Egyptian TV presenter approves shooting of Jordanian writer

Egyptian TV presenter approves shooting of Jordanian writer October 3, 2016

Reporting on the assassination a week ago of prominent Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar,  Hani Nahhas, above, of Alhadas Elyoum TV, told viewers that Hattar’s “blasphemy” did not count as free speech and that he deserved to ‘stand trial in God’s court.

They say [Hattar] is a martyr, killed for the sake of freedom of speech, but I do not think this way at all. You have the right to criticise a president, a prince, or a king, but you do not have the right to draw, to affront or to humiliate the Lord. I personally declare that I support the killing of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar..

Hattar was assassinated on the steps of an Amman courthouse, where he was to face charges for having shared a supposedly blasphemous cartoon on social media.
Nahed Hattar’s accused killer, it later emerged, was a 49-year-old former imam from an impoverished neighborhood in the Jordanian capital. The offending image, which had prompted his arrest and myriad death threats, depicted God checking in on an extremist militant in heaven.
Hattar, above, a secular Christian, was arrested in August for sharing a cartoon on his Facebook page titled “the God of Daesh”, an alternative name for the Islamic State militant group. The creator of the cartoon is unknown.
The drawing showed a bearded man, lying in bed under sheets, smoking contentedly beside two women in paradise and jabbing his finger toward God, who asks, “Do you need anything?” The man replies:

Yes, Lord, bring me wine, cashews and an immortal servant to come clean the floor.

Hattar took the image down and tried to explain why he posted it. He said the cartoon was a depiction of the perverted beliefs of Islamic State militants and explained that that was how they imagine God and heaven, and that it does not insult God in any way.
Hattar also had been a steadfast backer of the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, a sympathy that would have won him both friends and enemies in Jordan’s fractured political landscape.
Egyptian secular blogger Nervana Mahmoud wrote:

Now Assad’s pundits are using Hattar’s murder to warn Jordanians about the futility of Jordan’s alliance with the United States and the increasing attacks by ISIS supporters inside the Kingdom.
In short, the murder of Nahed Hattar is a triumph of religious escapism, intellectual cowardice, and political manipulation in a region that has lost its moral compass and descended into a dark space where bad is fighting bad with bad, only to produce more ugliness and despair.

Hattar’s wife, Randa Kakish-Hattar, spoke to reporters hours after his death:

I saw his lifeless, blood-drained body just now. His two children saw him shot and killed before their eyes. And for what? For sharing a cartoon on Facebook?

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  • I’m sure today is the day the peaceful majority of Muslims will step up and clean their own house from the tiny minority of extremists that distort their peaceful religion. Today is the day. Hasn’t happened in over one thousand years, but this is it. Thank goodness. Here they come now.
    One must believe today is the day. Otherwise one might start to question if that peaceful majority exists, question if the murderers are the distorters, question if the majority silently approves of the murderers. And such questions, although supported by all evidence and countered by none, will not do. Facts are islamophobic.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    to humiliate the Lord.
    HUMILIATE: To make someone feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect.
    so, the Supreme Lord GodAllahMighty most high felt ashamed and foolish because of the cartoon ?
    I guess he feels better now that the offender is dead…

  • Angela_K

    Strange how their god never does anything him/herself, so the ignorant savages do the dirty work they believe their god wants instead.
    The current edition of “Private Eye” has a cartoon showing the ark surrounded by dead and drowning people with Noah saying: “Happy now?”

  • L.Long

    Remember a RELIGION of any sort is NEVER about gawd or faith! It is about political power to do as the fanatics wish to do!!! It is not so much what the dogma says as it is what THEY WISH to do. And the so called moderate peace lovers are enablers and breeders, because their books o’BS all state to hate, kill, be bigoted, intolerant, and blind; so when the breeders state the book o’BS is holey and to learn its truth, you may be forming another group of true believers!!
    Hey! Trev! Don’t hold your breath waiting! And is a bunch of moderate hypocrites do condemn the killer, so what their books o’BS still say the same BS!!!

  • Tom Petty

    Islam provides every muslim with a cast iron justification for murdering anyone, at any time, for any reason. I get the distinct impression you can be summarily assassinated by a muslim who merely takes a dislike to you. Or who wants your property. Or who is jealous. Or who is just pissed off with something you did which is normally settled by civilised people with a short but expressive exchange of profanities and hand signals.If you are a muslim all you have to do is accuse the victim of a “crime” say insulting your pig of a wife and you can be the unchallenged witness, prosecution, judge and executioner all in one and simultaneously. What a fucking barbaric primitive hateful dogma. Dream on if you think peace will descend upon mankind anytime soon. Islam and its fuckwit acolytes have assured a bloody future for all mankind.

  • Brian Jordan

    “Hattar’s “blasphemy” did not count as free speech and that he deserved to ‘stand trial in God’s court.”
    Which they surely thought he would, eventually. I thought God’s mills ground exceeding slow – why then do these presumptuous people insist that he speed them up?

  • If God’s mind is infinite this means that any impulse He feels will also have to be infinite, both through space and time. His impulses, thoughts and emotions will have to go on endlessly and will never be able to reach an end! The same would be true of His mind, which will also never be able to end. He can never reach the end of His own self! God is just as lost as we are. His apparent power is in fact no-power. How spooky for the poor old c–t.

  • barriejohn

    MFB: It’s a conondrum that the religious can never solve – a god of infinite love and forgiveness who is also absolutely righteous and just. Christians spend hours debating this!

  • Broga

    What should we conclude about a God who cannot defend himself against a puny human? What kind of God would deign to be upset by criticism from a speck of humanity?
    Humans: a group of biological mechanisms who are temporarily clinging to a speck of cosmic rock.
    If tax dodger Trump gets his finger on the nuclear button we may be more temporary than we think.

  • If an omniscient God exists, then free will cannot be possible since everything one does with one’s free will has been known since time began by an all-seeing omnipotent God! If on the other hand free will IS possible, then God cannot be omniscient or omnipotent since He will not know what a free mind has decided to do with its own free will! Boethius tries to solve this conundrum in his ‘Consolation of Philosophy'(526AD), and utterly FAILS to solve the problem! (The poor creature was horribly executed later that year by the Ostro-Gothic King Theodoric). My own answer to the conundrum? Free will does exist, an omniscient God does not. Problem solved. Time for yet another pink gin.

  • An all-knowing God would be well aware that He Himself is of no more importance than the creatures He has deigned to create. Trivial value-judgements such as important/unimportant/valuable/worthless are products of the human mind, not products of the mind of an all-knowing God! He would also require no praise from His creations whatsoever, judging Himself unworthy of it. He would also have created a perfect world rather than an imperfect one–though Violette Leduc does of course write in ‘La Batarde’: “Perfection is not of this world, even when we meet it here.” So maybe I’m wrong after all. Who cares? Certainly not I.

  • Paul

    Let us kill everyone who has a thought against our all powerful omnipotent immense fantastic creator.
    The problem with this man is he isn’t alone in revelling in the murder of this poor chap. They love this as they think they’re doing gods work and will be rewarded.
    That is an extremely dangerous state of mind that is actually almost impossible to control or educate as it requires a rational free human being to start with.

  • John the Drunkard

    The Syrian Baath party, unlike the Iraqi one, is deeply entwined with the Alawi minority which includes the Assad clan. Opposition to Assad was always a threat to non-Sunnis in the area. Hence the involvement of Iran, and (probably) the support for Assad from a secular Christian…
    Middle Eastern ‘politics’ continuously demonstrates that clan and sectarian identity trumps every civilized consideration.

  • barriejohn

    John: Good points, but not only true of the Middle East. It’s been the case all through history. But I wonder whether it has crossed this man’s mind what HIS fate would be should another form of Islam than his own gain the ascendancy in his country. A quick change of mind, perhaps?
    When Royal James possest the crown,
    And popery grew in fashion;
    The Penal Law I shouted down,
    And read the Declaration:
    The Church of Rome I found would fit
    Full well my Constitution,
    And I had been a Jesuit,
    But for the Revolution.

    (The Vicar of Bray)

  • Cali Ron

    MFR: ” Trivial value-judgements such as important/unimportant/valuable/worthless are products of the human mind, not products of the mind of an all-knowing God!” Indeed, all religions are a product of the human mind as well as the many manifestations of god.
    I’m always amused when great thinkers and philosophers delve into the deeper meanings and conundrums of religions, looking for those profound insights into god’s mind, an epiphany, the meaning of life! It’s all a colossal waste of time. Religions and there holy books were all created by flawed, shallow men to control fellow men and offer no insights or revelations to answer the weighty questions of god and man. They may as well be chasing fairies with a butterfly net, the result will be the same-emptiness.

  • Paul

    I don’t know if anyone has really noted that the whole mess in the ME, Syria at present, is a proxy war between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia (and its Sunni allies) the two biggest power houses squaring across The Gulf.
    Just an observation.

  • 1859

    @MFR: Omniscience and omnipotence are human projections upon a very human fantasy. Both of these ideas arise from religious fruitcakes trying to push a dildo up humanity’s arse – to know everything there was, is and will be, is to know nothing, and begs the question of what ‘knowledge’ actually is? As for being ‘all powerful’ or possessing infinite power, this too, outside the human imagination, is meaningless.
    When I look through the eyes of the Hubble Space telescope these ideas of omniscience and omnipotence seems so trite, stupid and trivial. Our thoughts, our memories, everything we do, are just the echoes of our sun’s dazzling intercourse in the arms of a nondescript, mundane galaxy.

  • The only way the Universe can become aware of itself (should it wish to do so, which of course it does not) is through the Mind. If the mind did not exist the whole universe would be reduced to a vast, meaningless collection of sub-atomic particles and energy, with no possible or even conceivable ultimate purpose. For reality to exist as it appears to us to exist we must exist also. Does this mean that we are somehow essential? F–k knows. How truly weird.

  • 1859

    @ MFR: A nice quote from Nigel Calder who used to write for the BBC many years ago (it concerns the evolution of consciousness from lifeless matter): ‘The atoms of the universe have come together in the human mind in such a way that they are now capable of questioning their own existence.’ Hope this helps you sleep easier!

  • Cali Ron

    1859: “Our thoughts, our memories, everything we do, are just the echoes of our sun’s dazzling intercourse in the arms of a nondescript, mundane galaxy.” I really like that line. It gives a poetic elegance to a scientific reality.

  • 1859

    @Cali Ron: Thanks.

  • We all believe in what we ourselves decide. Not however when one thought is the route only permitted. I found that got me laughing, yet these are the same ones that others are being shot for! Where does that make sense?