Staff abused over school's plan to charge £1 for nativity play

Staff abused over school's plan to charge £1 for nativity play November 28, 2016

A plan to charge a £1 entrance fee for three performances of a nativity play at a Catholic primary school in Worcester has angered some parents, who have reportedly subjected staff to abuse.
The money raised, according to head teacher Louise Bury, of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, would be spent on books and equipment, but this has angered some tightwads.
In a letter to parents, Bury said:

I know that for some of you, paying to see your child perform doesn’t feel right. With ever tightening budgets and growing numbers, we saw this as an opportunity to be able to invest in some valuable reading and learning resources for Key Stage One and Early Years.

The resources would help improve children’s reading progress, particularly learning at home, she said.
Bury voiced concerns about the hostile reaction to the plan.
She said in the letter:

I have been extremely concerned about the conduct of some parents towards my staff which in some cases I can only describe as verbal abuse.

Bury added the “partnership” between the school and parents was very important and she would arrange to meet anyone to discuss any issues of concern.
However, several people backed the school on the BBC Hereford and Worcester Facebook page.
Philip Bannister wrote:

Nothing wrong with it at all. Schools are struggling financially due to funding cuts and if this helps even just a little, it seems a sensible thing to do.

Michael Leighton wrote:

Can’t believe parents moaning about paying a £1 then you see them queuing at the drive through at McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, in the US, the deranged Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League has been angrily detailing how Amazon, a gun-rights activist and an atheist have “hijacked” Christmas to make “cultural statements”.

Hat tip: AgentCormac and BarrieJohn (Donohue report)

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  • barriejohn

    A pound is nothing, but what a clumsy move. Why didn’t she just announce that donations would be accepted, and I’m sure that the vast majority of parents would have contributed generously, especially on such a happy occasion.

  • Paul

    Pay a £1 to watch children perform a play allegedly based on factual events should have a health warning – “leave brain and logic with coats in the cloakroom”.

  • Robster

    The apparent excreting of that baby Jesus was supposed to be some sort of good news but there’s no music in the proposed Jesus excretion production. Music would perhaps justify the cost to the mums and dads and make the whole nonsense less embarrassing to those involved. Most religious facilities have a big organ, they could borrow one of those.

  • Stephen Mynett

    It is a Catholic school, therefore run by Catholics, if I were a parent of a child there (although I would never subject a child of mine to a religious school) I would only agree to a payment providing proper accounts kept, details of purchases made and all independently audited. The RCC have an interesting record with donated money, look at the millions conned out of people by St Albanian Poison Dwarf.

  • barriejohn

    S. Mynett: That’s a bit unrealistic in such an environment. Schools raise money by means of fetes and sales, and when I was teaching I ran a stationery shop during the morning break, and a bookshop at lunch time (the games mistress, of all people, ran a tuck shop, but that’s another story!). I also organized the sale of snacks and drinks at the annual pantomime, and much was taken on trust. I wouldn’t ascribe sinister motives to the head teacher here just because she is a Catholic; we have bigger fish to fry where religious education is concerned.

  • Spiyda

    Thank goodness there is so little going on in the real world that this non-issue is newsworthy! I will sleep easier in my bed!

  • Brian Jordan

    Children compulsorily made to participate in religious propaganda, then deprived of the comfort of at least being praised for their performance by their parents, unless they pay? And a price which, for many parents, will have been more than paid already – in time or money – in the cost of fancy dress.
    Barriejohn hit the nail on the head: pantomimes. Scrap these travesties and put on real pantomimes instead and tell the children it’s a fund-raiser. There’s no place for vaginal ectoplasm in this day and age.

  • AgentCormac

    If schools really must promote one religion over another then that religion should be compelled to fund the schools. As one of the richest institutions in the world I’m sure the RCC wouldn’t have much problem forking out for a few school books instead of blagging yet more money off parents.

  • Walter

    Ahhhh … good Catholics bickering amongst themselves over trivia.
    And the truth is that the rcc has used the jesus myth to extort money from people for centuries.
    Pay £1 to see how well we have filled your child’s head with sinister superstitious divisive retarding junk at the expense of a largely non Catholic tax paying public or even non Christian tax paying public.

  • L.Long

    Yes RCC school has to raise money for school stuff to continue brainwashing kids because the criminally rich RCC can’t buy supplies cuz they are busy paying off rape victims.