£1-million needed to keep Jewish children 'pure and holy'

£1-million needed to keep Jewish children 'pure and holy' August 15, 2016

A fund-raising drive has been launched in the UK by ultra-Orthodox Jews to  raise £1-million  to prevent children escaping from strict faith communities and living with ‘irreligious parents’ in an ‘evil culture’.
The Independent reports that drive has been established to fund the legal fees of divorcing parents involved in child custody battles with ex-partners who want to join mainstream society.
Flyers for a fundraising event in the Stamford Hill area of London call for the community to back the bid, saying: leaffly

We now need one million pounds and therefore the community is requested to join in with a minimum sum of £500.

The flyers were accompanied by a letter of support from a local rabbi stating they wish to fight cases involving 17 children:

To our great pain, and our misfortune, our community finds itself in a terrible situation – 17 of our pure and holy children where one of the parents, God rescue them, have gone out into an evil culture, and want to drag their children after them.
This is a decree of apostasy and this situation has motivated our rabbis who are in Israel … to come here in a personal capacity to increase prayer and to gather money for legal fees, and to achieve this a convention has been organised of prayer and also to collect money.

The Charedi community is notoriously insular and practices a 19th-century interpretation of the faith. Engagement with the secular world is deeply taboo, Yiddish is spoken as the primary language and arranged marriages are standard practice.
Men wear 19th-century Eastern European dress including long black coats and black hats, while married women must dress modestly and cover their hair.
Campaigners and former community members have told The Independent the tactical funding of legal fees tears families apart by denying those wishing to leave the religion access to their children as a punishment for no longer believing in ultra-Orthodox Judaism.
They say the practice unfairly skews child custody battles in favour of the funded parent who remains in the faith groups, rather than enabling custody to be decided on the basis of the best interests of children. Many who join mainstream society have little grasp of the English language or legal system as well as no financial resources, they are severely disadvantaged in court cases and can struggle to understand or articulate their experiences or get adequate legal representation.
A spokesperson for GesherEU, a charity supporting people wishing to leave Charedi communities, told The Independent:

Child custody cases instigated by a parent leaving the community are seen as a huge threat to the Charedi community, knowing that people can leave the community and take their children with them and give them a decent secular education and live successfully outside of the community.
It is very common within the Charedi community for the religious parent to receive full financial support throughout the court process to ensure the children remain within the community. The parent who stays religious will receive fully funded solicitors and barristers with the sole intention of ensuring the children remain resident with the parent who stays in the community.
The religious parent will be pressurised into filing for full custody and even lie in court so that the other parent is seen as ‘an unfit parent’ and lose custody/contact with their children. Often parents who leave will experience domestic violence as the religious parent will resort to threats and emotional and physical abuse to try and coerce their spouse to remain married and living within the Charedi community.

The spoksperson added:

An event like this is a clear warning to those thinking of leaving as well as a scare tactic: ‘If you leave we have all the money power and resources to fight you and ensure your children stay within the community are alienated from you.’ This does work to some extent and deters many who would otherwise leave knowing they will be facing a legal battle with possibly devastating consequences.

The Independent has seen details of legal cases brought before British Family Courts in recent years whereby the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community has funded legal fees of a “believing” parent in the hope that they will be given custody of the children above the other parent. In a 2013 ruling, a judge told the court:

The mother and father come from the … Charedi community of ultra-Orthodox Jews. A major reason for the marriage breakdown was that the mother no longer wished to follow the strict tenets of that community. She remains an orthodox Jew but wished for a way of living for herself and the children which allowed greater diversity of educational, personal and economic opportunity. Her wish has come at a price. Her own parents and siblings are no longer in contact with her.
The financial cost of this litigation is significant. The mother does not receive public funding, and pays the legal costs from her own pocket. The father’s legal costs are paid for by his community and by his parents … This is a grossly disproportionate misdirection of the father’s available financial resources. It is also a wearing down of the mother’s resources. I did not make a costs order on this occasion but, if these or similar disputes are continued, the court may have to intervene with costs orders in future to prevent further financial injustice to the mother.

A court case last year exposed the extreme pressure individuals feel when leaving the community as a woman sought to divorce her husband after alleging sexual and domestic violence, and gain custody of their daughter. Court records seen by The Independent show the woman was unable to read or write English and was represented on a voluntary basis by lawyers due to lack of funds. It is not known how her ex-husband’s legal fees were funded.
The ruling notes that the woman says she was beaten and raped repeatedly throughout her marriage but:

Was inhibited from speaking out about her abusive experiences contemporaneously because of the culture in which she was living … where she would have no audience and no sympathy.

The woman told the court that when she attended a GP’s appointment for vaginal pain incurred by rape, her husband attended with her to translate English for her, meaning she was unable to get help there.

She said that once she did speak out and seek custody of her child, community members spread rumours she had been sexually promiscuous.

A member of the community threw eggs at me for disclosing the violence and allegedly bringing shame upon the community.

The woman was granted custody and left the country soon after to begin a new life with her child.

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  • Paul

    I have learnt something new today. That I am the personification of evil in the land that is also evil: the land of my birth: England.

  • Broga

    Where religion is, then issues of sex, often abusive, and money, unearned, are never far away.

  • L.Long

    Run children and escape the most worthless activity imaginable!! Get a real education and join the world…it aint all that bad!

  • L.Long

    ‘They threw eggs at her…”
    Catch them and send them back…my preferred targets are the face and eyes…especially the eyes!

  • barriejohn

    The woman was beaten and repeatedly raped by her husband – who was a devout Jew. Tells you all you need to know about religion.

  • AgentCormac

    For pretty obvious reasons the jews get a relatively easy ride these days – basically, no one dares criticise them for fear of being branded an anti-semetic neo-nazi. However, the many extremists amongst that particular brand of superstitious claptrap need shaming every bit as much as the zealots who support every other brand of superstitious claptrap. And these in Stamford Hill who proclaim that the culture they live in is ‘evil’ are no better than their muslim extremist couterparts. We have things these days called aeroplanes. And lots of them. Perhaps the Israeli government might want to consider flying these disgruntled individuals ‘home’, just like it did with 14,000 Ethiopian jews back in 1991.

  • RussellW

    Agent Cormac
    “Perhaps the Israeli government might want to consider flying these disgruntled individuals ‘home'”
    That seems highly unlikely, the Haredi and other Orthodox cults are not popular with many Israelis who consider them parasites. Perhaps the UK government could pay for their ‘return’ to Israel.

  • John the Drunkard

    The Haredis are quite a mystery. They are a plague in Israel, belligerently hostile to Israel (no legitimacy since the Messiah hasn’t turned up yet) they refuse military service, intimidate women and girls in the streets, demand sex segregation in defiance of the law, raise huge families on welfare while refusing to work etc. etc.
    How did such a group EVER reach the position of wielding so much power, considering that they were founded among an impoverished, isolated set of rural communities under constant threat from the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires?

  • RussellW

    There’s one explanation for the Haredis’ascendency, some would regard them as the ‘most Jewish of all Jews’, so even though they’re complete pains in the arse, they flourish.

  • Paul

    Keeping children pure and holy is a cover for indoctrination, alienation and a miserable life with a lack of understanding and compassion, learning nothing at all about what life is. What a despicable way to behave.
    There are some Jews who are able to live honourably as this judo athlete does at Rio, funny though the Egyptian opponent (who lost), a Muslim, shows his true brainwashed colours by behaving like an unsporting imbecile.

  • NoMo

    Sorry OT but there is more spoiled brat muslim petulance and arrogance on display here.
    I work for a big global multicultural company. Our uk engineering office is recognised by all the others around the world as a centre of excellence for our processes, ethos, focus and frugality. We are a model for the other offices and we frequently bring the best overseas engineers to the uk to train them up for them take the expertise back to their home offices. We train people from all over Europe, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, India,USA,Mexico, South America,South Africa and so on. All of them have been enthusiastic, open, friendly,keen to swap ideas and upon their return have kept open the communication channels to share technical data, analyses and friendships. All except one, a Muslim from Egypt, who from day one was hostile, rude, uncommunicative and downright nasty. All he did was to sit at his desk all day, except for regular notable absences where we found he had booked meeting rooms across the site for his prayer sessions. He did not say hello or shake hands in the mornings,or say goodbye at the end of the working day. He did not take his lunches or share a coffee break with any of us. I went out of my way every morning, as he walked past my desk to his, to say “GOOD MORNING”, but he did not even have the grace to even nod his head in acknowledgement. He wasted the whole three months. He learned nothing, made no contacts, made no friends. Everyone ended up sharing a profound dislike for him. And it was fully reciprocated. The only thing he ever took any interest in were the women … who he sneakily goggled at when he thought he could get away with it. They were all totally creeped out by his leering. To him we were just kuffars to be ignored or ogled in the case of the girls. On his last day he did not even show up for his presentation and goodbye coffee, pizza and cakes. So we had it without him and all agreed that he was a fucking sad case islamofuckwit shitehawk.