Abuse victims launch lawsuit against Catholic school

Abuse victims launch lawsuit against Catholic school October 31, 2016

Five former pupils at a Catholic school headed by James Carragher, above, who is now in jail for abusing boys, have launched a High Court bid for compensation over the abuse they suffered.
According to the BBC, more than 200 men claim they suffered abuse at St William’s residential school in Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, between 1970 and 1991. It was run by the De La Salle brothers on behalf of Middlesbrough Diocese.
The order has apologised “unreservedly” to those affected by the abuse and for the actions of its former principal, Carragher.
Carragher who was principal from 1976-1990, is serving his third prison sentence for physically and sexually abusing boys there.
If the compensation claim succeeds, the eventual payout could run into millions of pounds.
The school, which closed in 1992, provided residential care and education for boys aged 10 to 16 with emotional and behavioural problems.
Nigel Feeley, above, one of Carragher’s victims, was sent to St William’s in 1972, when he was 13 years old. Feeley said Carragher:

Had a gold card to sexually abuse children. It was like giving candy to a baby.

Solicitor David Greenwood, acting for those claiming compensation, said St William’s was “the biggest single home where boys were abused” that he had seen.
The BBC discovered that the Catholic Church had several opportunities to investigate the abuse but failure to act meant boys continued to be abused for decades.
There have been three criminal investigations into abuse at the home.
Carragher, described here as “the devil himself” was jailed for nine years in January after being found guilty of 21 indecent assaults and three serious sex offences. He was cleared of a further 30 charges.
Former chaplain Anthony McCallen, was jailed for 15 years after being convicted of 11 charges including a serious sexual offence. He was acquitted of eight other charges at the same trial.
Court documents seen by the BBC state that on April  6, 1970 an incident was investigated by a “sub-committee of managers” at the home.
The investigation concluded:

Brother James [Carragher] is a conscientious and useful member of the staff and having expressed his regret, no further action should be taken.

Allegations of abuse continued into the 1980s. The BBC has seen written testimony from a boy at the home describing how Carragher hit him on the head “with his fist”, “dragged” him onto the landing and “kicked” and “pulled” him down the stairs.
Documents show Carragher was subjected to an internal disciplinary hearing following the assault and was given a warning.
According to a letter sent to Humberside County Council in 1992, complaints at the home were dealt with by the principal, meaning that for 14 years allegations were dealt with by Carragher himself.
A spokesman for the De La Salle Order said:

We repeat our total condemnation of the serious criminal behaviour of James Carragher, a former member of the De La Salle Brothers, during his time on the staff at St William’s.
We condemn, without reservation, any action or behaviour which harms young people.
We deeply regret what happened at St William’s and the harm that was done there through the behaviour of James Carragher. We unreservedly apologise to all who have been affected by his behaviour. Our hearts go out to all victims of abuse and their families.

A spokesman for the Diocese said:

Abusive behaviour has absolutely no place in the Catholic Church, or anywhere in society, and is against everything we stand for.

The compensation case is expected to last three weeks at the High Court in Leeds.
Hat tip: PPS and AgentCormac

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  • Paul

    It never ceases to amaze me that the people in charge of these types of ‘schools’ cannot see a link between ‘celebate’ immature poorly developed emotional men, knowing only an irrational, illogical religion, and the extreme violent and sexual predation they exhibit and conduct against children.
    Furthermore, whenever they are discovered they always seem contrite – as though this is remotely reasonable to the harm caused – and no action is ever taken.

  • AgentCormac

    I know it is never really about the money, but let’s hope their ‘unreserved’ apology is reflected in some serious compensation to the victims.

  • barriejohn

    When I was a Christian, whenever there was unexpected expenditure they always had an “extra collection”. No doubt the faithful will be obliging in any forthcoming time of need.
    Meanwhile, someone else (an old friend of ours) is heading Pell Mell for trouble:

  • 1859

    Is it not sensible, prudent, reasonable and full of common sense, to state what has been stated ad nauseam a million fucking times, that people with a religious agenda of ANY description should be kept well away from ‘educating’ children? Will we never learn?
    I hope these sadistic, sexual perverts cost the RCC dear.

  • RussellW

    Regrettably, I doubt that ‘His Eminence’ will ever face a court in Australia.
    The Royal Commision has done very good work indeed, however there are so many squalid secrets left to uncover.

  • “The BBC discovered that the Catholic Church had several opportunities to investigate the abuse but failure to act meant boys continued to be abused for decades.”
    Like the risks of smoking, like the risks of eating poorly, the risks of trusting children to clergy are known by the general public. Shame upon parents who risk their children with clergy.

  • P

    James carragher And Mc Callen are not the only staff
    That have been convicted
    What about Albert victor Marvin twice convicted
    Last time got 13 years but seems to evade publicity
    That was at Hull crown court 5/8/16 give the whole picture

  • barriejohn
  • P

    That’s the only one there is nothing about the trial in August where he got 13yrs

  • barriejohn

    It’s mentioned here, but there’s an awful lot to wade through!
    Apart from that I can only see details of his court appearances, but no verdict etc.

  • P

    I know he was given 5yrs for indecent assault x5
    And 13yrs for Buggery x2
    To run Concurrent
    So sentenced to 13yrs
    But no report of it anywhere I know because I was the
    One that went to court

  • barriejohn

    I see; that’s your comment on the Needle Blog. Funny that there doesn’t seem to be a report of the case.

  • P

    I know don’t understand

  • P

    Indecent assault for Albert victor marvin should read
    4 indecent assault not 5
    He was found not guilty on one count