Muslim Father 'cages' his Welsh daughter in Saudi Arabia

Muslim Father 'cages' his Welsh daughter in Saudi Arabia August 2, 2016

A High Court judge in London is expected to rule this week in a bizarre case involving Amina Al-Jeffery, above, who claims to be held in captivity by her father in Jeddah.
According to this report, Amina Al-Jeffery, was taken to the Middle East four years ago by her father, academic Mohammed Al-Jeffery, when she was 16 because he opposed her Swansea lifestyle.
Mr Justice Holman, sitting in the Family Division of the High Court in London, was told she has been starved of food and water, physically abused, and will not be allowed to marry the man of her choice.
Al-Jeffery claims her father, 62, locked her in a cage because she was arrested for allegedly kissing and hugging an American student at a Saudi university.
Now 21, she has launched legal action against him. Last year she sent the photograph above to a friend in Wales, purportedly showing her in a caged situation.
The judge described the case as very serious and said Mr Al-Jeffery had admitted locking his daughter in his flat when he went out.
Mr Al-Jeffery also admitted previously having “steel latticework” over the windows so Miss Al-Jeffery could not shout out.
The judge said:

I provisionally feel that we – this state, this court – need to feel very concerned about the welfare of this British citizen.

The picture was sent to friend Robyn Lewis last November. Lewis, who studied photography with Amina at Swansea’s Gowerton School, said:

Amina sent me the message saying she didn’t want to be there. She said, you need to help me to get out of here.

Lewis added:

Along with the photograph, Miss Al-Jeffery reportedly wrote: ‘Just because I am dressed up, I am dressed up in a cage.’
Amina is so intelligent and thoughtful. She taught me so much about Islam. Her father is portraying her as a rebel, she wasn’t. She did not drink alcohol. She had white British friends as well as Muslim friends, perhaps that is what upset her father.

Representing Mr Al-Jeffery, Marcus Scott-Manderson said the father had “required” his daughter to go to Saudi Arabia when she was 16 because he was concerned about the life she led in Wales.
Scott-Manderson told Mr Justice Holman that Mr Al-Jeffery did not want to attend the hearing.

He doesn’t want to discuss Amina’s return. He wants to help Amina. He says he brought her to Saudi Arabia to help her. The father says Amina was at risk in Britain.

Earlier in the hearing, Scott-Manderson told the judge that Mr Al-Jeffery wanted “reporting restrictions” to be imposed on court proceeedings.
But Mr Justice Holman said:

No. Afraid not.

He said there were good reasons for staging the hearing in public – even though it was in a family court – and allowing journalists to report freely.
He added said the case involved the welfare of an adult who was a British citizen. He said he had heard evidence in public and would deliver a ruling in public.

I happen to think that the case raises issues that require to be ventilated in public. This is not just tittle-tattle stuff. There are very serious issues here. I dare say the publicity is extremely disagreeable to the father.

Scott-Manderson said:

His concern is that she is going to be at risk (in Britain). He is the head of a family that has its own moral and cultural standards.

Scott-Manderson reported that Mr Al-Jeffery had said:

I will not allow Amina to go back to a toxic lifestyle.

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  • Har Davids

    If Mr Al-Jeffery were sane, he would have known that Saudi Arabia is the place to be if you’re looking for a toxic lifestyle. And his daughter’s British passport isn’t going to help at all, I’m afraid, as we can’t upset our ‘allies’ by asking them put her on a plane home, which is in Wales.

  • L.Long

    What happens in Saudi, stays in Saudi!
    Is it legal in Saudi to do this thing? Yes? Then piss off!
    Yes it is hateful and disgusting, and if done in england he should be put into the rack & whipped! But we in the west do not control another countries laws. She was in a Saudi location and violated their ass-hole bigoted laws (yes stoopid awful laws) but theirs, which is why I will never go to the midevilEast!

  • John

    The father has engaged in child abuse – she is under or was under 18 when he took her there. She wants to leave and is being kept under controlled custody which he has not any right to do – in UK Law at least. The UK Government should intervene with the Saudi authorities to get this young girl or woman released so she can come home to her mother.

  • Broga

    @John: “The UK Government should intervene…..” No chance except perhaps a bit of verbiage. The UK government doesn’t want to offend the brutish behaviour otherwise known in government circles as “cultural sensitivities.”

  • Brian Jordan

    Who has got her passport? If she hasn’t control over it, she may well be doomed. I’ve just heard a news item about Indian workers stranded in Saudi who have been unpaid for up to seven months. Their home government is having to provide aid to stop them starving. Quite apart from having no money for tickets home, they cannot leave anyway because their employers have their passports and they cannot leave without their permission.

  • John

    The UK government can issue temporary travel documents.
    There is always, where Saudi interests are concerned, a question of arms sales by the UK death industry.
    This is why UK ministers and diplomats are so reluctant to rock the boat with the Saudis.
    Still, we should all continue to support this young woman’s bid for freedom until she is actually freed.
    Can someone start an appropriate on-line petition?

  • barriejohn
  • John the Drunkard

    ‘At risk?’
    For escaping her father’s/nation’s/religion’s suffocating control?

  • Maggie

    Why is the padlock on the inside of the ‘cage’?

  • Newspaniard

    Is the father a UK resident? If the UK is so dangerous, why is he still living there?

  • barriejohn

    Mr Justice Holman, at the High Court, has said that she has been “deprived of her liberty” and her father must facilitate her return.
    Delivering the court order, Mr Justice Holman said Mr Al-Jeffery “must permit and facilitate the return of Amina if she so wishes to Wales or England and pay the airfare” by 11 September.

    Great news.
    However, he accepted there was “little or nothing this court could do” to enforce the order if Mr Al-Jeffery “was determined not to comply with it”.
    Oh…nice try.

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