Church members cheered as a cleric flogged a young couple

Church members cheered as a cleric flogged a young couple August 23, 2016

Police in Ghana are reportedly investigating an assault on a young couple who were flogged during a church service by a self-styled ‘Bishop’ – Daniel Obinim, above.
Obinim, of the International God’s Way Church, whipped the couple and chastising them for fornication in front of a cheering congregation. The assault was filmed and posted on YouTube.
Obinim refuses to apologise for the floggings, defiantly saying:

Any person who is demanding an apology from me or calling for my arrest for flogging my adopted children is unintelligent.

It was reported last Friday that lawyers filed a lawsuit against Obinim for assaulting the couple. Francis Xavier Sosu, a human rights lawyer, and two others are claiming that the pastor violated the dignity of the victims and dehumanised them.
The complainants also mentioned that the incident is not the first time members of the church were subjected to cruel treatment by Obinim.
Nana Oye Lithur, The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, posted on her Facebook account that she has reported Obinim to the Accra Regional Domestic Victims and Violence Support Unit (DOVVSU) Office for investigation.

We have been informed that the Police have commenced investigations into the matter and a complaint has also been filed against him at the Tema Regional Police. We will keep you posted on further developments.

This report contains further details of the incident. His female victim, who was pregnant, was:

Flogged mercilessly with a belt in the full glare of his congregation.

The woman attempted to escape, but she was held by henchmen of the “bishop” who meted out more beatings.
After subjecting the two to severe flogging for several minutes, Obinim ordered his junior pastors to remove their belts and continue the flogging.
Obinim has been involved in several controversies in the past. According to a 2011 article from Vibe Ghana, the pastor admitted to having sex with the wife of a junior pastor.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    ” for fornication in front of a cheering congregation.”
    Never saw THAT kind of church before…

  • Broga

    Anyone old enough to remember Liberace and to think he tended to excess in puke inducing dress will need to adjust their criteria after seeing this berk. Obinim inhabits a strata a society appropriate to self regarding human vermin. As the smug “bishop” sits there the flesh crawls and the stomach heaves at the sight of this sadistic clown.

  • Angela_K

    Vulgar clothes and a big expensive watch – de-rigueur for religious leaders and of course paid for by the gullible. I expect this scum will have an interesting time in gaol dressed like that.

  • Lucy

    At least the police are investigating. We hope.

  • “Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.” – Exodus 21:20-21.
    Did you find that part of the Bible where it says slavery as an institution is wrong, or that beating human beings within an inch of their life is wrong? No, you didn’t, and you won’t. You faithful can pretend that this man did wrong by his religion, but you won’t find anything in your religion to back you up. You faithful will some day have to admit ‘Christianity is things I like and not things I don’t like.’ You’re one step away from just liking things and not liking things – while distancing yourself from brutal jerks like this man. Go on, you good Christians, watch the whole video and know that guy is on your team, not on Team Atheist. Proud?

  • In handcuffs, going to jail…
    One of the faithful paid him 11.5 GHC ($2 million US Dollars) for a ‘ritual’ that he didn’t perform, also didn’t return the money…
    Other Christian clergy storm the police station to say ‘this man is a violent fool who brings great shame upon our faith’ – ha, just kidding, they storm the police station to give him their full support…
    You faithful, good Christians must feel proud.

  • barriejohn

    I was alerted to this story several days ago by friends in Ghana. Fortunately, not everyone in that country is so gullible. The following follow-up also appeared online:
    I think they have the Angelic Obinim pretty well sussed!

  • 1859

    Obinim and Trump would make great friends – both narcissistic cretins feeding off the gullible.

  • Rob Andrews

    “Christianity is a peaceful religion, but it doesn’t work well in practice”.
    –Mohatma Gandhi