How can the grisly slaughter of animals be called 'cheerful?'

How can the grisly slaughter of animals be called 'cheerful?' September 15, 2016

Each year Muslims revel in the savage slaughter of millions of animals during Eid al Adha, a barbaric feast of sacrifice.
This year the sacrifices in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka were particularly messy.
Police had allowed the traditional slaughter to take place in certain designated areas of the city, but heavy downpours caused many roads to run red with a mixture of water and blood.
The cruelty involved in this disgusting festival should be roundly condemned by world leaders.
But what we get instead are messages of goodwill to Muslims celebrating Eid.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, above, for example, described the festival as “cheerful”.
Russian news agency Interfax reported that Putin had congratulated Russian Muslims on the Eid al Adha (Kurban Bayram) holiday, saying:

For centuries this cheerful holiday has been playing a huge role in the life of the Muslim Ummah; it bolsters unity between people, introduces them to the timeless values of Islam and fosters their caring and respectful attitude towards ancient history, customs and legacy of ancestors.

The President welcomed the fact that Russian Muslims cherished their spiritual traditions and widely celebrated Kurban Bayram.

The Muslim Ummah is actively participating in the country’s life and is making a significant contribution to education of the younger generation and promotion of the inter-religious and inter-ethnic dialogue. Indeed, its activity is very important for maintaining the peace and accord in society.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May also felt the need to reach out to Muslims during Eid.

To all Muslims in Britain and around the world I wish you a blessed Eid al-Adha. I know this festival means a great deal to communities, a time when families and friends are brought together to pray and feast, and Muslims across different continents are brought together in faith.
And as you share in that spirit of togetherness, I think proudly of the many ways people in this country connect with each other and enrich our nation’s life.
I see this in politics where British Muslims are making a real difference, in enterprise and the running of multi-million pound businesses, and in the courage and dedication of those who safeguard our streets and serve in our armed forces.
I see this in the charity and compassion of our Muslim communities, whose members give so generously to those less fortunate … I am proud of the contribution British Muslims make to this country, and proud that Britain is home to people from vibrant and diverse backgrounds.

So to all Muslims, in this country and around the world, I want to say Eid Mubarak. I wish you a happy and peaceful Eid.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake

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  • charity worker

    And I have seen it in the Muslim Charity’s and their many demands for more and more funding when the indigenous people are told theirs no money for their problems, the old and disabled, yet Muslim Charity’s want funding. for votes.

  • L.Long

    Muslin slaughter is stoopid in any case, doing it in mass on the street is a fucking health hazard!!! But then these muslins live in and control countries that are total health hazards! As far as being disgusting, no way! if you are a meat eater and think this is disgusting then visit a real slaughter house for a day! Or butcher a deer in your back yard. If you still eat meat after that then it aint disgusting or you are a hypocrite wanting others to do your bloody work!

  • Broga

    Politicians: sickos on the make. No help from them.
    Bollocks to Muslims and their crazy festival.

  • Rob Andrews

    Right meat eaters can’t complain. I don’t know what happened to those millions of animals, but i hope they were put to good use in feeding people.
    As far as Putin and May are concerned, they just don’t want to alienate moderate muslims in their midst.
    The Abrahamic religions are belief of desert hunter/gatherers. So what can you expect. This explains the blood sacrafice of christ–often called the “lamb of God”.

  • David Anderson

    L.Long: Here in Galicia it will soon be time for the season called “Matanza”. This is a time when people do in fact slaughter pigs in their back yards. I help my neighbours with this and a three day festival is enjoyed during this time. Meat from this goes to make, among other things, jamón, lacón,choricos and salchichón. The parts that cannot be salted down are usually eaten at the festival.This meat goes to feed the relatively poor families here during the following year. Is it disgusting? Well inevitably some of the process is unpleasant but the result very toothsome. You don’t get to claim the high ground just because you are a veggy.

  • Club Secretary

    I am sure many in Dhaka looked upon the sight and dreamed of the streets being awash with the blood of kuffars.

  • L.Long

    Sorry David but I’m an omnivore!!!
    My main point was that flooding the streets with the crap is a health hazard. But being disgusting cannot be an argument for omnivores or carnivores!
    Actually doing the slaughter in the back yard is OK as blood is an excellent fertilizer.

  • Paul

    I particularly like ‘the timeless values of Islam’.
    Yes what are those exactly?

  • AgentCormac

    As ever, politicians pander to religious institutions which they know command more obedience and loyalty than either themselves as individuals or the parties they head could ever dream of. The fact that dictator Putin feels the need to ‘reach out’ to muslims within his own country tells you everything you need to know. The world is being run ever more by the religiots and their mindless, brain-washed, blinkered hoardes.

  • nogbad666

    I wonder how Putin’s comments went down with his backers in the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • If I were to get some atheist friends together and slit the throats of farm animals in celebration of conjunctive versus disjunctive arguments, atheists and theists alike would think us criminal, mad, evil or all three.
    But religion gets a pass. I don’t want that pass, I want no one to have that pass.

  • Laura Roberts

    @TrevorBlake: well said. Animal slaughter is a regrettable inevitability in food production of all kinds (for my health I eat only plants, but I’m well aware that small critters die when plants are harvested). Celebrating slaughter of any kind is barbaric, but it is especially deplorable in the case of innocent people or animals.

  • Broga

    @Laura Roberts : A major source of human entertainment is the slaughter and torture of animals from bull fighting in Spain to fox hunting in England. Hounds are trained by allowing them to savage and kill live fox cubs.
    Hunting of anything on four legs from wolves to bears is a popular sport in the USA and elsewhere. Horses are “broken” by abominable methods and the abuse of dogs in our so called dog loving nation is common. The treatment of dogs in China is sickening. The dog shelters in the UK are packed.
    There are better, quicker non coercive methods of more effective training e.g. clicker training, but learning about that is just too much trouble. I am not a bleeding heart about animals and I do eat meat from time to time but I think animals should be treated decently and killed quickly.
    OK, rant over and I know it is OT. Time to take my Labrador for a walk.

  • Brian Jordan

    I thought blood was supposed to be “unclean”. In which case, I’d have expected more serious efforts to avoid having to paddle in it.

  • Caute

    Islam coerces people to value life as worthless … merely a brief but necessary interlude to prepare for the next life either in paradise or hell. This is the evil root of the nastiness and violence at the core of islam.

  • barriejohn

    Caute: Only Islam? I was taught that for years as a young Christian, and it resulted in me becoming seriously detached from reality, to the extent that I ignored the need to earn a living and pay my way in the world, and came close to eviction TWICE!
    We were taught to sing this:
    It’s nonsense, and dangerous nonsense at that. I don’t agree at all that religious belief, because it brings people “comfort” and gives their lives “meaning”, is harmless, or even beneficial. It’s a dangerous delusion that always has consequences.
    PS Just take a look at the way those people are dressed!

  • andym

    ‘The Abrahamic religions are belief of desert hunter/gatherers. So what can you expect. This explains the blood sacrafice of christ–often called the “lamb of God”.’
    Don’t blame hunter-gatherers for that crap. Organised monotheism only came along with agriculture. They obviously had supernatural beliefs but were rarely monotheistic.

  • Dave H

    ‘I think animals should be treated decently and killed quickly.’

  • Great Satan

    The silence of the usually vociferous “animal rights” lobby over halal slaughter is deafening
    On a similar vein about over-privalaged special interest groups getting away with spending taxpayers money on dodgy practises – how about the misuse of the British Army ; – as a farmer, I’m not against pest control or hunting for food, far from it ! but this sort of thing is beyond the pale, and that is without all the Golden Eagles etc that have to be killed to benefit a load of bankers out shooting grouse driven towards them so they can delude their narcissistic egos that they are genuine hunters.

  • natasha

    I’m concerned that UK PM Teresa May does not understand the meaning of such a simple word as ‘vibrant”. Her use of it to describe the background of some of the ‘people of Britain’is misguided in the case of Muslim culture. Unlike her, I’m not sure many critical thinking people would describe burkas, Sharia law, child brides, hanging gays and Halal slaughtering as ‘vibrant’.

  • Dave H

    I am a proud atheist, and have been vegan for 18 months. Religion is a common argument against veganism. The pious argue that god put animals here for human consumption. If all fellow freethinkers take a look at the meat & dairy industries the same way as we scrutinise religions, veganism would be a natural next step.