Muslim hate preacher should be booted out of the UK

Muslim hate preacher should be booted out of the UK October 7, 2016

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell has called on the UK authorities to revoke the visa of an Islamic hate preacher, Shaykh Hamza Sodagar, above.
US-based Sodagar, according to this report, has began a series of lectures in London. He is noted for advocating death for homosexuals, saying in a video that there are five ways of disposing of gays:

One – the easiest one maybe – chop their head off, that’s the easiest. Second – burn them to death. Third – throw ’em off a cliff. Fourth – tear down a wall on them so they die under that. Fifth – a combination of the above.

The American-born preacher’describes himself as:

A role model for young Muslims all around the world.

Tatchell said:

In a free society, Hamza Sodagar has a right to believe that homosexuality is sinful but not to preach about ways to kill lesbians and gay men. Many people with far less extreme views, who have never advocated violence, have been banned from entering the UK.
Calling for death to LGBT people crosses a red line. The Home Office was wrong to grant him a visa and should now revoke it.

His call coincided with news that a Pakistani scholar, Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai, above, has been told to get out of Australia after it emerged that he called for all Jews to be wiped out in a 2012 video.
Mustafai had delivered talks at the Ghausia Masjid in Blacktown and the Al-Madinah Masjid in Liverpool.
Ghausia Masjid’s imam Hafiz Raza, who organised Mustafai ‘s speaking tour of Australia tour, didn’t respond to questions about the visit or the 2012 video titled “Jews are the enemies of Islam and the real peace”.
However, after Fairfax Media alerted the Pakistan Association of Australia to the video, they called the Ghausia Masjid who decided to cancel Mr Mustafai’s talks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and ordered him to return home.
Association President Abbas Khan said Pakistani Australians are deeply committed to harmony in Australia and he was shocked by the video.
He said he met Mustafai and the scholar said the video didn’t reflect his opinions. It was a quote from a book.
Khan added that Mustafai has given hundreds of sermons about peace and following the laws of the land but his tour would be cancelled to prevent any misunderstanding.

The whole Australian community has embraced Pakistanis with warm hearts and true spirits and we will not support or join anything that will deter them.

In the video, Mustafai says peace will be established in the world when the last Jew is killed. Muslims are not terrorists; they are the lovers of peace and preachers of peace. And all the troubles that exist around the world are because of the Jews. When the Jews are wiped out, then the world would be purified.
Naela Chohan, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Australia, said the views espoused in the video were naive and would be equally rejected in Pakistan.

I don’t know why people are given such exposure when their views are so ignorant. Islam is about respecting all faiths.

She said a clear distinction is drawn between freedom of speech and hate speech in Pakistan.

Spreading hatred against any religion is banned. It is my earnest hope that in the West similar action be taken against all those who spread hatred against any religion be it Jews, Muslims, Christians or any other faith.

Greens NSW MP Mehreen Faruqi, who migrated from Pakistan in 1992 and became the first Muslim member of an Australian parliament, was shocked by the video.

I am appalled and absolutely shocked to see someone who is supposed to be a Muslim scholar spouting such hate-filled speech.

Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission, said the video spread “textbook anti-Semitic lies”.
He said the federal government needed to “seriously examine” the process that enabled Mustafai’s visit.

If the public truly understood the extremist and bigoted rhetoric espoused in the speeches and their potential potency, they would not want this leader speaking to impressionable young men and women and poisoning their hearts and minds.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection wouldn’t comment on the case but a spokesman said the government “takes very seriously” its role of refusing visas on character grounds.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • AgentCormac

    ‘It is my earnest hope that in the West similar action be taken against all those who spread hatred against any religion be it Jews, Muslims, Christians or any other faith.’
    That’s right, make it punishable by law to dare say a word against any religion. And if that doesn’t work take the law into your own hands and butcher those disgusting hatemongering secularists in the street. Love and peace be upon you all.

  • David Anderson

    “Naela Chohan, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Australia, said the views espoused in the video were naive and would be equally rejected in Pakistan.”
    What colour is the sky in Chohan’s Australia?

  • Tom Petty

    Islam – religion of peace.
    Yes – but only when all kuffars / jews / homosexuals / and the wrong kind of muslims are exterminated from the surface of the earth.
    Well – I say that islam is the religion of hate, violence and mysogeny practised by primitive barbaric thugs who intend to drag humanity back to the dark ages.
    Islam – the religion of the shitten lout followers of the prophet – piss be upon him – and excrement too.

  • Tom Petty

    Arrest, detain and deport. Thats the only option.

  • Tom Petty

    And then deal with the bastards who invited him, the officials at the mosques he visited and all those who went to listen to him. And when I say deal with I mean charge with treason. Charge, arrest, detain, try, find guilty, punish (deport). And sack the government officials who granted his entry visa.

  • Newspaniard

    @Tom Petty. I do wish that you would stop prevaricating and say what you mean.

  • “Many people with far less extreme views, who have never advocated violence, have been banned from entering the UK.”
    Something to be deeply ashamed of. No words or ideas have magic powers. Actions causing harm, yes.

  • Tom Petty

    I do mean it. Really mean it. With more venom than my words can express.

  • Laura Roberts

    @TrevorBlake: just curious your opinion on stochastic terrorism? I’m not certain myself of the appropriate remedy, but when someone like this goads others into committing terrorist acts (I recall the Colorado Springs shootings last year and the disgusting libel that led to it), I think the perpetrator and their advocates should both be held accountable — preferably before, rather than after, an innocent person is killed as a result.

  • L.Long

    No don’t boot him out. Let him speak, then when the crowd gathers and you see agreement photo them, try to ID them then watch! Sooner & not much later they will try something, then arrest them and condemn them as CRIMINALS!! Deport them by dropping them into the middle of the desert they came from, the higher the drop the better don’t forget the parachutes, we would not want the fall from the aircraft to reduce their time suffering in the desert..

  • Leonard Ostrander

    All hate preachers should be deported. Oh yeah, i guess that would be all preachers period. We’d have to deport them to another planet.

  • Broga

    They are quite safe. They have every reason to be confident of no retaliation when they spew their bile. We are gutless. No moral fibre: a passive, whining, feeling sorry for ourselves country.

  • Paul

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • Then they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Muslim.
    It’s nice round ‘ere now.

  • Muslims say one thing when they are a minority. And say quite another thing when they become a majority.
    How strange it is that bigotry and misanthropy can so often help one to proceed with such great ease to the often well-hidden Truths concealed within human nature, and to reveal these frequently unpleasant truths with such startling and clarity.

  • AgentCormac

    @Leonard Ostrander
    Rather than the expense of deporting every last one of them to another planet (and heaven forbid their nonsense should actually be given a chance of spreading beyond the confines of the madhouse they have made of Mother Earth), perhaps they shoud all be transported to some remote island of appropriate size in the middle of nowhere. Once there they can then have a wonderful time butchering each other to decide whose invisible friend is the one and only true god. Then, if a single one of the morons is left alive, they can spend the rest of their pathetic lives ruling their own little universe while the rest of us enjoy a world finally free from superstition. I for one would certainly chip in to pay for their one-way air tickets.

  • Ate Berga

    Transport a collapsing wall, towards a cliff, collect wood and have a scythe ready. Combine all and you have the fifth method. How long did it take him to come up with such a brilliant list, for a vile, senseless and judgmental killing?

  • AgentCormac

    Completely OT, but I think our resident village idiot Bob Hutton might be targeting and defaming you in his latest pile-of-shite post?
    Apologies if I’ve got that wrong, but thought you might want to know.

  • barriejohn

    AC: I knew, and sent an email to Barry about it. It just shows how limited and almost incestuous his little world is. I am not responding, as his blog is worthless crap; but as I pointed out to Senor Duke, the little creep doesn’t even know me, but it’s nice to know that they visit sites like these and read something sensible and enlightening, and that we obviously get right up their prissy little noses. The more they blather on the more convinced I am that they have no confidence in their beliefs whatsoever.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: I don’t read Mr Hutton but I had a look at this one. The motive for his comments seems plain. He is disturbed, you have got to him, he is attempting to find solace for himself.
    Why should you disturb him and rattle his precarious “certainty?” Simply because you have had experience of fundamentalist religion, you did once believe and you are so knowledgeable in all that it foists on those it indoctrinates. If you reject it, who can be safe?
    On Hutton’s much expressed “certainty” I think he protests too much. Who knows with what dark and disturbing thoughts and behaviours his mind is troubled?

  • lonbo

    @AgentCormac – yes i briefly entertained the idea of an island but there are so many of these disgusting human beings. Greenland is already spoken for. I don’t imagine 56,000 residents of Greenland would be too happy about 100,000 megalomaniacal religitards moving in even though they have plenty of room. We’ll have to keep brain storming.

  • 1859

    The religion of PEACE says – ‘ gay people should have their heads chopped off.’
    The religion of PEACE says -‘gay people should be burnt to death.’
    The religion of PEACE says -‘gay people should be thrown from a cliff.’
    The religion of PEACE says -‘gay people should be buried under a wall.’
    The religion of PEACE says -‘ gay people should killed using any combination of these.’
    The religion of PEACE says – ‘all Jewish people should be exterminated.’
    Am I an ‘islamophobe’? Someone ‘fearful of islam’? Yes, I am because islam is the most insane and virulent crap to have ever infected the human mind.

  • barriejohn

    1859: I thought a phobia was an irrational fear. I think that there ARE islamophobes – for instance those supporters of the EDL who are opposed to the “Muslamic Law”, and are really trying to disguise a fear of foreigners (many of whom are actually Christians) “taking over the country”. Do they even know what “Muslamic Law” is? If they mean sharia, then we should all oppose it with every fibre of our being, although it is difficult, as I have said before, to prevent people from subjecting themselves to such jurisdiction where civil matters are concerned. We have to insist, though, that the rights of women, gays, children, and so on, are fully respected, whatever their “communities” say. What we mostly have a fear of is fundamentalism, and, unfortunately, there seems to be a tendency in human nature to become more and more extreme in one’s views, but maybe that tendency goes deeper than we care to admit. Thinking again about those chimpanzees, with their “sacred tree” and its “special marks”, how long before those who are not so keen on gathering in the clearing are ostracized, or even punished, and how long before those who spend the most time there, and make the most impressive notches in the tree, are revered and respected in THEIR community? My brain hurts again; bring me a cup of tea, nurse, and be quick about it!

  • 1859

    What word then could we use for a ‘rational fear’?

  • lonbo

    That’s a great question 1859. I am afraid of the consequences of religion. At the moment Islam is the most threatening but its predecessor Christianity is close behind, especially if a megalomaniac like Trump is elected. He will be a puppet the the Christian reconstructionism, aka dominionism, aka theonomy movement. We have not seen such an extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder on the world stage since Adolf Hitler. We should all be very afraid.

  • 1859

    My one (perhaps naive) hope rests in the common sense of decent Americans who can plainly see what trump is, and vote him out as a footnote to history. We shall soon see.

  • edl

    the EDL marched against Muslim Grooming Gangs in Rotherham and made the Rotherham Police sit up.