Turkey to free child rapists if they marry their victims

Turkey to free child rapists if they marry their victims November 19, 2016

If passed, a draft bill in Turkey law will free prisoners guilty of sexually assaulting a minor if the act was committed without ‘force, threat, or any other restriction on consent’ and if the aggressor ‘marries the victim’.
The proposed bill has caused widespread fury throughout the Muslim country, according to the Guardian, which published the photo above showing woman protesting against the bill.

Opposition parties, celebrities, and even an association whose deputy chairman is the daughter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed alarm over the move.
Dozens protested against the bill in central Istanbul, tearing up copies of the proposed legislation and brandishing slogans like “rape is a crime against humanity”.
Said protester Fadik Temizyurek:

Until she is 18, a child remains a child, that is why this has to be condemned.

But the government insisted the legislation was aimed at dealing with the widespread custom of child marriages and the criticism was a crude distortion of its aim.
The bill was approved at an initial parliamentary reading on Thursday and will be voted on again in a second debate in the coming days.
The bill was brought to parliament by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).
Said an MP for the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), Ozgur Ozel.

The AKP is pushing through a text which pardons those who marry the child that they raped.

On Twitter, the hashtag TecavuzMesrulastirilamaz (Rape Cannot be Legitimised) became a top-trending topic as users took to social media to express their anger.
A petition on change.org urging the authorities to block the legislation has received over 600,000 signatures.
The Turkish Prime Minister said the measure would only be applied to offences committed before November 11, 2016. He told reporters in Ankara:

There are people who get married before reaching the legal age. They just don’t know the law.

He added that the measure aims to “get rid of this injustice”.
He said claims that the law would de facto legalise rape were “completely false”, noting that the government had raised penalties for the crime, accusing the CHP of exploiting the issue for political gain.
The Justice Minister, Bekir Bozdag, said marriages involving minors were “unfortunately a reality” in Turkey but the men involved:

Were not rapists or sexual aggressors.

He said the measure would affect some 3,000 families.
The latest controversy comes after Turkey’s constitutional court in July annulled a criminal code provision punishing as “sexual abuse” all sexual acts involving children under the age of 15.
Defenders of that law argued it made a distinction between cases of sexual acts involving a young teenager as opposed to a much younger child.

Campaigners accuse the government of not doing enough to stamp out the practice and of being more interested in pushing up the birth rate.
Gauri van Gulik, Amnesty International’s deputy Europe director, said the parliament bill risks sending:

The wrong message and could lead to further abuse. It is impossible … to guarantee that there was in fact full and informed consent of the girl, not just of her family.

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  • Stuart H.

    Can you imagine the furore if such a law was introduced in countries where Christianity is the major religion?
    The Catholic church would have to repeal the rule on unmarried priests overnight to cope. And probably have to introduce polygamy too so that no choirboy’s honour was left besmirched.

  • Mohammed raped children. Mohammed is a perfect man to Muslims. Therefore perfect Muslim men must be free to rape children. This is their logic.
    Would membership in the European Union change Turkey, or would Turkey change Europe?

  • andym

    @Trevor Blake. Mohammed could have a perfect defence against charges of child rape:if he didn’t exist. I’m not sure if it’s more or less damning that instead, creators of a fictional character, “perfect in every way,” chose to portray their creation as a molester of pre-pubescent girls.

  • bill

    A very good reason to get out of the EU … just in case the islamic republic of Turkey gets in.

  • L.Long

    Why are they all upset? Jews, xtians, & isLame book o’BSall say that is what is suppose to be done!!! Its the word of their ahole psychotic gawd!!!!

  • AgentCormac

    Scary just how backwards Turkey is going under Erdogan’s draconian, theocratic rule. A sister-in-law of mine is half Turkish and a critic of the government there and has shared some horrendous scenes showing vigilantes beating Kurdish youths half to death and women being harassed for dressing ‘inappropriately’. On a recent visit to Turkey she was advised by friends to keep her mouth shut for fear of reprisals not just against herself while she was there, but also against family members after she had returned to the UK. Religion in action.

  • Paul

    It’s ok to marry a six year old as if you can control yourself to only fuck her when she is nine, you
    Become the most fantastical person of that religion.
    Islam – and its alleged prophet – a religion and a person to adhere to and wish to become.

  • Broga

    Most people, I assume, are repelled at the idea of having sex with a child. Yet so many others, with the religious prominent amongst them, are attracted. Why? Is it to do with power? control? or an immaturity that leaves them insecure in a sexual relationship with an adult?
    I have read that paedophilia is incurable.

  • Lucy

    Incurable, but not uncontrollable. Very very hard on people who, for whatever reason, are drawn to children for their sexual needs, but who do not act on their impulses. They are portrayed as monsters, and so may not seek help.
    What is monstrous is the normalisation of sex with children, as in this Turkish proposal, or the collusion with sex with children, as in the RCC and similar.

  • Newspaniard

    Is it at all possible that someone in Turkey who is renown for his corruption and “lists” is trying to legitimize the tiny skeletons running around in his cupboard? When he eventually comes to trial, he will want to say that he acted well within the law. Purely speculation, of course, no names of this Turkish islamofascist. Hang on… there is a banging on my front door… Got to go… That sounds like Turkish…

  • Broga

    Not all heterosexuals have access to the opposite sex for whatever reason. Perhaps as a result of shyness or fear of rejection. But they have to control their desires.

  • Gary

    Could it be that 100% of Turkish women are appalled and repulsed by this abomination? Could it be that a significant proportion of Turkish men are appalled by this abomination? If the answer is yes to both, and I hope that is so, then why is that shitehawk guttersnipe Erdogan in power. Is turkey a democracy or not? Or is it an islamofacist people’s republic now?
    Or is it that 100% of Turkish men like the idea of raping children and getting away with it. And if that is so, how would a Turkish man feel about his 6 year old daughter being raped by an unfragrant gap toothed yellow fanged neighbour? Would that be acceptable or would said father choose to appeal to the crowd to smash her skull with enthusiastically thrown rocks?
    This is what you get with Islam. Inhuman barbarism and evil on an unbelievable scale. Keep turkey out of the EU at all costs. Islam is nothing but trouble.
    And do Muslim women enjoy being muslims? I cannot see why they would. My expectation is that most of them loath islam. In which case muslim women should do the civilised world a great favour and stop being doormats. Rise up and deny Muslim men everything. No cooking, no shagging, no cleaning, no body bag robes …. nothing. See how long Muslim men could take that. A lot of women would get beaten to pulp but isn’t it worth it to put a stop to the rape of children and repression of women. And with Islam you get hatred and violence as an unavoidable bi product. I can easily see turkey being then next Syria and then watch the tsunamis of muslims bursting through and overwhelming Europe. New Year’s Eve in every European town would be a grope and rape fest. What an awful prospect.

  • barriejohn

    There has been a rare outbreak of common sense in Turkey. The WHO have been informed, and Trump supporters have been assured that they are in no imminent danger of contamination:

  • barriejohn

    Yes, business as usual in the good old US of A:

  • Cali Ron

    I’m tossing Erdogan into the world basket of deplorables along with Putin, Assad, Kim Jong II, Silvio Berlusconi, King Saud, Mugabe, well, I don’t have time to list them all, which says a lot about humanity.
    “Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron tweeted that the suggestion of Mr Farage as UK ambassador to the US was a “frankly stupid idea”. ” He seems to have summed it up well. Stupid like most of what Trump says and does. Let’s hope his incompetence and complete lack of knowledge about anything having to do with governance and politics will keep him from doing to much damage to my country.
    I’m still waiting for any contacts here for job opportunities for expat American’s.