Woman choked 'possessed' daughter with a crucifix

Woman choked 'possessed' daughter with a crucifix August 31, 2016

An Oklahoma City woman – Juanita Gomez, 49, above – stands accused of first-degree murder following the the death of her 33-year-old daughter, Geneva.
According to this report, last Saturday police found Geneva lying in Gomez residence with a large crucifix her chest.She had severe trauma around her head and face.
Gomez told investigators her daughter was possessed by the devil. She admitted punching her daughter repeatedly and forcing a crucifix and religious medallion down her throat.
Gomez,  who had swollen hands, told investigators they were the result of her daughter “fighting her attempts to rid Satan” from Geneva’s body.
Gomez, who is in custody, spoke to a judge via a video link on Monday. She complained about her jail conditions and said she did not need a a public defender as she already had a lawyer, one who was religious.

Yes sir he believes in God like me. Yes he’s the best in town.

Over at the Gomez home, friends and family have left behind candles and flowers and rosaries to honour the life and tragic death of Geneva Gomez.
Neighbors did not want to talk on camera to News 9, but said the mother and daughter seemed to have a good relationship.
Gomez has spent time in the Oklahoma County jail before on gun and drug-related charges. She was convicted on a drug trafficking and gun possession charge in 2009 and received a 10-year suspended sentence.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    the mother and daughter seemed to have a good relationship.
    “They went to church every Sunday”, said one neighbor. “Except for while mom was in prison…”

  • L.Long

    Hey! Where did she do wrong? She is very moral and followed the instructions in her book o’BS which is the word of her psychotic gawd! So she is a xtian so has done a moral good thing to help rid the world of another satan possessed evil! Another good xtian doing good xtian acts!
    And if the above is not seen as irony, then you must be xtian or muslin!

  • Angela_K

    I expect the troll EKE would approve of this lunatic of a woman’s behaviour.

  • Prisons are full of people who believe in God and nearly devoid of atheists. Perhaps this reflects who has the high ground in (for instance) not choking one’s daughter to death.
    Religion is harmful.

  • Broga

    As the Devil is so powerful why do they think they can persuade him to leave a body? We need a strong, well funded, government initiative to educate, specifically, people away from superstitious beliefs i.e. religious beliefs. But it will never happen as they continue to fund and support religion.

  • A human rights battle to stop exorcism and the danger of belief in it needs to be waged before somebody else gets hurt or killed. The Pope is fuelling the fire of faith in exorcism.
    Ban exorcism – make it illegal
    Exorcism – a sign from God?
    The Making of a Modern Exorcist