Anti-gay Christian schools cry 'foul' over Ofsted findings

Anti-gay Christian schools cry 'foul' over Ofsted findings December 21, 2016

A number of private Christian schools have threatened legal action after being told to stop being so damned homophobic by education watchdog Ofsted.
According to this report, dozens of schools in the UK follow the widely discredited Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum, a Christian fundamentalist course of learning that sprouted in Texas then infected other countries. ACE currently lists 27 UK schools on its website.

ACE rejects virtually all modern educational theory. It is not aiming to teach children how to think, but rather, “how to see life from God’s point of view”. Asking questions is seen as a rejection of the divine authority invested in the school’s supervisors. As a result, the curriculum is systematically purged of methods of inquiry. Inevitably, higher order thinking skills are neglected; this is intentional.
Concerns have been repeatedly flagged about the use of ACE in British schools in the past, with an investigation in 2014 raising concerns about ACE textbooks teaching that homosexuality is a choice, evolution is a lie, abortion is wrong, and AIDS can be avoided by following the Bible.
Ten ACE schools affiliated with the Christian Education Europe network threatened legal action after Ofsted inspection results that saw them criticised for failing to meet rules on teaching ‘British values’ that were introduced by former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, and for failing to “promote respect” for LGBT people.
After visits by Ofsted in October, nine of the ten schools were declared “inadequate” or “requires improvement”, with many of the reports citing evidence that pupils were not taught about other religions, while inspectors to some schools also warned of a failure to “actively promote respect for people within the protected characteristics groups” due to rampant homophobia.
The report for inadequate-rated Luton Pentecostal Church Christian Academy notes:

The school’s policy statement on personal, social and health education states: ‘Whilst we understand that the government has redefined marriage we will actively promote exclusive heterosexual marriage and celibate singles, as God’s gift and design; and as such the best way toward human happiness and fulfilment, but will discourage intolerance.’ This statement describes an approach that is too far removed from the active promotion of respect for gay and lesbian men and women.

The report for the inadequate-rated Windsor King’s House School also noted:

The proprietor must provide personal, social, health and economic education which encourages respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Act.

Enter the demented Andrea Williams of the Christian Legal Centre, which is apparently spearheading the threat of action. She said:

Andrea Williams
These schools produce children who are kind, tolerant, interesting and go on to do good jobs. Most of all, they are happy. That is what Christian education does for them…. Those not following the political ideology of Ofsted are now liable to be punished.

Ofsted is critical of the Christian belief system within the schools and yet it is this very belief system that is the foundation of schools across this country.

Jay Harman of the British Humanist Association said:

We have been raising concerns about these schools in the media and with government for years, and we’re glad that the authorities are finally beginning to realise how badly the children within them are being failed.
The line Ofsted has taken here is absolutely right, and it is frankly astonishing that any school could accuse inspectors of unfair treatment while providing children with a narrow, doctrinaire, and homophobic curriculum.
It is essential that inspectors do not become discouraged by these disingenuous claims and we will continue to support both Ofsted and the Department for Education as they rightly toughen their stance against this kind of teaching.

Ofsted said the schools:

Have a responsibility to prepare pupils for life in multi-faith Britain and are expected to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which teaches respect and tolerance towards those from cultures and faiths that may not be represented within the school.

Earlier this year, an undercover reporter for VICE found that an ACE school in the UK offered to help perform an exorcism-style ritual for a gay pupil.
Pupils in ACE schools do not study towards GCSEs or A-Levels, and instead work to attain a International Christian Certificate of Education.
In short, they are programmed to enter the real world as good-for-nothing God-addled imbeciles.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Dave

    Why do religions seem to be obsessed with homosexuality and transgenderism? If they attacked things like war, poverty and famine with the same zeal, the world could be a much place. Instead they seem to be intent on attacking people who are practicing something benign and harmless. Are they sick, maybe?

  • L.Long

    Some evil females says:”…..These schools produce children who are kind, tolerant, interesting and go on to do good jobs. Most of all, they are happy. …”
    Where is your study showing this?? A happy phrase pulled from your butt is not a fact!!!!

  • 1859

    But she doesn’t need facts – she has faith. If she can believe that the christian fairy stories are true simply because she believes then to be so, then there is no limit to what she can believe and claim to be true. But notice the glaring assumptions – it is this christian teaching that has made them ‘kind, tolerant and interesting’etc.When, of course, it is obvious that you do not need a religion to teach you how to be kind and tolerant etc.,you just need a good dose of open-minded humanity to know how to treat other people. And how is it ‘tolerant’ if these young people emerge from these schools thinking same sex attraction is morally wrong? That evolution is a mistake? How ‘kind’ is that? What is going on in these schools is indoctrination disguised, benignly, as ‘education’ and Ofsted is right in exposing them.

  • Robster

    If these Jesus addled institutions were honest about their vendetta against anything that didn’t meet their iron age moral principles, they’d lynch two thirds of their staff. Judging by recent horrifying revelations in the Australian church inspired Child Rape Royal Commission, it does seem that many involved in this nonsensical carry on are latent, repressed gay people who can’t cope with their sexuality because of their spurious belief systems. But then, honesty is not something these people are familiar with so perhaps their hate filled bigoted dogmatic nonsense is not unexpected.

  • Broga

    ” we will actively promote exclusive heterosexual marriage and celibate singles, as God’s gift and design;”
    Yet again we have Christians claiming to know in detail what their God of the non appearance wants. This despite the various Christian branches disagreeing about the wishes of the creator and ruler of the cosmos. The result is intellectual chaos in Christian education and beyond. Why God would be so obsessed by what we, quarantined on our speck of rock, do in bed defies understanding.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: “Celibate singles” – a recipe for disaster, especially where closet gays are concerned. It’s just a charade.

  • barriejohn

    If you want an insight into the mind of Mini Mouse Williams, look no further than this article from 2011:
    [W]ithout Christianity, there can be no morality, and without morality, there can be no law.
    How can an intelligent person come out with such twaddle?

  • Broga

    @barriejohn : Ms Williams ignores the amount of war, misery and human suffering directly caused by religious belief. The disasters range from the global (wars and packing a wrecked planet with more people) to the personal (blocking of contraception.)
    She lives in her own fantasy world and seems to have a paranoid conviction that she and those of similar views are victims. Despite a Queen who supports religion, a parliament with a religious PM and many religious MPs, meddling Christian lords messing with legislation and a BBC that floods us with religious propaganda and censors atheist opinion.
    I heard a vicar this morning praying on the BBC (this was around 5.15 am so apart from his wife and mum I was probably the only other listener). He was drooling about how marvellous it was that God had chosen to take human form and suffer with us. I think he was serious.

  • Dawkstein

    One day it will be a scientifically proven fact that religions, in all its mutant forms, was the most serious and dangerous disease that ever infected the human race. It will be recognised that it was a disease that can kill thousands upon thousands of people without them even being infected with the strain that killed them, or for some without being infected at all. It will be recognised as a disease infects the brain causing irreperable damage destroying evidence based rational thinking, inducing extreme visual auditory hallucinations, hijacked the personality and essentially reduced the victims to zombie or slave like state intent on passing on the disease to uninfected people. The infection was so powerful and stealthy that parents deliberatly infected their children with it. So insidious that people were paid and awarded high office to spread the infection. So insidious that those infected were convinced there is a beings called a gods that watched over everyone. That there was a thing called a soul that lives on when the biological carcass had died and rotted.
    One day it will be recognised as a disease that did not even need a pathogen to transmit the infection. The infection was spread merely by transmission of ideas by various media and especially by zealous agents whose sole role was to pass on the infection.
    One day it will be scientific fact. Next time I will tell you how mankind eradicated religion thereby saving themselves and the planet from destruction.

  • AgentCormac

    I’m pleased to hear that Williams and her bunch of idiots are getting involved. Going on their past track record it pretty much guarantees that these centres for indoctrination will lose any legal action they undertake.

  • Club Secretary

    Can you add a flashing warning at the top of any article that contains a picture of Andrea Williams.
    Seeing her face gives me nightmares for days, I am sure it could be fatal to someone with a weak disposition.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: It’s inane. Does she really believe that there was no morality and “no law” before the Christian era? And how about all those civilizations that have been discovered since then, and which existed in unknown places like China? Did they have “no law”? She must be barmy.
    The weekly Lymington Times and New Milton Advertiser clattered through our letter box early this morning, and there was the usual “Christmas Message” from the local vicar, in a large box on the front page: What does Christmas say about God?
    “A wise person said that the question is not, ‘Does God exist?’ but, ‘What is God like?'” Really? According to him, his “view of God is based on historical evidence”. Well, I’d very much like to see it then! As I’ve said before, this is the man who was boasting within my earshot that he is getting church members appointed to local school governing bodies, and who seems to be able to access schools here with his pernicious nonsense without restriction. People give Christianity a far too easy ride in this country, mainly because “it’s our faith”, “it’s traditional”, “it can’t do any harm”, and “it helps children become decent citizens”. The harm that it does do is completely overlooked.
    PS The Revd Salisbury does refer to “some people, often termed atheists” (as if we are some sort of oddity), so at least he is aware of our existence!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: ‘What is God like?’”
    OK, let’s have a look. If you want to know what someone is like the obvious way would be to base your judgement on that person’s behaviour. It would be tiresome to list all the terrible things God has permitted but a few would include: millions of starving people including children; the wars with the slaughter, rape and torture, animals which can only survive by killing other animals etc.
    I mentioned this to a Christian and she explained it all away by God giving us free will.

  • andym

    ‘“A wise person said that the question is not, ‘Does God exist?’ but, ‘What is God like?’” Really? According to him, his “view of God is based on historical evidence”.’
    Rather like, “the fool hath said in his heart,’there is no God.'” It’s not argument, it’s just name calling. I’m happy to be regarded as stupid by people unable to compile even a rudimentary defence of their position.

  • Broga

    @andym: When someone tells me about God my usual response, civil and enquiring, is “What do you mean by God?” I find that they have assumed they believe in God but never considered what it is they believe in.

  • AgentCormac

    OT, but I see Prince Charles can’t help having his two penneth about religious persecution on Thought for the Day. Although I do love the fact he as much as says that christianity is a minority religion!

  • Brian Jordan

    He was drooling about how marvellous it was that God had chosen to take human form and suffer with us. I think he was serious.
    The Greek, Roman and Norse gods took human forms all the time – and they sound to have had a lot more fun, too!

  • barriejohn

    AC: I do realize that “atheistic” ideologies have persecuted religious believers in the past, but we know what “religious persecution” he is (in the main) referring to, don’t we? And yet he still thinks that MORE religion is the answer to the problem!

  • Broga

    @Brian Jordan: Indeed. I’m reading about the ancient Greeks to my grandchildren (children’s version) and they have decided they would like the gods to be around today. I fancy Valhalla myself. So much more fun than Heaven.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I am with you on that Broga, it is a no brainer really. If you put the question this way, which would you prefer, sitting around and having to listen to the likes of Bob Hutton, Ken Ham, WLC and all the others of that ilk dribbling on all day, or would you like to spend eternity getting drunk and having an orgy with Thor and his friends.

  • But isn’t it true that–at least according to medieval theologians–Jesus was cured of His own homosexuality by recourse to frequently buggering Mary, Mary, quite contrary, Magdalene?

  • M

    Religion has evolved as a limiting factor on the human population.

  • George Broadhead

    Dave says:
    Wed 21 Dec 2016 at 8:57 pm
    Why do religions seem to be obsessed with homosexuality and transgenderism?
    Their homophobia is firmly Bible-based.

  • John

    There is another aspect to this.
    The growth of robotization and artificial intelligence may result in the need for well-educated humans becoming reduced, other than for a small highly-skilled elite.
    A recent article I read suggested that – in US terms – most future workers would not need better than a high school diploma for the future jobs, with only a very few needing university-level education.
    The fact that religious schools produce educationally retarded children must therefore appear to fit in with the projected future work scenario?
    The important thing for freethinkers and rationalists to do is to ensure that their children and younger relatives do benefit from university-level education so that they will be able to go on and produce the decent world that we all aspire to for ourselves and future generations.
    Compliments of the season and a happy 2017 to all!

  • Putt

    Religious people are the worst. They are the reason why the world is so divided and unbearable. I am baffled that our governments who should be housed with the most intelligent people, continue to give religion a big voice in our world; could it be because religion is a mind game and is useful to control the mass?

  • John

    Unfortunately, it is not true to say ‘our governments who should be housed with the most intelligent people.’
    May is a religious fanatic, as was Blair before her as PM.
    Other former government ministers – such as “Thicky” Morgan and “Lardass” Pickles – are also religious nut jobs.
    I don’t think they have the intelligence to figure out that indoctrinating children is a way to control the masses as if that is what they are thinking all the available evidence suggests that such a strategy is counter-productive.
    All polls indicate younger people are less religious than their elders.