Mormon is sorry for atrocious remarks about a teen's suicide

Mormon is sorry for atrocious remarks about a teen's suicide October 1, 2016

Jason Christensen, above, the Independent American Party candidate for Senate District 16 in Provo, Utah, has been forced to apologise for remarks he made about a gay youth’s suicide.
Christensen said on Facebook:

Yes this is sad, hopefully God will have mercy on both sins that this boy committed. The sins of homosexuality and the sins of murder(sic)

Further in the thread Christensen explained he believes suicide amounts to murder.

Read the scriptures, stop denying the scriptures. I do feel bad for him and his sins. But one must recognize what’s (sic) sins and what is not sin. One must live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the Gospel of the Devil.

The comments went viral after being posted on Reddit and other websites.
Yesterday, Christensen was the essence of contriteness. He told Fox 13 News:

I apologize for that, and I hope with my love and asking for apology, I hope the family can accept my apology.

He added he has received death threats since the comments began attracting attention online.
Senator Curt Bramble said:

The incivility, the vulgarness, the insensitivity of those comments, there’s no place for that in a political campaign, there’s no place for that in Utah Legislature, and, frankly, there’s no place for that in our society.

Said Troy Williams, Executive Director of Equality Utah.

The comments that Jason Christensen made about a young, 19-year old man who had committed suicide are vile and cruel, and unbecoming of anyone who aspires to represent Utahns in state government.

Christensen has long been known for his homophobia.
Back in 2014, Utah CARE, a grassroots organisation established to teach cannabis awareness, reform and education, withdrew its endorsement of Christensen when he stood as candidate for Utah’s House District 64 in Utah County.
Despite his support of cannabis reform, Utah CARE’s Gradi Jordan said:

Regretfully, this morning, after a long weekend of speaking with members of our community, I have determined Utah CARE can not endorse Christensen for ANY type of political office in Utah.
Many Utah cannabis advocates are also proud members of a large LGBTQ community in the state. From kids to parents, friends and loved ones, we support equal rights (not ‘special rights’) for everyone – from cannabis legalization to civil rights. We believe everyone has the right to live peacefully, any way they choose, as long as they do not infringe upon anyone else’s freedom.

Jordan pointed out some of Christensen’s homophobic comments that:

Illustrate why, despite Christensen’s views on cannabis, Utah CARE – and I personally – cannot support his candidacy

Kris Cantil, Member of the Board of Directors PFLAG, Salt Lake City, activist, and working mom, was shocked by Christensen’s comments, stating she was “sad and terribly disappointed,” and:

Yes, I would rather risk being a (cannabis) criminal, than have someone (like Christensen) in office.

Jordan concluded:

I’d like to remind him that he is a middle aged, white, Mormon man, living within the confines of the LDS Church, in the middle of the heart of the church, Utah County. He has never had to stand in line at the Utah Food Bank; he has never had to fear losing his job because of his gender or sexual identity; he has never been beaten simply for being who he is.
Sometimes, other issues of freedom and civil rights cannot be overlooked simply because a candidate is pro-cannabis policy reform. In this case, Utah CARE does officially recall our recent endorsement of Christensen’s candidacy based on the fact that we believe in and live with EQUALITY, period.

Utah’s suicide rate, according to this report, is nearly twice the national average and the rate of youth suicide rate has tripled in the last 10 years. And last year, the state’s Department of Health revealed that suicide is now the leading cause of death among 10- to 17-year-olds in Utah.

Overall, the state’s youth suicide rate has increased from 3.0 per 100,000 people in 2007 to 8.5 per 100,000 in 2014. Why? A coalition of Mormon parents of LGBT children is laying the blame at the doors of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, which, beginning in 2008, intensified its anti-gay rhetoric, funding California’s Proposition 8 and, in 2015, excommunicating the children of same-sex couples.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • barriejohn

    He’s sorry about the negative publicity; he hasn’t changed his views one bit!

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Didn’t know the devil had his own gospel…

  • zombiehunter

    read the scriptures? which ones?? the one that came out a couple of thousand years ago or the ones joseph smith pulled out of his arse a couple of hundred years ago?

  • The ginger ones are always the weirdest ones.

  • barriejohn

    Zombiehunter: The Book of Mormon is actually a history of the Jews who supposedly made their way from Jerusalem, about 1600 years ago, to North America. I purchased a copy from a charity shop when the Mormons were very active in my area, and found it to be absolutely hilarious, for verily and amen it doth be a document which heretofore and therefore appeareth to be written in the manner of someone whom doth be verily uneducated but yearneth to write like the prophets whom God did raise up of his own mighty hand of old. You may find the Bible unbelievable, but the BoM really takes the biscuit!

  • barriejohn

    More on the Book of Mormon:
    A great site, but not updated for a few months now.
    Sample quote (re American Indians):
    “He had caused the cursing to come upon them … wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them. And thus saith the Lord God: I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people … And cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed; for they shall be cursed even with the same cursing.”

  • What did this man say that was not an accurate and faithful representation of his religion as practiced for thousands of years?
    Or is religion forever what you want it to mean instead of what it plainly means?

  • Daz

    “Or is religion forever what you want it to mean instead of what it plainly means?”

    To most believers, your question doesn’t even make sense. They pick the reading that most supports their views, and then swear black ‘n’ blue (and I think really do convince themselves into believing) that they learned their views from the reading. Which is, of course, the One True Reading™.
    In other words, it “plainly means” whatever they want it to mean.
    And frankly, in a book as often-contradictory as the Bible, a choice of readings is forced on the reader. Take Paul and women in church. In 1 Corinthians 14:34, he says they should stay silent in church, yet in Romans 16:7, he sings the praises of a woman named Junia and describes her as being “outstanding amongst the apostles.” Can an apostle do their work whilst keeping silent? Umm, no. Since you can’t obey both the Corinthians verse and the Romans verse, you end up choosing whichever view suits your prejudices; and then claiming, of course, that no other reading is possible.

  • barriejohn

    Daz: You made I laugh. The Brethren (and other fundies) really get their knickers in a twist over the “monstrous army of women” praised by Paul (there are loads of them). It’s quite obvious that they – especially Priscilla (or “Prisca”), for whom he clearly had great affection – had prominent roles in the Early Church (if the NT is to be believed), so MUST have been leaders and teachers (there are others mentioned elsewhere who prophesied publicly as well, and even the great apostle says “every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonours her head”, and what other sense can THAT possibly convey?). The fundie argument is that they were prominent Christians who ministered to people’s needs, set a good example and taught other women, but kept their traps shut in church as they were told. Anyone can see that this is not true. Those on the other side of the divide say that the verses forbidding women to speak must have been added later by an evil monkey!