympathetic towards people who want to fight against western interests while 85% do not.

    There was a large Muslim population in Swindon that seemed extremely well integrated, and the ones whom I knew considered themselves very British indeed. My nieces live in Peterborough, where racial tensions are much higher. As someone who came under the thrall of evangelical Christians, I think I can understand better than many the dangers of radicalization. We all like to think that we would be immune from any attempts at mind control , but it seems frighteningly easy. We don’t want a Big Brother society, but we do need to take necessary steps to protect our liberal, democratic values, and more people than we care to think may be “vulnerable”.