Halal store in France ordered to sell pork products and booze

Halal store in France ordered to sell pork products and booze August 5, 2016

The Good Price sharia-compliant mini-market in Colombes, Paris, has been told by local authorities to sell pork and alcohol or face closure.
According to this report, authorities found that the store was in breach of the the conditions of its lease, which states the shop must act as a “general food store”.
They claim that members of the local community are not being served properly if the shop does not sell pork or alcohol products.
The mayor’s chief of staff, Jerome Besnard, said:

The mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, went there herself and asked the owner to diversify the range of products by adding alcohol and non-halal meats.

The halal supermarket replaced another small supermarket on the site last year and Besnard said older residents had complained they were no longer able to buy the full range of products once available.
He added:

We want a social mix. We don’t want any area that is only Muslim or any area where there are no Muslims.

He said the town would have reacted in the same way had a kosher supermarket opened on the site.
But Soulemane Yalcin, the manager of Good Price, insisted:

It’s business. I look around me and I target what I see. The lease states ‘general food store and related activities’ – but it all depends on how you interpret ‘related activities’.

The authority is taking legal action to revoke the shop’s lease, which runs until 2019.
The case will be heard in October.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake

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  • AgentCormac

    Surely there’s more than one shop in Colombes – it’s hardly a tiny rural hamlet. I don’t agree with halal one little bit, but even so this seems a bit of an over-the-top reaction.

  • Rob Andrews

    Yeah! I agree. There must be plenty of other stores where non-muslims can by alcohol.There not going to sell much to most of their shoppers; It will just take up shelf space.
    That’s authoritarian government overreach. Even though I don’t usually side with Muslims on anything.

  • Tony

    You are both wrong … The French are to be admired for standing up to the islamic Project which is to ghettoise large swathes of cities and drive out the indigenous population. It’s about time we put a stop to the rot in the uk in this manner. Cheese eating surrender monkeys the French are not. They are making the hard but right decisions.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    They are making the hard but right decisions.
    Doesn’t seem right to me. It should not be the job of government to enforce what is / is not sold in a private store. If the store is not serving the market well, it will close.
    Unless there is some subsidy going on, not stated here.

  • John the Drunkard

    There doesn’t seem to be a ‘right’ stance here. The specific store required to carry products they don’t want to? Dubious.
    I don’t know how persnickety halal rules are. But if people keeping kosher go the the absurd lengths that they do….imposing a laicité on a market may be too much.
    If the market’s policy is part of a larger ghettoization project, there are bigger problems than leases and licenses.

  • Tony

    The push back against islamification has to be relentless, robust and rigorous against every encroachment islam makes in the ideals of democracy,free speech and equality. If the terms of the lease are infringed then the authorities are right to force the shop owner to comply. Harden up or wave goodbye to the lifestyle, freedoms and culture hard won by generations past.

  • barriejohn

    I know that we’re in favour of personal liberty, but there are nearly always conditions attached to the lease of commercial premises, and limitations on what can and cannot be sold in each. I’m surprised that the shopkeeper didn’t ascertain from the outset what he was allowed to sell, though he wouldn’t be the first to go ahead anyway in the hope that he could get away with things!

  • jay

    This is nuts. Is a Jewish deli required to sell ham sandwiches?
    Will an atheist owned book store be required to sell catechism?

  • Angela_K

    This is an infringement of lease conditions, when signing a lease, the leasee either agrees to the terms or doesn’t sign. My first business premises [industrial unit] had a lease with clauses from the district council stipulating what could and could not be done in there including no retail.The what ifs above are straw men.

  • AgentCormac

    I completely understand your broader point, but surely this is one guy, trying to make a living, who understands who his customers are and is offering what they need. Hardly a plot against Western democracy in my book. And as Jay quite rightly points out, what would our reaction be if an atheist bookstore was told it had to sell bibles or copies of the koran because ‘local people’ couldn’t get what they wanted any more? While I despise religious claptrap I think we need to be careful that as atheists we don’t have an indisriminate, blanket reaction to all things religious. Not least because that’s precisely how the fanatics on the other side of the blindingly obvious fence tend to operate.

  • Broga

    The Muslims can buy their booze and pork in other shops.

  • RussellW

    This is going to be a nice little earner for the lawyers. The question is ‘what is the definition of a general food store?’

  • the store was in breach of the the conditions of its lease, which states the shop must act as a “general food store”.
    My emphasis added. The kind and critical readers of my comments here will know I always tend to support people voting with their money. I don’t favor governments forcing bakeries or photographers or clergy to be involved in weddings they do not with to be involved with, for instance. And should others support or oppose such bakers, photographers or clergy, they are free to shop where their money will show their views.
    In this instance, the owners of the market signed a lease. They have violated the terms of the lease. This does not appear to be the government opposing halal markets.
    I might be mistaken, but fortunately my views don’t influence the world much anyway.

  • Dionigi

    Are they selling Marmite? No. Then shut them down.
    Are they selling Orkney Island Fuge? No. Then shut them down.
    Are they selling Biltong? No. Then shut them down.
    Who says a general store has to sell a certain kind of meat or alcohol which usually requires a special license?

  • Tony

    Dionigi … The lease says so. The lease. The document the guy signed.
    Sharia courts, halal meat, Fgm, honour killings, illegal madrasahs, grooming and trafficking of kuffar underage girls by gangs of muslim men, ghettoisation, incest and inter family marriage,forced marriage, Trojan horse islamification of schools ….all these things and more are perpetrated by muslims in your face every second of every day in every town …against the laws, protocols, culture, moral standards and common decency of the majority. It’s called the muslim Project. And it seeks to force the islamification of Europe by stealth, guile, lies, outraged protest and the normalisation of all the above practices. Ignore this at your peril.

  • Laura Roberts

    Seems a perfectly reasonable request by the local government to me. Even if the store’s demographic is 100% practising Muslim with absolutely no demand for alcohol, putting a few bottles of local wine on the shelves is (a) welcoming to non-Muslim visitors, (b) a tiny fraction of inventory cost, (c) not likely to spoil or go bad, and (d) a thoroughly French thing to do. Non-halal meat may be a different issue, one to be argued in court based on demographics and sales figures.

  • barriejohn

    Tony: True, but don’t forget that the Christian Church has been doing the same thing for centuries, and other religious groups, like Jews, Sikhs, and Hindus, do all that they can to influence law and culture in our society. We only recently had laws passed to give gay people equal rights in our society, purely because of the bigotry of Christians, and who would say that women are treated equally yet, all because of words supposedly penned by someone called Paul nearly two thousand years ago. We’ve had bishops and rabbis in the House of Lords and bending the ear of ministers for years, and now there are moves to get imams appointed as well. They’re not going to take secularization lying down, and they’ll bury their differences to keep us proles in chains!

  • Newspaniard

    Interesting that neither woman in the photograph is wearing a headscarf nor a tent. Where are the screaming imams?

  • sailor1031

    “…Besnard said older residents had complained they were no longer able to buy the full range of products once available”. Isn’t this the point? A loss of services that should be available.
    As for an atheist bookstore (are you really lucky enough to have these in the UK?) required to sell catechisms – yes if that’s in the lease. A jewish deli selling ham sandwiches? Indeed so if required by the lease. But there is also a difference between a specialty jewish deli and your local neighbourhood general market.

  • Tony

    Bj, christianity is just about tamed and is now an impotent force but islam shouts and shrieks in our face from behind a spittle flecked beard and holds a sharp blade to the throat of civilisation. Islam poses a very real and increasingly dangerous threat to civilised democracy. Don’t make it easy for islam to petulantly smash everything into pieces. Push back against every islamic encroachment into the fabric of civilised society.

  • The problem is that we cannot encourage people to act as if other people should be deprived say of alcohol on the basis of their religious beliefs. Do not forget that Islam more than just believes alcohol is wrong. It holds that it is OBJECTIVELY wrong. Thus it can claim a right to deprive the world of alcohol if it has the power to even if it is against the will of the majority.

  • John

    The article states that the previous – smaller – supermarket had a broader range of goods on offer.
    The fact that the range of products has been reduced indicates a reduction in choice and range for existing and new customers, as well as a possible intensification in religiously motivated sentiment.
    Hands up all those who firmly believe no muslim ever eats pork or drinks alcohol?
    No hands up? I thought that would be the case.
    In which case, not only is this shop keeper denying choice to all non-muslims but he is also denying all muslims any choice in what they choose to eat or drink.
    His prejudice and discrimination is being applied to all sectors of the community.
    As a provider of a public service – and in accordance with the terms of the lease – he should offer everyone whatever they want to consume.
    His personal beliefs should have no relevance at all.

  • Tony A

    This is a bit like the Xtian B&B provider to the general public but not to Gays. I agree with the other Tony: Islam is gradually building a fifth column in Europe by salami tactics, slice by slice. (Are they allowed to eat salami?). Have a look at a few Geert Wilders Youtube videos to see what is happening in my country Holland and will increasingly come to a neighbourhood near you.