'I'm not a terrorist' says woman jailed for abortion clinic bomb

'I'm not a terrorist' says woman jailed for abortion clinic bomb November 30, 2016

Despite having been jailed for plotting to bomb an abortion clinic, Cheryl Sullenger, above, senior Vice President of Operation Rescue, a ‘pro-life’ Christian outfit in the US, is a very angry over the use of the word ‘terrorist’ by Dr Warren Hern, a Colorado doctor who performs later abortions.
According to Jezebel, Sullenger, who was was convicted in 1988 with her husband for plotting to bomb the clinic, is furious that Hern published a full-page newspaper ad in the Denver Post in response to an investigation launched against him by the anti-abortion Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, chaired by Tennessee Reprentative Marsha Blackburn.
In the ad, effectively an open letter to Blackburn, he accused the committee of harassment and reminded them of murders committed by “anti-abortion fanatics”.
He called the investigation a “callous, delusional witch hunt” and told Blackburn she is allying herself with what he calls a “terrorist movement”:

You and your Republican Party are vigorously allied with a violent terrorist movement that threatens the lives of women, their families and healthcare workers. As part of this sham ‘investigation’, your letter to me and letters to other physicians constitute a program of target identification for anti-abortion assassins. You can deny this, but it is a fact.
Your ‘investigation’ is legislative harassment that endangers our lives. The blood of any of us who are assassinated is on your hands.

Operation Rescue reprinted Hern’s ad in full and Sullenger wrote in a blog post that it was full of “wild conspiracy theories” and called it “crazy talk”.
And she’s very excised about calling any anti-abortion activist a “terrorist|:

Hern’s warped perception of the work of a peaceful pro-life movement that sacrifices to aid pregnant women and provide loving alternatives to abortion – acts that he considers “terrorism” — reveals how much Hern is deceived by his own fears and prejudices.

Sullenger, writes Anna Merlan of Jezebel:

Has said she ‘regrets’ trying to bomb the clinic, but Operation Rescue still engages in the targeted harassment of abortion providers and clinic employees. Operation Rescue head Troy Newman was denied a visa to travel in Australia last year because of governmental fears that his extreme rhetoric could prevent women from accessing healthcare or even stoke violence against providers.
And George Tiller was assassinated by a man who claimed to have met with Sullenger, and said she helped him track Tiller’s earlier court dates.
It’s clear that Operation Rescue now plans to try to depict Hern as mentally unstable: Sullenger writes that his ad ‘provoke[s] troubling questions about his loose tether to reality’. 
Her show of indignation is really quite something, overall, and serves as a reminder that no matter what terrible things they’ve been convicted of doing and served prison time for, don’t you dare call an anti-abortion activist names. It hurts their feelings.

According to Wikipedia, Sullenger and her husband Randall were members of the Bible Missionary Fellowship, a fundamentalist church in Santee, California. On July 27, 1987, a member of that church attempted to bomb the Family Planning Associates abortion facility.
Sullenger provided a wig for co-conspirator Eric Everett Svelmoe, who planted the bomb. The gasoline bomb was placed at the premises but failed to detonate as the fuse was blown out by wind.
Sullenger and her husband both pleaded guilty to conspiring to damage the Alvarado Medical Center abortion clinic and publicly apologised for their involvement.Sullenger’s husband was sentenced to 18 months and she was sentenced to three years by US District Judge Earl B Gillam.
Sullenger served two years in US federal prison and was released in April 1990. On completing her sentence, Sullenger taught children at a Christian school for seven years. She was also elected to the Central Committee of the 75th District of the San Diego Republican Party.

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  • Gill Kerry

    I’ve never understood how these people profess to be pro life, yet are prepared to kill people. And what the heck was she doing being let loose in a school.

  • Jehovah is a jealous God – His monopoly on performing abortions is strict and not to be transgressed.
    “Yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb.” – Hosea 9:16
    Hosea indeed! And should any child accidentally be born, Lord Jesus has a solution for them too.
    “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth the little children’s heads against the hard ground.” – Psalms 137:9
    Hooray for religion!

  • barriejohn

    Such “peaceful” people:
    A Brief History of Deadly Attacks on Abortion Providers

  • Though abortion is of course immoral there is nothing whatsoever the religious filth can do to stop it. Besides, if this ‘God’ they believe in dislikes abortion so much, why the f–k doesn’t He stop it Himself?

  • AgentCormac

    Good grief – she could be Kim Davis’s sister! They’ve both obviously got the same religiot genes.

  • Paul

    I think she is correct she ‘might not be’ a terrorist.
    She is more likely just a hate filled mad delusional insane murderer.

  • Alan

    She claims to belong to ‘ a peaceful pro-life movement that sacrifices to aid pregnant women and provide loving alternatives to abortion’. She just wants to kill a few people along the way.

  • Laura Roberts

    By any sensible definition, people who use bombs, guns and threats of violence to advance a political or religious agenda are indeed terrorists. By the loose definitions applied by American politicians, anyone who has provided material support to Operation Rescue could be considered a terrorist.

  • John

    She must have been listening to George W. Bush when he said “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists.”
    We can see who she chose to be with.

  • Tony

    That men who hate women are against abortion I can understand but women against abortion must be particularly indoctrinated or twisted