'What Hitler did to the Jews, Trump will do to Muslims'

'What Hitler did to the Jews, Trump will do to Muslims' November 26, 2016

Police in San Jose, California are investigating a letter threatening a local mosque and telling members of the religious centre to ‘pack their bags and get out of Dodge’, now that ‘new sheriff’ Donald Trump is in town.
According to this report, the letter arrived at the mosque on Wednesday and was addressed to “The Children of Satan”, saying:

You Muslims are vile and evil people …. and your day of reckoning has arrived.

Referring to Führer-elect Donald Trump, the letter continued

He’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And he’s going to start with you Muslims. He’s going to do you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews.

The letter, signed by “Americans for a Better Way”, concluded:

This is a great time for Patriotic Americans. Long live President Trump and God bless the USA.

According to Evergreen Islamic Center Board President Faisal Yazadi, the letter was turned over to local police who also responded to the center on Thursday based upon reports of suspicious activity.

We wanted to let law enforcement know so that in case there’s an unfortunate event people are prepared. Our doors are never locked. I hope that person knows that we’re more than happy to have a dialogue. Hopefully, we learn a thing or two from him or her, and he or she learns something from us.

According to Sgt Enrique Garcia, spokesman for the San Jose Police Department, the incident is being treated as a “hate-motivated incident.”

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  • John the Drunkard

    We Americans just ‘happy dialoged’ our way to a Trump presidency. Racist anti-immigrants are scum. Islamists are scum. If you can’t sustain both facts in your mind simultaneously…

  • Broga

    Trump, a hypocrite who succeeds by deceit and by attracting the worst elements of USA society, continues to shame his country. Already, he is dragging the reputation of the USA into the gutter. However, I think he will find Muslims and Afro Americans, and those whites who regard him with contempt, impossible to subdue.
    His army of the ignorant, composed of racists and fantasists who imagine an America that never existed, have little to offer except threats and violence.

  • Barry Duke
  • Nutter Quick Response Team

    Stop the world … I want to get off. You are all fucking bonkers … all of you … without exception.

  • Rick scarbo

    I had a nightmare last night when I dreamt that Trump announced he was an atheist. Didn’t know wether to laugh or cry,
    Won’t be long before he starts his own religion though. Once he realises how much money is in it. Just needs to rebrand trump,university to con a different set of people.

  • barriejohn

    If you read the comments on the Mail Online, you’ll see plenty in this vein since the Brexit vote. They’ve really got the bit between their teeth now!

  • L.Long

    Trump is a shiny new mirror reflecting the true american spirit for all to see. And it is the same spirit we have always had. The sad part is that there are so many americans that are as nice as we would like to think we are and they are the ones that will suffer.

  • remigius

    Trump is a shi ny new mirror reflecting the true american spiri t for all to see.
    Fixed it for ya.

  • I am so confident a Muslim wrote this ridiculous letter that I offer a wager. If this turns out to not be a letter sent by a Muslim, I will pay ten dollars to the charity of choice for whoever takes my bet. If it turns out to be a Muslim, whoever takes my bet can pay any amount they like to the charity of their choice. I’ll take up to five people betting against me on this. If one year passes and it remains unknown who wrote this letter, all bets are off. Who’s in?

  • 1859

    For centuries in most parts of Europe anti-Semitic racism was always present. However, what Hitler did was make it politically and socially respectable to be openly anti-Semitic – and this is exactly what Trump has done and is doing by labelling every ‘foreigner’ as un-American. Of course, he’s not going to build Auschwitz-style gas chambers in the Arizona desert, but his xenophobic rhetoric is exhuming all the ugly emotions we thought were long since dead and buried in history’s graveyard. Every one of us is capable of racist attitudes, but we need reason not rhetoric to keep them in the graveyard.

  • Laura Roberts

    It’s possible, of course, that @TrevorBlake is correct and it was a fake letter. I’d take the bet except I have no interest in following the story that closely. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported a big upswing in violence against all minorities, making the story believable, but we must take anything from the SPLC with a big chunk of salt.
    I am concerned for colleagues of mine (men and women) who are Muslim. To me they are like “lapsed” Catholics: they only pray on occasion (maybe a few times a month, not several times a day) and they make scathing jokes about the stupidity of fundamentalists. I doubt it would take a lot of effort to make them atheists, as they are scientists first, Muslim second (or third). But they are non-white and some women wear hijabs, which will make them targets.
    The videos circulating of neo Nazis in America are profoundly upsetting. I hope they remain a tiny minority but with white Christian supremacists installed at the highest levels of government, I fear the next four to eight years are going to be very dark indeed.

  • Nutter Quick Response Team

    Now what is at the root of the problem here? If religions were not divisive, did not incite extreme violence, the pious did not force their dogmas on others, if the pious did not try to enshrine their dogmas in law, and if the pious just went about their rituals in private, if religion was not a money spinner for clever dishonest fakirs then I guess we would have no need of people like trump.

  • barriejohn

    1859: “what Hitler did was make it politically and socially respectable to be openly anti-Semitic – and this is exactly what Trump has done and is doing by labelling every ‘foreigner’ as un-American.”
    It’s even worse. Quote: “They’re rapists”.

  • Nutter Quick Response Team

    If I went up to religious guys in the street gave them firearms and told them to kill anyone wearing a red hat I pretty sure they would not.
    Convince those same guys that wearing a red hat is an indefensible insult to God worthy of death and anyone who acts to protect the sensitivities of God gets a pass to eternal paradise then the news channels would soon be reporting a spate of murders and red hats would go out of fashion.

  • barriejohn

    Nutter: Why, precisely, do we “need” Trump? Do you think that he is going to do anything to prevent the religious from imposing their views upon Americans?

  • barriejohn

    This is from the UK:
    Westminster party leaders should tone down campaigning that has “polarised” the country and “legitimised hate”, the equalities watchdog has said.
    In a letter to all party leaders, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) expresses concern about hate attacks that have taken place since the UK voted to leave the EU in June.
    It calls for “accurate information and respectful debate” from politicians.

    A good point was made by an audience member in Thursday’s Question Time. He said that if the referendum vote had gone the other way by such a close margin this would not be taken as an overwhelming call for closer ties with Europe, yet the Brexiteers are acting as though the vast majority of the country voted Out. Also, in America, Hillary Clinton actually polled more votes than Donald Trump, yet we are hearing all the time that “people want change”, whereas the polls really say different.
    PS Donald Trump is calling the proposed recount a “scam” (how could it be?), and, sadly, his followers will believe him.

  • barriejohn

    The manager of Heaven has claimed that young men are being targeted with violence when leaving the iconic gay nightclub in London.
    Manager Stuart Turner has said there has been an increase in violence after hours in the area, with clubbers reporting that they have been robbed and undergone verbal abuse when leaving the premises late at night.

    Turner believes there has been an increase in attacks following the EU referendum and presidential election.
    He said: “This is just the tip of the iceberg. Everything needs to be reported. I feel like with Brexit and with Donald Trump’s election, some people think this justifies them saying what they want and expressing these bigoted opinions.”

  • Nutter Quick Response Team

    Bee jay … It’s simple.
    Religions cause deep irreconcilable differences that result in violent sectarian conflict, poverty, gullibility, hate, marginalisation, prejudices, retardation, beggary of the human potential, corruption and despoiling of the environment. Result … In the USA all these factors have a large faction of the christian, red neck, unthinking, poor, undereducated electorate looking to a loud mouthed blustering chancer for big change. That’s why … And religions are responsible. With out religious divisions their attendant mutually repulsive cultures people would get along much better and the common good might have a flicker of hope. As it is religions deliver conflict which ruthless politicians encourage and exploit to secure their power. Look back at history and see for self.

  • Newspaniard

    Hmmmm…. Because a great number of people voted against the perceived opinion of members of a corrupt, entrenched establishment view, they are all Nazis? I don’t think so. They were all pissed off about being taken for a ride and treated with contempt. Well, the unwashed Brexiteers and Trumpeteers are not Nazis, they just want to be treated with respect and therefore voted for change. It’s just tough that some of the commenters here, many from the entrenched establishment and the loony left, didn’t get their way and have become the new Remoaners and anti Trump Moaners. Well, I say, get over it, we won so nah-nah-ne-nah-nah, thruppp!