Child abuser should be spared jail … because she's a Muslim

Child abuser should be spared jail … because she's a Muslim August 3, 2016

Despite a plea by her lawyer that she should not be jailed for sexually abusing a nine-year-old girl, Raheelah Dar, 43, above, was handed a seven-year jail sentence when she was convicted in Teeside Crown Court yesterday.
According to this report, Dar’s barrister, Alison Pryor,  said her client should receive a community sentence rather than face a term in prison.
Pryor said:

My client is a practicing Muslim; the shame that this has brought and will bring on her family cannot be underestimated. It is something that would not be found in a more ordinary case of this type.

Pryor also cited the mental health issues outlined in Ms Dar’s psychiatric report, and her diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, as further reason for a community sentence.
Dar was convicted of three counts of indecent assault and two of indecency with a child, which she denied.
She was accused of isolating, manipulating and molesting the girl over a four-year period. The victim, who is now an adult, cannot be named for legal reasons.
The victim described how she feels intimidated and “unable to engage in social situations” due to the abuse, and could not stand to be touched by other people to this day. She also explained she had suffered health problems by feeling unable to see a doctor, struggled with her family, with self-harming and with her weight.
Recorder Tim Roberts QC said he would be failing in his duties if he did not pass a jail sentence. He told Ms Dar:

You were 26. She was only nine. You were sexually experienced and had been married. She was an innocent. You were crafty.

A spokeswoman for Cleveland police said:

All cases of sexual abuse will be investigated thoroughly and professionally by specially trained officers. Victims should not suffer in silence and hopefully this example will assist in encouraging victims of sexual abuse to report it to police. Today’s sentence will stand as an example that those responsible for sexual abuse will be brought to justice.

In another court case involving a Muslim, a High Court judge today ruled that Amina Al-Jeffery, 21, above, who is being held in captivity by her father in Saudi Arabia, must be returned to Wales, where she was born and brought up. She has dual UK and Saudi nationality.
Mr Justice Holman found that said she had been “deprived of her liberty.”
Delivering the court order, Mr Justice Holman said Mr Al-Jeffery:

Must permit and facilitate the return of Amina if she so wishes to Wales or England and pay the airfare.

He set a September 11, 2016, deadline,.
However, he accepted there was:

Lttle or nothing this court could do to enforce the order if Mr Al-Jeffery was determined not to comply with it.

But he said Mr Al-Jeffery might face contempt of court proceedings if he returned to Britain without having complied.
Mr Justice Holman added:

There are no conventions between Britain and Saudi Arabia. The courts in Saudi Arabia would not even recognise the basis of the claim, because it does not recognise dual nationality.

Hat tip: Paul Williams (Dar report) and BarrieJohn.

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  • Broga

    It seems that practising Muslims, who may well practise FGM and discrimination against women, suffer more shame than the rest of us. Nice try, but I don’t think so.

  • L.Long

    being muslin is no excuse for non lawful behavior.
    Don’t like the laws then get them changed or get out!

  • AgentCormac

    There may well be no conventions between Britain and Saudi Arabia. But I’d bet you a pound to a pinch of muck that if the Saudi authorities wanted someone sorting out in Britain our government would bend over backwards to make sure that Saudi law was enforced and that that someone ended up on a plane back to hell. Our relationship with these tyranical, theocratic criminals is a one-way street based on their immense spending power. It is a constant source of shame that right now, here in the 21st century, the West continues to kowtow to their inhuman, iron-age values.

  • Ivan

    “…[shame] It is something that would not be found in a more ordinary case of this type….”
    Because the rest of us non-Muslims are just shameless.

  • 1859

    ‘..It is something that would not be found in a more ordinary case of this type…’
    What’s this supposed to imply? That there are some less serious ways of abusing a child? ANY sexual interference with a child is abuse – there is no such thing as a ‘more ordinary case’. Abuse is abuse and should, rightly, be severely punished.

  • andym

    I shouldn’t read too much into this. Barristers say some silly, desperate things to lessen clients’ sentences when there actually is no excuse.It’s their way of justifying their existence and fees, in this case probably from Legal Aid.

  • barriejohn
  • Paul

    A person that abuses a child deserves the severest punishment possible.
    No excuse can ever ever lessen any sentence.
    And the comments of the barrister in mitigation are utterly idiotic. Religion is the last thing to be used in mitigation, in fact that should be used against her to state how deviant and awful she truly is; primarily because there is no moral compass in her body at all (IF Islam is the greatest religion according to most liberals and fanatics). It is utterly disgusting to use that as a ‘society is to blame’ card but as a lessening of a sentence – the sentence must be right for the crime and religion is nothing whatsoever to do with it.

  • The legal and economic agreements between Britain and Saudi Arabia…
    How many people needing rescue did it take for Britain to invade Granada? And does Granada have oil and money? Ah.

  • Roger Bailey

    What! We’ve invaded Granada! There seems to be a total news blackout.