Slaves abused and threatened with hell by Texas woman

Slaves abused and threatened with hell by Texas woman August 16, 2016

Olga Murra, above, convinced two Mexicans she held in captivity for 14 years that she was ‘the voice of God’,  made them listen to recordings of her reading Bible verses and threatened them with eternity in hell if they disobeyed her.
According to this report, she warned one of the women that if they disobeyed, immigration officials would come to Texas, kill her and bury her in a field “with other illegal aliens.”

Last week, a jury convicted Murra, 64, of two counts of forced labour and two counts of harbouring an illegal alien.
When she is sentenced in November, Murra faces 20 years in federal prison for each labour charge and ten years apiece for the harbouring convictions.
Murra made the women sleep on the floor and ask permission to use the toilet. They could only talk to Murra — not anyone else in the homes where they lived. She only fed them bread and water.
One woman told the FBI that Murra would hit her.
The women were forced to hand over money they earned from cleaning houses to Murra, who also made them get jobs at McDonald’s and Walmart using forged documents.
Murra was born in the United States, but lived in Mexico from shortly after her birth until September 1997, when she moved to Texas — first El Paso, then Fort Worth. She operated cleaning businesses in both cities.
When Murra returned to the United States, she brought a 33-year-old Mexican woman with her.
A year later, she arranged for another woman, who was 21, to come to the United States.
The women would be her slaves for the next 14 years and endured a steady stream of abuse and indoctrination.
Approximately once or twice a week, the Murra required one of her victims to attend religious instruction in the residence, during which she preached for two to three hours. Additionally,Murra required (the victim) to listen to religious recordings when she cleaned homes, which consisted of the defendant reading Bible verses and discussing their meaning.
Forced to endure Bible verses?
I’m amazed that a charge of torture wasn’t added to Murra’s crimes.
This is the second case of it’s kind to come before a Texas court. Earlier this month a Muslim couple, Hassan al-Homoud, 46, and his wife Zainab al-Hosani, 39, above, were ordered to leave the US after they were found guilty of on charges of slavery.

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  • Broga

    She will have lots of time to read the bible in prison.

  • 1859

    She probably felt that her religion exonerated her inhuman behaviour – a typical trait of the religiously deluded: ‘I can be a cruel, selfish sadist, but no matter, my god will forgive me.’

  • Robster

    “But baby Jesus said we can, so we did!”. Crappy excuse declined.

  • bill walker

    It would be nice if a deal could be made with Mexico so syhe could serve her sentence in a Mexican prison.

  • Broga

    The old hell threat. The RC Church has been loading its coffers for centuries with that and the related promise that loads of dosh to them and you can escape your hellish fate.
    What never seems to be considered is that if any group are headed for hell then a great many of them, in view of their behaviour, will be priests.

  • Did you read about the atheist who kept slaves and threatened his slaves with readings from Robert Ingersol?
    No, you didn’t. You never do and you never will. You’ll never read of a prison with an atheist majority (although the judicial system is minority atheist). We are simply lacking the venal morals of the religious. Every time, across generations, in all countries. Hmmm.

  • Steve

    I’d be interested to know if the Mexicans knew what they were being taken to the US for. If they didn’t, Mexico could probably call it kidnapping and request extradition.