Woman of God screamed Bible verses as she beat her children

Woman of God screamed Bible verses as she beat her children July 29, 2016

A court heard this week that Odalis Sharp, above – a mother of ten from Topeka, Kansas – severely abused her children by beating them, screaming at them and calling them names.
According to this report, the court ruled this week that a number of her children should remain in the custody of the Kansas Department for Children and Families after three of them described the abuse they had suffered at the hands of Sharp.
The deranged woman first came to media attention when she and her family sang for a bunch of armed nuts who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year.
The children told the Shawnee County District Court judge how their their siblings would scream in the pain when their mother tried “beat the fire” out of them and fill their mouths with liquid soap.
Sharp, however,  insisted she wasn’t a bad mother or a monster. She loved her kids.
But by Wednesday afternoon, Judge Steven Ebberts had heard enough. There was a line between punishment and abuse, Ebberts said, and the mother had repeatedly crossed it.
Before the ruling, Sharp said she was a woman of God, who had raised her kids right.

I think the real abuse is to take these children from their home.

Sharp had two different rods that she would hit the children with, the kids said. One plastic. One wooden.
If they moved, Sharp told them, more swats from the rod would follow. She’d use the rod to spank them on their buttocks, but sometimes it would hit their thighs, breaking the skin and causing them to bleed.
The rods came out after the children had disappointed her, disobeyed a rule or frustrated her. The kids remembered standing on the stairs, listening as their mother spanked one of the other kids with the rod, yelling and screaming Bible verses during the punishment.
The kids also struggled to read at their grade level.
The children would woken up by 8 am and have Bible lessons and breakfast. They would practice music and do chores. They would have lunch and sometimes do school work, depending on the day. They would practice their music again, have dinner, and the day would come to a close.
At a certain point, the kids said the beatings and abuse became too much to handle. One ran away, and soon the others followed suit.
One of the teenage Sharps said:

We felt it was unsafe. We were not sure what would happen in the future.

At the start of the year, the Sharp Family Singers found an audience. The kids practiced music daily, and in Oregon the group found an opportunity to stand out.
The family headed west and performed for the armed occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The kids sang patriotic and gospel music for Ammon and Ryan Bundy and their supporters.
The trip to Oregon made the Sharps famous. It also gave the family a distrust of government and law enforcement, Sharp said, referencing the death of rancher LaVoy Finicum, above, in a standoff with police.
Years before, one of Sharp’s eldest children had been taken away by the state after reports of abuse and neglect. And earlier this year, the state received tips that the children still living with Sharp were being abused.
At the end of April, five of her children fled the home. The kids took the family guns from a cubbyhole in their mother’s room while she was in the shower and stashed them at the end of their driveway before going to the Shawnee County sheriff’s office. One of her other underage children had already run away.
A few days later during an emotional court hearing in May, the state was given temporary custody of the seven children under the age of 18.
Sharp had repeatedly said she’d use her rights to protect her family.
That comment worried one of her older kids. The child couldn’t help thinking that if the state came back to the house, and the mother brandished a weapon, there could be a shootout. There was a sense of terror in home, the kids said.
Sharp, on the other hand, claimed that there were “evil spirits” in the house right before the kids ran away. The children were using bad words and disobeying her. Other adults had meddled in their lives, she said. Sharp knew her children were angry. Sharp said her kids were rebelling, acting out. They had lied to her, she said, so she’d punished them.

I properly discipline them. That’s why they are excellent children.

Sharp has 30 days to appeal the judge’s ruling. Her ex-husband has asked the court if the children could come live with him. But for now, the children will stay in state custody. The father’s request will be heard by the court later this summer
Standing in front of her rusted blue van in the court’s parking lot, Odalis Sharp said she hadn’t decided if she’d appeal. The charges were trumped up, she said.
“I think crying wolf, crying abuse, was their way out,” she said about her kids.

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  • Tony

    Not an all bad story as long as the kids, who seem to have a good sense of self responsibility, grow up with a very healthy negative view of religion and bring their own kids up without resorting to violence abuse. I say put the woman in jail and give the kids the house with professional carers installed. Much cheaper that way and the guilty gets punished and the kids get to stay together.

  • AgentCormac

    Clearly a woman who needs a shed load of really serious help. And the worst thing that could possibly happen would be if that help came from someone with the biblical book of lies in their hand.

  • Tony

    Sorry for OT but what would have happened if the thief in this story had been a male immigrant ‘refugee’ muslim?
    Answers on a post card please.
    I recon he would have ejaculated in his trousers extravagantly and copiously in a sexual frenzy by being pinned down by two scantily clad, very fit Swedish women. Now wait for a rash of copy cat thefts as the sorry arsed sex starved muslim men fancy a bit of rumpo. I bet there are thousands of muslim hard ons from watching this.
    Other Muslim men are saying “phwoahhh … fuck allah and his 72 virgins special offer … we can get sexual thrills just by nicking stuff from sunbathing women”

  • Paul

    Constant references to and from The bible, readings from it, lack of knowledge and basic education in children (such as reading), violence perpetrated because of the bible, more violence, dysfunctional irrational behaviour. Little understanding of humanity. Lack of perpspective.
    More violence.
    Is this not an every day christain family.

  • Broga

    In an overcrowded world, heavily polluted and being generally wrecked this wretched, Christian woman produces ten children to abuse and damage. Good effort, Jesus. Where are you?

  • Like the ‘gun nuts’ of Wounded Knee in 1973, the ‘gun nuts’ MOVE in 1985, the ‘gun nuts’ of Ruby Ridge in 1992, the ‘gun nuts’ of Waco in 1993, and the ‘gun nuts’ of the Montana Freemen in 1996, the United States Government does all or nearly all of the shooting, all or nearly all of the killing, then the press makes very sure that the people who were killed, shot or put in prison are called ‘gun nuts’ night and day and day and night. And again and again and again and ‘gun nut’ and ‘gun nut’ and ‘gun nut’ until we forget who got shot and who got killed.
    Regarding Mrs. Sharp, I note that she is a moderate, compassionate, progressive and thoroughly modern Christian parent who has not killed even one of her children yet. Child sacrifice is legal in most of the United States as long as the parent says magic spells over their child while denying them food or medicine.

  • L.Long

    As we know religion does not foster needless violence! So its obvious the kids needed the beatings! Says so right here in this book o’BS!!!!

  • Dianne Leonard

    I and my 6 siblings were also abused by our parents–thankfully, nothing as bad as the story relates. (In other words, no bible verses while beating us.) Now all of us are one stripe or another of atheist. And all the time they thought they were bringing up a good catholic family!

  • The AHA’s attorneys claimed in December court filings that they were “flooded with hate mail and threats” after the August 12 letter was sent. One was serious enough to be reported to police. Another attorney “received a voice message from a person threatening to ‘secretly inject’ the attorney with ‘HIV’” if the humanist association filed suit, according to court documents.