Devout Christian admits child rape – and blames his victim

Devout Christian admits child rape – and blames his victim September 14, 2016

When Richard Keenan, above, became Mayor of Hubbard in Ohio in 2010 he vowed to add a liberal dose of Jesus to his office.
At the time, Keenan was quoted by The Vindicator as saying:

I’m a Christian. Dedicating my life to Jesus has changed my life.

‘Don’t preach it, but live it’ is a practice he takes to heart. That idea is wrapped up in wanting the best for his town.

This week Keenan, a former probation officer, found himself in The Vindicator again – this time under the headline “Prosecutor: Ex-Hubbard mayor admitted child rape guilt“.
The Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office said in a legal filing on Monday that Keenan admitted on several occasions that he raped and molesting a child over a three-year period – beginning when she was just four. Furthermore, he blamed the abuse on the girl.
Keenan, who served as Hubbard mayor in 2010 and 2011, has been indicted on eight counts of rape and 12 counts of attempted rape and gross sexual imposition. A rape conviction carries a sentence of life in prison.
According to the filing by Assistant Prosecutor Gabriel Wildman, Keenan, 65, made the admissions to his wife, a pastor, a social worker and his brother and sister-in-law.
Wildman’s filing states that when Keenan’s wife, Diana, heard about the assaults from the child, she confronted him and he admitted his crime.
The filing states Keenan also admitted sexual abuse during “group discussions” while he was in the ValleyCare Trumbull Memorial Hospital psychiatric ward.
The filing goes into extensive detail about each of the purported admissions.
It states that after Keenan voluntarily admitted himself into a Warren psychiatric facility after his release from Trumbull, he told a social worker that he was:

Feeling suicidal because he had been molesting the child victim for approximately the past two years.

During those discussions, Keenan blamed the victim for initiating the acts and called her:

A willing participant.

Keenan also had “in-depth” conversations with a pastor about the abuse.
Wildman has filed a motion asking Judge Peter Kontos to decide if those admissions – particularly by Keenan’s wife, pastor and medical personnel – meet the standards that permit their submission to a jury, or if the statements are privileged, meaning they could not be used in the trial.
Messages left for J Gerald Ingram, Keenan’s defence attorney, were not returned. A hearing on Wildman’s evidence motion has been set for January 20, 2017.
According to Rule 601 of the Ohio Rules of Evidence, a spouse is considered “competent to be a witness” against the other spouse “if the testifying spouse elects to testify.”
As for the pastor’s possible testimony, the Ohio Revised Code states that a member of the clergy cannot be compelled to testify:

If the confession or confidential communication was made directly to the cleric.

Keenan remains free on $75,000 bond. His trial is scheduled to begin April 24, 2017.
Hat tip: Angela_K and Peter Sykes

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  • L.Long

    The victims fault??? If it is below the age of consent, it IS HIS FAULT NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

  • AgentCormac

    The victim was a ‘willing participant’ at the age of four?! FFS, it beggars belief. Religion is home to some of the most depraved, violent and wicked people in the world, so thank goodness its outraged followers are speaking out vociferously against their leaders and leaving in droves every day. Oh, hang on a minute….

  • Broga

    My grand daughter is 4. How can a child of 4 be a willing participant? Monsters like this whining Christian are beyond contempt.

  • barriejohn

    Almost beyond belief…almost.
    The old Mayor of Hubbard,
    He lived in a cupboard,
    Pond’ring his misdeeds alone.
    But while he was there
    His defence was found bare,
    And so the poor mayor was undone.

    Updated Children’s Rhymes No 637.

  • AgentCormac

    Beyond contempt, but still at home enjoying an evening in front of the TV. How the feck is this monster still free?

  • Lucy

    $75,000 reasons why he is free, working up his defence.

  • Broga

    AgentCormac: I suppose the Christian defence – praying, the devil got at him, now found Jesus anew etc – will kick in.

  • Paul

    I am becoming quite fed up of reading that children are constantly and willingly having sex with adults, priests etc.
    What on earth are these children thinking!
    These adults lives are going to ruined by these childrens’ advanced sexual behaviour.
    I hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison.

  • Federico R. Bär

    Four years is not only below the age of consent, it is even below the age of consciousness. Who can truly remember what he wished to do at that age – apart from becoming five before your next birthday?
    Kennan was quote___indicted on only [wink] eight counts of rape and twelve counts of attempted rape and gross sexual imposition___ unquote. That must have the main reason for such a heavy bond fixed by the judge (a judge, really?) who believed the ‘willing victim” argument.

  • John the Drunkard

    Um. The ‘facilities’ need more explaining. How did he get into the first one, and how did the second one admit him without engaging with law enforcement? Or did they, or?

  • Tax exempt. Cannot be compelled to give testimony. Not beholden to labor laws. Lax standards of property law. No organized crime group could ask for more than what religion has for the asking.

  • Brian Jordan

    @Federico R. Bär
    “Four years is not only below the age of consent, it is even below the age of consciousness. Who can truly remember what he wished to do at that age – apart from becoming five before your next birthday?”
    I fear the poor child will remember this for quite some time, perhaps even after the vile specimen has finished his life sentence.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Just think, folks – this guy will be in “heaven” one day – because he has been “saved”, and accepts Jeezus as his Lord.
    Meanwhile, you and I, never having raped ANYBODY, will burn in hell.

  • Broga

    @Paul: “These adults lives are going to ruined by these childrens’ advanced sexual behaviour.”
    You can’t trust these four year old girls. My four year old grand daughter hugs me before she leaves. How blatant is that? And, even worse, if she wakes early she tumbles into our bed. That poor man never had a chance.

  • Federico R. Bär

    @Brian Jordan: Thanks for your comment. Right you are. More than feeling fear, I am quite certain that those aggressions will remain in the girl’s memory forever.
    I was referring to memories of normal circumstances. .-