Christian biker challenges gay marriage rule … and loses

Christian biker challenges gay marriage rule … and loses November 27, 2016

Kevin Kisilowsky, above, a barmy Christian biker who became marriage commissioner in Manitoba, but quit after Canada legalised same-sex marriage, has just lost a long-running discrimination case.
In September, Kevin Kisilowsky filed his case at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Winnipeg, calling for the law mandating that all marriage commissioners perform same-sex weddings be struck down. But the court ruled against him.

Kisilowsky, a Christian who performs his ministry through the Bondslave Motorcycle Club using the name Q.Tip, began trumpeting his opposition to same-sex marriage more than ten years ago.
Kevin Kisilowsky, AKA Q.Tip (fourth from left) and his band of merry Jesus junkies.
Kevin Kisilowsky, AKA Q.Tip (standing fourth from left) and his merry band of Jesus junkies.
Kisilowsky said marrying gay couples went against his religious beliefs. He also filed a complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission but it was dismissed in 2005.
He was appointed a marriage commissioner in 2003 but he stopped in 2004 following the Supreme Court of Canada ruling that legalised same-sex marriage.
All commissioners in Manitoba are required to perform same-sex ceremonies. Unlike priests, rabbis and other religious officials, marriage commissioners perform civil ceremonies only and must follow provincial guidelines.
In her judgment delivered on Monday, Justice Karen Simonsen said Kisilowsky had other options for performing marriages including applying for a temporary marriage commissioner’s appointment, which he has done before. She ruled:

The effect of the applicant telling a same-sex couple that he cannot marry them would be significant and offensive. If the applicant were allowed to refuse to do so, other marriage commissioners may follow suit.
This could result in more rejections and difficulty for same-sex couples finding a marriage commissioner who would marry them. The difficulty could be compounded in remote or small communities where the number of marriage commissioners is small.

Simonsen added that Kisilowsky can practice his faith as he chooses:

But is simply not permitted to use his faith as a basis to refuse to marry couples whose weddings, due to religious or moral views, offend him.

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  • remigius

    So Kisilowsky likes hang around with a bunch of men dressed in leather admiring each others choppers. I’m sure there’s nothing we could infer from that.

  • barriejohn

    He should have got Andrea Minichiello Williams to represent him.

  • Peter Ratcliff

    At least he wasn’t as obstreperous – and as well funded – as the commissioner from Kim Davis was! Resigned first let the courts decided versus being an asshole about it!
    Curious to see what the obverse of that photo would be – bare bums? Simply curious!

  • L.Long

    He at least admits that he is a SLAVE to jesus so does not need to think, just follow imaginary orders from an imaginary creature.

  • Bill Bonk

    Nice touch that … the German Cross on the bike. These guys seem very confused with a spurious confection of outmoded ideas … they look like they wanna be tough and probably do swagger about the place as if they think they are …they all look to be overweight middle aged men trying to assert their fading masculinity … profess to be christians but don,t look or act like it … ride bikes that are as ugly overweight and outdated as they are … dress in gear that makes them look desperate … think that beards, shades, bald heads and tattoos are cool … blah blah blah.
    ”If you mess with our god you gotta problem boy”
    Yeah right … don’t make me laugh.

  • barriejohn

    It used to be a joke amongst Christians that the earliest reference to bikes was: “The Triumph of Moses was heard throughout Egypt”, but that verse, sadly, does not exist. There are plenty of other Triumph references, though.
    PS Earliest reference to tennis: “Joseph served in the courts of Pharaoh” – also apocryphal!

  • barriejohn

    PPS Cricket in the Bible?
    Peter stood up with the eleven and was bowled (well, it does actually mention “the boldness of Peter”!).

  • Angela_K

    In the UK there is a Christian motorcycle club, easily identified by the big white cross they wear on their backs – a right bunch of sanctimonious prats they are too. They are usually shunned at motorcycle rallies and often face hostility – as they did once from me – when handing out their religious leaflets. I’ve been to a few rallies organised by the Hells Angels and you don’t see these Christian types there.

  • Robster

    Aren’t these people concerned that regular people may see the dead Jesus stick outline on their uniforms as a cross hair target?