Dodgy ministry sold 'miracle' Aldi olive oil at a huge profit

Dodgy ministry sold 'miracle' Aldi olive oil at a huge profit September 1, 2016

Bog standard supermarket olive oil was sold as a ‘miracle’ cure by a UK charity linked to controversial preacher Gilbert Deya, above.
The self-styled “archbishop”, according to this report, is notorious charlatan who has spent ten years battling an extradition to his native Kenya, where he is alleged to have trafficked babies out of Kenya.

He has claimed that he would face political violence and inhumane treatment if sent back to Kenya.
Meanwhile the Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into the Gilbert Deya Ministries, which runs a church at Hulme Hippodrome, in Manchester.
The watchdog hopes to address concerns about safeguarding policies, practices and procedures at the charity which arose following the arrest of one of its trustees in 2014.
Earlier this year it was reported that a church within the Ministries group was selling £1.99 Aldi olive oil as a miracle cure for cancer and HIV.
The product was allegedly re-sold at a church shop in south London for £5.
The inquiry will examine the administration, governance and management of the charity by the trustees as well as safeguarding policies, procedures and practices.
It will also look into the circumstances relating to the alleged sale of olive oil.
A statement on the commission’s website reads:

The regulator has been trying to address a number of these concerns with the trustees, who have failed to report serious incidents to the commission and to provide adequate responses to the questions raised.
The regulator also has concerns that the charity may have been selling olive oil to which it attributed healing qualities. The regulator is concerned that such activity may be in breach of relevant regulations and law.
The probe comes after Deya visited Manchester for “7 days of unusual miracles” earlier this month.

When approached by the Manchester Evening News outside the venue, its reporter was turned away by Deya who refused to let the media witness any of his speech or miracles.
He said:

The media is evil, they are all liars, they write lies.

Although Mr Deya leads the church it is understood he was removed from the charity’s board several years ago.
Hat tip: Peter Sykes

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  • Broga

    “The watchdog hopes to address concerns about safeguarding policies, practices and procedures at the charity …..”
    Note the word “hopes.” Deya need have no worries. The watchdog will set up an enquiry whose well recompensed members will chew the fat for a couple of years minimum and then give a slap on the wrist warning.

  • barriejohn

    But it IS “miracle oil”. Since discovering it his bank balance has multiplied exponentionally. Just look at the books that he has written!
    Review from Amazon:
    I would like to say that Archbishop Gilbert Deya is an anointed man of God. This is a powerful book to incorporate in your prayers around midnight- every day. The Lord answered my prayers to give my mother with a job- within 24hrs using this book in my prayers. It is truly a blessing to those who believe in God. Use this book to hold night vigils against the kingdom of darkness, and triumph over them.

  • AgentCormac

    Violence and inhumane treatment, huh? That’s something most religions have been inflicting on the rest of humanity for millennia. Welcome to our world Mr Deya, you hypocrite and fraud.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: The titles of his books reveal that they will be bought by the irredeemably gullible. As there are so many of them his bank balance will swell.

  • tonye

    I have to disagree with your statement ‘and then give a slap on the wrist warning’.
    Don’t you realise the commission has to ‘express it’s dismay’ and then ‘send a strongly worded letter’ first?
    Deya has to really mess about before the commission goes to such brave lengths as a slap on the wrist!!

  • Andrew Sliversalts

    As long as there are incurious halfwits the cunning will prosper.

  • Andrew Sliversalts

    Yet another case of the cunning conning the credulous. No other organisation can outdo the rcc for sheer barefaced deception and profiteering. The Eleventh Commandment….. When you lie make it a really big one lest the foolish reject it.

  • barriejohn

    Andrew Silversalts: Funny you should say that. I expect others read this recently!
    The main journalistic failure of this piece is its credulous acceptance of these “cures” as true miracles and not of natural origin (it notes only that “rationalists wouldn’t be likely to call these things miracles”, but they don’t say why). Do they know about spontaneous remissions and cures, even of cancer—remissions that don’t involve any prayer or extreme religiosity? If so, NPR doesn’t mention them.
    As another contributor to this site said recently, I despair sometimes.

  • Smokey

    At least his penis isn’t filled with Holy Milk…

  • barriejohn

    Smokey: No – it’s full of spunk (or WAS, anyway).
    An evangelical preacher who claimed to be able to help infertile couples have “miracle babies” has been charged with a string of sexual assaults.
    Gilbert Deya, 61, is accused of three counts of rape and one count of attempted rape on an adult female. He is also charged with one count of sexual assault-by-touching in relation to a 14-year-old girl…
    It is not known why Deya – who lost a battle against extradition to Kenya to face kidnapping charges – is still in Britain.
    He is also the self-styled archbishop of registered charity Gilbert Deya Ministries, which claims a UK membership of 36,000.

  • Broga

    @tonye: When the commission really wants to put the boot in they say the behaviour is “unacceptable.”

  • L.Long

    Sorry but this dude is no threat to me! He is bright enough to know that there are a large number of delusional ignorant dimwits out there that will belief half-wit ideas and are too lazy to learn or do research on anything! And he caters to their delusions. So yes he is a con man, but have you noticed that no con man can succeed with out a large number of dimwits? So 1 con man vs 10000 dimwits….which is the larger tragedy or crime????
    Eliminating this con man solves nothing as there are still a large number of dimwits waiting for the next one!

  • Paul

    I don’t believe this!
    A religious man fraudulently selling stuff to his flock and making lots of money and sexually assaulting them and raping some of them?
    Whatever next – they’ll be telling us he’s a man of God and a really nice and good man he’s done so much for the church!

  • Brian Jordan

    Fake cancer cure? That’s not a job for the Charity Commission, it’s a police matter.

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: I agree. Those high street “Chinese Doctors” used to have large notices in their windows claiming that their remedies cured cancer, but that has been stopped now. Maybe a few others should be prosecuted as well! The following is a very interesting view: