Christian TV entertainer charged with raping a girl

Christian TV entertainer charged with raping a girl September 12, 2016

Toby Willis, above — father of a litter of 12 home-schooled kids – was arrested at the weekend and charged with the rape of an underage girl.
Willis and his conservative Christian brood first came to the attention of US TV viewers when they featured on TLC’s reality show The Willis Family.
A TLC spokesman is reported here as saying that the channel was “shocked” to learn that Willis, 46, had been arrested and charged by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) for raping the girl 12 years ago.

TBI agents carried out a days-long investigation of the charges against Willis.
The Duggar-like musical family were the stars of their own reality show about traveling the country spreading the Christian gospel and performing country music.
However, due to poor ratings, TLC canceled the show in April.
Willis was apprehended in Kentucky where he fled in an attempt to evade arrest. He will be extradited to Tennessee’s Cheatham County Jail, where he will be held without bond.
Willis and his wife Brenda — like devout Baptists Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — are Quiverfull parents, adherents to a Christian dominionist sect that encourages married couples to produce as many offspring as possible in order to raise an army of believers.
The word “Quiverfull” comes from the Old Testament Psalms of the Christian Bible. Psalm 127 says:

Children are a blessing from the Lord…happy is the man who has his quiver full of them.

The Duggar family has had problems of its own, with eldest son Josh confessing to molesting underage girls — including his sisters — as a teen. Then Josh was revealed to have cheated on his wife through the website Ashley Madison.
According to a site called God Updates:

If you thought raising 12 kids was impressive, Brenda went ahead and raised the bar by home schooling each one! As a college graduate and her high school’s valedictorian,  she could have chosen to be a working mom. But she and Toby knew they wanted a big family, so Brenda chose to make her kids her career (which is clearly right where God wanted her).

God Updates adds:

Toby was a state champion wrestler, and just assumed he’d have all boys to follow in his wrestling footsteps. Then God sent him 8 girls and he was left asking, ‘What in the world do you do with daughters?’

The answer became clear after Toby and Brenda saw a performance of “Riverdance”.
As it turned out, the boys were just as talented in Irish dancing as their sisters and the siblings have performed all over the US and in Ireland.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake


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  • barriejohn

    “Christian entertainment” – there’s so much wrong with that concept that I wouldn’t know where to start. I know that my Brethren friends would have an apoplectic fit at the very idea, but if you want to know how dire it can be just tune in to TBN UK at night. The family don’t seem to be that talented, TBH. More “Cuteness for Christ” than anything!

  • Broga

    Filling the world with their sad, dysfunctional brood who have been home schooled in the fetid environment of fundamentalist Christianity.

  • SallyinMI

    Since step dancing is an art form that takes years to master, these frauds for Christ trying to pretend they were masters of anything other than the almighty dollar is pretty awful. And now Daddy’s perv past brings them down, just like the Duggars. TLC, do you get it now? These families of picture perfect wife and kids are a fraud. All of them. The Quiverfull movement encourages men to do whatever they feel like doing, within or without the family. Abuse a child? Well, God ordained that. Use your growing family to make money-of course! Turn your wife into a brood mare–why not, if she’s willing. If not, beat her and move on. I recall when TLC stood for The Learning Channel. Now it’s more like The Losers’ Channel.

  • dfert

    OT but here is muslim idiocy at its best / worst … take your pick.

  • I think TLC has done a wonderful job bring these people to the microscope. What better way to watch them fall in the public arena.

  • barriejohn

    SallyinMI: I’ve located a video of the Irish dancing. I’m no expert, but it looks “sort of OK” to me, but nothing more. Some of them are definitely more talented than others.
    Their website, which makes great claims about their talent, seems to be down for some strange reason!

  • Peter Sykes

    OT but:
    For a bit of light relieve:
    But it does show that Humans are still better at some things!

  • barriejohn

    PS Any suggestions for the name of their next offspring? Jiffy? Jizz? Jumping Jehoshaphat? It has to start with J, remember.

  • Lucy

    What an arse. Wanted boys to ‘follow in his wrestling footsteps ‘. Got girls. Thought what ‘do you do with daughters?’. In other words, the children are possessions, whose lives belong to him. What an arse. Apart from all the other crap.

  • AgentCormac

    Just wait for another stampede that kills hundreds. Not that it’ll be their god’s fault or anything. Heaven foirbid! And as for the ritual of throwing stones:

  • Robster

    Madly excreting offspring! That’s the answer to rapidly falling numbers amongst the religiously deluded, then put ’em all on the telly and wait for the dollars from heaven, like magic, except it’s not,it’s kind of sick.

  • andym

    OT. I was about to tell you that I’d noticed BBC World Service was broadcasting a documentary at 7:30 tonight about the journey of three people from religion to atheism.
    I’d been wondering how it had got past the BBC’s religious Thought Police, but guess what? I went to the website for a link and it’s not there. It’s been replaced by a programme about people going to Cyprus to get married! I feel an angry e mail coming on.

  • andym

    My newspaper got the wrong week. Was on last week and available here:
    One’s an ex-evangelical Xtian . His experiences seem very similar to Barrie J’s.