Pastor's 'miracle' stunt kills young South African woman

Pastor's 'miracle' stunt kills young South African woman August 13, 2016

Pastor Lethebo Rabalago has reportedly blamed a young woman for lack of faith after she died from injuries sustained when he placed a heavy speaker on her body.
According to this report, Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly, the woman fainted after he put speaker on top of her, then sat on it. He promising her that she would not feel pain.

The woman later died from internal injuries.
Rabalago had organised a night of worship at his church in Polokwane where he emphasised that if Jesus walked on water, he too could do anything with faith.
He then invited the woman to lie down, and ordered the ushers to place the giant speaker on the woman,  saying the weight would not harm her. He then climbed on top of the speaker, adding pressure to the woman’s torso.
He sat on top of the speaker for almost five minutes, and his victim passed out.
The woman was revived by members of the congregation, but she complained of a broken rib. She was then taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.
The pastor blamed the woman, accusing her of having so little faith for she could not withstand a very simple task.

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  • L.Long

    Victim blaming!!! The religious way!
    Its never their incompetent BS that led to the killing! Yes KILLING! As far as I’m concerned he KILLED her. But then she wasn’t too bright either, but being stoopid is not a crime, but the punishment for stoopid is usually very drastic and final.

  • Broga

    He didn’t demonstrate the power of his faith by having the speaker put on him. Then blames his victim. The way of religion.

  • barriejohn

    This isn’t any different to the practice of the religious of telling people that if they “only believe” they will have perfect peace, and unbroken success and happiness in their lives. Unless you’re completely insulated from reality (ie mentally ill) this is never going to be the case, and such teachings give rise to psychological, rather than physical harm, as happened in my own case. They are all liars and charlatans; why didn’t the pastor lie under the speaker himself?
    Pat Robertson explains (or perhaps not) why “faith” is not always enough :

  • Neil


  • Mike

    If he’s so confident it had something to do with faith, then why doesn’t he try the experiment on himself?
    Okay, so obviously, that seem harsh, but I make my point. If he’s going to keep going stuff like this then they better be tested on himself. The fact that he hasn’t been arrested yet (as far as I know) astounds me.

  • tonye

    The truly sad thing about this incident is that the religious will continue to line up to prove that he/she is the most devout/religious person in the room.
    The irony is that it’s almost as though these folk have a ‘Darwin Award’ nominee approach to life.

  • Broga

    Note the patronising smile of the man in the background and the casual attitude of the idiot with the microphone who sits on her to add to the weight. If Rabalango is so confident about the power of faith lets see him try it by putting himself at risk.
    Of course, anyone who submits to these practices is a fool but I suppose they have been well indoctrinated.

  • barriejohn

    Even if you believed that your god could preserve someone who was crushed by a heavy weight, wouldn’t this sort of exercise be classed as “tempting God” – something which the Bible expressly forbids? There is no useful purpose to placing heavy weights on top of somebody other than to gain cheap publicity, after all.
    PS Here’s an idea: why doesn’t his god perform a real miracle and make it possible for everyone to hear him without the use of those enormous speakers? That would be both impressive AND useful!

  • Angela_K

    Why is this charlatan, fraud and killer not arrested? Of course it’s religion, the ultimate stay out of gaol excuse.
    Here is another fraud, literally fleecing his ignorant and uneducated congregation; the madness of crowds eh?

  • AgentCormac

    Lock him up for life.

  • John the Drunkard

    The ‘power of …faith.’
    One. More. Time.
    Its the power of humans to surrender their most basic self-preservation at the request of a charlatan

  • Trevor

    This looks fake. Her arms are all over the place for an unconcious person for a start, and the speaker is putting way more pressure on her legs and pelvis than her chest.
    Complaining about chest pains seems more likely than self-diagnosing a broken rib right after waking up, and being pronounced D.O.A. came out of nowhere. She didn’t pass out again, just decided her rib was broken and that was it?
    I’m not saying that I don’t think this sort of thing probably happens in the delusional religious cults all around the world, merely that this specific one seems weirdly contrived.

  • Raul Miller

    Sadly, once again Christopher Hitchens is proven correct; you can get away with almost anything as long as you put pastor in front of your name.

  • Christians – good, average, normal Christians – who hold the bible to be partially or completely true are fully aware what is described here is not supposed to happen. That is, the magic powers of the pastor should not have allowed harm. Either it didn’t happen or in this way the bible is false. Which is it?