Youth pastor, 35, arrested over fifteen-year-old's pregnancy

Youth pastor, 35, arrested over fifteen-year-old's pregnancy October 14, 2016

Wesley Blackburn, above, a Pennsylvania pastor and father of five, has been charged with hundreds of counts of statutory sexual assault and indecent assault following his arrest in connection with the pregnancy of a teenage girl from his youth group.
According to this report, Blackburn was a youth pastor at Faith Brethren Bible Church in New Paris.
His wife told the New Paris church’s head pastor that he had confessed to the seven-months-long relationship and asked for a divorce,
Senior pastor Jim Espenshade  and other church leaders immediately fired Blackburn and alerted police last week.
Espenshade said:

I don’t know this man. The man that got arrested, I don’t know him. I was shocked, absolutely shocked. You work with him and you’re there and you’re thinking, ‘How could this happen? How could he do this?’

Blackburn told a state trooper who found him packing his belongings at the church that he started having sex with the girl in March.
Blackburn, who also served as a Sunday school teacher, had met the girl during his first year at the church in 2009, according to the court documents. She had been in his youth group for seventh and eighth graders since 2014, the documents showed.
Investigators said Blackburn refused to discuss the matter with Espenshade and the deacons who decided to sack him immediately.
Meanwhile, it is reported from New Castle, Indiana, that a pastor was arrested after he allegedly threatened several kids with a gun when they rode their bikes by his Calvary Baptist Church.

Gun-toting Baptist pastor Bobby Slagle
Gun-toting Baptist pastor Bobby Slagle
According to court documents, two children, a brother and a sister, were riding their bikes to Baker Park. They passed by Calvary Baptist Church, and that’s when a man, later identified as the church’s pastor Bobby Slagle, 69, told them to “get off his property or he would shoot them”.
The children told police that Slagle proceeded to lift up his shirt and show them he had a gun lodged in his waistband.
When the officers asked him about the incident, he said he was frustrated about vandalism at the church. He also showed the officers his gun by raising his shirt.
Slagle said he had a lifetime carry permit and told officers “it was his right to tell the kids” what he’d told them.
Later Henry County Prosecutor’s Office made the decision to charge Slagle with intimidation.
Officers arrested Slagle at the church. As they tried to handcuff him, he “tensed up” and began to struggle with them. Slagle was also charged with resisting arrest.
Police said Slagle’s gun contained “four live rounds” of ammunition when they took him into custody.

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  • Tom Petty

    I’m not saying anything about this because Bj will only contradict it.

  • Broga

    No true Christians would behave like they did.

  • Leonard Ostrander

    Satire, right Broga? LOL! I love satire!

  • barriejohn

    Broga: So true. Someone (AgentCormac, I believe) linked to the following the other day.
    It’s an old argument that I heard over and over again, so it’s hardly an original piece of thinking – “If they fall away then they were never truly saved in the first place”. How very convenient!

  • John the Drunkard

    Oh yeah…true Xtians only threaten children with a FULL magazine.

  • AgentCormac

    Perhaps the most shocking part of the main story is that the church leaders fired Blackburn and actually alerted the police.

  • Daz

    “The threatening of children, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  • Robster

    Meanwhile, far far away in Australia, another undesirable cleric, one in charge of the Vatican’s outpost in Adelaide, South Australia has had his second appeal denied as he attempts to worm his way out of (allegedly) concealing the crimes of child raping clergies under his command. Details here:

  • Immediately firing rapist clergy and reporting him to police? Now there’s an idea. One easy to consider but rare to see.