World tallest church tower is a magnet for urinating Germans

World tallest church tower is a magnet for urinating Germans October 27, 2016

Last year, the good folk of Ulm in Germany celebrated the 125th anniversary of the world tallest church tower, Ulm Minster, which stands 161.53 meters tall.
But the historic tower, which had recently undergone a costly renovation, is in danger of being toppled – by men pissing at its base. Extensive damage is reportedly being caused to its base by salts and acid in the men’s pee.
According to this report, drunk men gravitate towards the structure during the numerous events that take place around the church throughout the year
In a desperate bid to stop them, fines were doubled for those caught to 100 euros earlier this year, but this has made little difference.
Michael Hilbert, head of the department that maintains the building, said:

I’ve been keeping an eye on it for half a year now and, once again, it’s coated with urine and vomit.

He added he’s not the “Pinkelpolizei”, or “pee police”, but wants action over the anti-social problem.
Someone should alert Hilbert to the existence of anti-pee paint which creates a barrier that repels liquid, meaning that urine will bounce off the wall and back towards the offender.
It is also intended to stop urine soaking into the wall, reducing stains and smells.

"Aiiieeeeeee, a bare breast! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

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  • L.Long

    What use a simple paint to solve a simple problem??? NO WAY!!! We need complex expensive ways to stop this immoral behavior!!!!!

  • sailor1031

    The report says:
    “The anti-pee substance is made by US company UltraTech, and creates a near-invisible barrier of air over surfaces”
    A near-invisible barrier of air? That’s impervious to fluids? Of air? That can’t be right.

  • Brummie

    Someone taking the piss out of the church. How appropriate!

  • Bart

    This is a more important issue. And the root cause of it is the immoral invasive control of the catholic church.

  • Daz


    “A near-invisible barrier of air? That’s impervious to fluids? Of air? That can’t be right.”

    If it’s based on the lotus effect, then at least part of the liquid-repellent quality is due to air trapped under the droplet. So loosely or poetically speaking, yep, it can be termed a barrier of air.

  • Robster

    Baby Jesus’ll fix it with a quick prayer, not.

  • Dionigi

    Coin in the slot public toilets, razor wire around the tower.

  • Paul

    Nothing wrong with pissing in and on the church – the church has been shitting on us for centuries.