Son of former archbishop arrested over sex abuse claim

Son of former archbishop arrested over sex abuse claim October 24, 2016

Rev Mark Carey, 51, above right, the son of former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, was arrested last week in connection with an assault on a young girl in the 1980s.
According to this report, his alleged victim, now in her 30s, claimed she was assaulted by Carey Jr when he was in his late teens and Lord Carey was a priest in the North-East.
Rev Carey was released on police bail and has since been suspended by the Church of England pending inquiries.
Father of three Rev Carey, who followed his father into the church in 1995, has not been seen since his arrest.
In a Twitter message posted after he was released by police, Rev Carey, whose father was Archbishop between 1991 and 2002, wrote:

I’m having a social networking break for a while.

He was joined at his home in Harrogate, North Yorks, yesterday by his father and mother Eileen. His wife Penny, 53, whom he married in 1988, refused to comment.
A source said the family had been left “reeling” by the allegations.
The alleged victim approached Durham Police to make the complaint. Officers from North Yorkshire police arrested him.
The former social worker – who describes himself online as a “follower and friend of Christ” – was ordained in 1995 at Wakefield Cathedral, witnessed by his father.
He had previously been curate of Christ Church in South Ossett, West Yorks and went on to be a parish priest in Sheffield and then Harrogate in 2007.
A Church of England spokesman said:

A 51-year-old priest in the Diocese of Leeds has been suspended by the Bishop following his arrest by Durham Constabulary concerning allegations of historical abuse.
No further statement will be made at this time.

A Durham Police spokeswoman said:

A 51-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of historical sexual offences. He has been bailed pending further enquiries.

Meanwhile, Lord Carey, above, has admitted he deserves to be criticised over his support for a bishop convicted of sexual assault.
The retired Anglican Archbishop has been warned he can expect to face “explicit criticism” over claims the criminal activities of Peter Ball, the then Bishop of Gloucester, were covered up by the Church of England.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Newspaniard

    A teenager groping a girl? It doesn’t say the age of the girl at the time. Don’t all teenage boys try it on with anyone wearing nickers? Sounds like a set up to me. Maybe a woman scorned or someone lonely and wanting a bit of excitement/publicity? Pity he’s not an islamist, the police would have ignored the complaint. Call me a cynic, I’m used to it.

  • Broga

    If you have children you have given hostages to fortune and, much as I dislike Lord Carey and his readiness to tell the rest of us how to live, I am not unsympathetic to his current plight. Carey’s attitude to Peter Ball will inevitably cast pall over Carey and his son’s arrest.
    Like many, I suppose, what really sticks in my craw are the airs and graces, the posturing in fancy dress,the faux loving simper when they are with children which the clergy appear to learn till it is a queasy ritual.
    Openness, candour and an honest expression of words and behaviour are alien to their way of life.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    NewSpaniard – figure it out:
    If he’s 51 now, then he was born in 1965 or so.
    “Late Teens” would have been 1983 or so.
    If she’s as old as 39, then she was born in 1977 or so.
    So, in 1983, he was 18 and she was 6.
    That’s not something that “all teenage boys” try…

  • What in heaven’s name can be going through the mind of the former Archbishop of Cunterbury concerning the alleged depraved proclivities of his son? Lord Carey does so hate any form of immorality, especially when it is committed by a man of the cloth. Oh well, I suppose he’ll just have to seek guidance from the Lord, and meanwhile simply turn the other cheek.

  • Broga

    Miss F.R. Prayer. That’s what they family will have to do now.

  • K9P

    Carey with his catholic buddy Muggeridge complained bitterly about the Life of Brian … well I say making a funny film taking the piss out of not Jesus is a much less squalid number than molesting children and using your connections power and influence to protect to child rapists from the law.