Contrite gymnast Louis Smith misses parade to visit mosques

Contrite gymnast Louis Smith misses parade to visit mosques October 19, 2016

Louis Smith, above right, the UK gymnast who offended Muslims by ridiculing Islamic prayer, missed a parade of British Olympian athletes in London yesterday – because he was attending two mosques.
The Mirror, which exposed a video showing Smith mocking Muslims, reported that he visited two mosques in London “to learn more about the Islamic faith”.
After his busy day Louis posted a picture to his Facebook page and wrote:

So today I visited 2 mosques in London that I was invited to. I accepted the offer to learn more about the Muslim community and Islam. I honestly can say it was actually a really good day. I was a little nervous and anxious before visiting because of the reason events in the last week. But the people and the community where so understanding and inviting.
We discussed my actions and they showed me what they learn & the true meaning behind there (sic) religion of peace. The community work they do for various charities is actually crazy and the money raised each year would blow your mind.

Smith issued several public apologies and appeared on the TV show Loose Women to discuss his actions.

Commenting on Smith’s “show trial” on the show, Douglas Murray of The Spectator, wrote:

Here, a quartet of women interrogate and berate Smith over his drunken behaviour … It is so surreal that it really is worth watching. It begins with a shocked Janet Street-Porter, above, berating Louis Smith for his drunken behaviour and telling him how unacceptable it is. Yes, indeed, Janet Street-Porter tells someone off for coarseness and drunkenness.


Then June Sarpong, above, tries to get Smith to admit that what he and his friend did was ‘racist’. Poor Smith does not reply that of course Islam is not a race, because he is in full-on career-saving apology-tour mode. ‘At what point would you think it was ok to do that?’ demands Sarpong.

When the mixed-race Smith eventually tries to push back, insisting that it wasn’t racist Sarpong says that it was ‘xenophobic and prejudiced for sure.’

It is worth watching the whole thing. Because of course if Smith and a friend had made some joke about Christianity not only would it not have made it to The Sun, it would barely have made it to social media. But thanks to more than a quarter of a century of internalising the Rushdie fatwa, even the most liberal parts of our society have volunteered to become the Spanish Inquisition of Islam.

He concluded:

When we read about societies in history which destroyed people for heresy we usually gasp in amazement. Yet here is a case of someone breaking a heresy of our own society because of beliefs which aren’t in any way central to our society and the result is to try to destroy the person’s career, ensure they can’t work again, publicly humiliate them, call them all the most damaging names possible and make them grovel to get back even a semblance of their old life.
This is a sickness. And the fact that this type of show trial is on public television in the middle of the day and that the judges and jury are four ‘loose women’ make it only more emblematic of our dumb and dimwit-run times.

The 27-year-old last week told the BBC he had received death threats “every day” after a video was posted online.

I was ignorant to people’s religion. And I apologised for offending those who follow the faith.
We can all exercise our right of freedom of speech but, being in the public eye and someone of sporting influence, it’s my responsibility to exercise it in good taste, and on that part I messed up.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Newspaniard

    Poor sod. Desperately trying to please everyone. Islamofascists in full taqiyya mode convincing him that slaves to their terrible death cult are really nice people. “The Establishment” trying to shut him down for a drunken prank. What next? Limbs chopped off by quislings of IS?
    I despair.

  • Tom Petty

    Religion is the scourge of mankind. The best weapon to fight religion is mockery and ridicule. The pious fuckwits cannot deal with it and the resulting spectacularly disproportionate displays of petulant tantrums tell you all you need to know. Mock religion and its adherents at each and every opportunity.

  • Laura Roberts

    “…they showed me what they learn & the true meaning behind there (sic) religion of peace.”
    “The 27-year-old last week told the BBC he had received death threats ‘every day’ after a video was posted online.”
    The true meaning laid bare.

  • Tom Petty

    Here is an example of muslim dog-matic stupidity …
    This kind of thing really deserves to be mocked and ridiculed. What other response can there be. But be careful because you can be assasinated by a muslim for taking the piss. So what is the worst offence.
    Laughing at somthing that is truly worthy of mockery?
    Or killing a person for the sole reason that they laughed at your stupid dogma and because you are a petulant brattish muslim fuckwit.

  • barriejohn

    This sorry saga just gets more and more depressing. Louis’s “rehabilitation” (and public humiliation/self flagellation) was all over the BBC News today. I didn’t realize that June Sarpong (MBE, I kid you not; “services to Broadcasting and to Charity”) was a panellist on Loose Women now. She is a full-on born-again Christian, who used to be a regular on Songs of Praise, so it’s no surprise to see her rushing to the defence of religion, though she also presented two Sky One programmes, one involving a seance with that total fraud, Derek Acorah, attempting to contact Michael Jackson’s spirit. As for Janet Street-Porter (CBE): I have no idea what has happened to her. The last thing I knew she was writing a column in the Daily Mail, so that tells you all you need to know!

  • Moxie

    Caption Competition
    Oh dear yes Lewis … please take a selfie with me … it will be a great honor … Let me put my arm behind you so that I can STAB YOU IN YOUR BACK.

  • To be a British Olympian one must eat well, practice often, have great skill, be coached, have sponsors and (apparently) kowtow to the religion of perpetual offense.
    Britain, you did it to yourself. The home of the Magna Carta, humbled before the cousin-marrying, soldier-beheading defenders of. a mean spirited ghost story.

  • barriejohn

    I can’t really agree that this sort of thing never happens in this country with any other religion, though Muslims do have particularly thin skins (to say the least). Remember John Cleese and Michael Palin’s very public “trial” over The Life of Brian? They have no idea what freedom of speech actually means.

  • barriejohn

    PS The Mail regularly publishes articles in support of censorship. This is the latest, from the woman referred to by Private Eye as Sarah Vain (Michael Gove’s wife):

  • Moxie

    These two sentences are incorrect. “I was ignorant to people’s religion. And I apologised for offending those who follow the faith”.
    What should have been said.
    “Yes I was mocking their ignorant religion. And I have no intention to apologise for offending those stupid enough to follow the faith and who are too bigotted to be considered worthy of an apology and who threaten to kill me for execising my right to free speech”

  • AJ

    He’s so afraid of the death threats, so cowed by them, he’ll be converting next.

  • Brian Jordan

    Tom Petty says:
    “Here is an example of muslim dog-matic stupidity” … Halal “hot dogs”?
    I quite agree they should be renameed – if they’ve not got pork sausages in them they’re not hot dogs – they’re probably actually chicken sausages. I accidentally bought some chicken sausages once and they were absolutely vile. I’d be incensed too if I found one in a hot dog!

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: They’re denying it now, natch.
    AJ: I’d put money on it that he converts. Watch this space.

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn
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