Argentine abuse case: Pope Francis 'lives outside of reality'

Argentine abuse case: Pope Francis 'lives outside of reality' December 28, 2016

The Pope and the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith are keeping schtum about the arrest in Argentina of a priest arrested on suspicion of child rape.
The Independent reports that Pope Francis had been told as early as 2014 that the Rev Nicola Corradi, 82, had been reassigned to a school in Argentina despite earlier accusations of abuse in Italy.

Corradi was arrested in late November alongside four other men following allegations of abuse at the Antonio Provolo Institute for hearing-impaired children in Mendoza province.
He was named in a scandal that hit the institute’s Verona school in Italy in 2009, when 67 students alleged they had been abused. The Verona diocese apologised to students there and the Vatican sanctioned four priests, though not Corradi.
In 2014 the students sent the Pope a letter – acknowledged only this year – again naming him as an abuser now living in Argentina.
When Corradi was arrested police reportedly found $34,000 along with magazines featuring naked women in his room.
Handcuffed to a wheelchair, priest Nicola Corradi and the Rev Horacio Corbacho, left, are escorted to a courtroom in Mendoza, Argentina on Thursday, December 22, 2016.
Two dozen students have said they were attacked by Corradi, the Rev Horacio Corbacho, 55, and three other men at the school in Lujan de Cuyo, a city about 620 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.
One told AP:

They always said it was a game: ‘Let’s go play, let’s go play’ and they would take us to the girls’ bathroom.

The Pope told US victims of clerical abuse last year that “all responsible will be held accountable” and called for stronger “oversight to ensure that youth are protected”.
His Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors has announced that newly-appointed bishops will get comprehensive training on how to deal effectively with the root causes of child abuse.
But in February the commission was hit by the sudden departure of British anti-abuse campaigner Peter Saunders from the Vatican, who accused the panel of doing nothing to erase the culture of cover-ups within the Church authority.
In June, Pope Francis announced that clerics can now be dismissed from office if they are shown to neglect their duty of care towards vulnerable children and adults, in addition to creating a legal framework which allows for abusers to be tried in the Vatican.
Prosecutors in Mendoza expect more people to come forward with claims of abuse and they said that the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had been told about the allegations.
Pope Francis, who is from Argentina, has not spoken publicly about the case and the Vatican declined to comment on Corradi’s arrest.
According to this report, advocates of sex abuse victims by priests are questioning how the Pope could have been unaware of Corradi’s alleged misdeeds, given he was publicly named by the Italian victims starting in 2009 and most recently in 2014.
Said Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of BishopAccountability, an online resource about clerical abuse:

No other Pope has spoken as passionately about the evil of child sex abuse as Francis. No other Pope has invoked ‘zero tolerance’ as often. No other pope has promised accountability of church superiors. In light of the crimes against the helpless children in Mendoza, the Pope’s assurances seem empty indeed.

Said Carlos Lombardi, an attorney who specialises in canon law:

Either he lives outside of reality or this is enormously cynical … it’s a mockery.

Victims and prosecutors in Argentina said that anal and vaginal rapes, fondling and oral sex allegedly committed by the priests took place in the bathrooms, dorms, garden and a basement at the school in Lujan de Cuyo, a city about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) northwest of Buenos Aires.
The school has “a little chapel with an image of the Virgin and some chairs where the kids would get confession and receive the communion. That’s where some of the acts were happening,” former lead prosecutor Fabrizio Sidoti said after the scandal broke.
Children from other regions of Argentina who lived at the dorms were said to be especially vulnerable and targeted often. The tales they have told are harrowing: One of the alleged victims told AP she witnessed how a girl was raped by one priest while the other one forced her to give him oral sex.

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  • Broga

    Frances seems to be a cynical poseur.

  • L.Long

    @Broga…He’s the pope!! That is his job!!

  • Robster

    I really think Frank the pope is a remote controlled robot who’ll only spew nonsense when programmed to do so, same with the irregular sensible utterance. The bloke’s a waste of time and silly hats.

  • Cali Ron

    Same as it ever was, same as it ever will be. There ain’t nothing a religious fool won’t get used to.

  • 1859

    Here is a man in his 70’s shown kissing the naked knees (I hope )of a figurine of an almost naked child – a man, moreover, who has promised to get tough on child-molesting priests! And Frankie can’t see how utterly perverse and contradictory this behaviour is! I groan with disbelief!

  • Paul

    Why are we surprised (I don’t think we are). Immature poorly developed emotionally insecure forced-celibate men entrenched in a false inhuman ideology in ‘care’ of
    children end up raping and abusing them.
    @ 1859 that is an interesting point – I have to agree, it just isn’t right – but for many reasons, not least because the image is perverse. Kissing a plaster cast (or wooden) baby is obscene, no matter what the catholics ‘believe’ that plaster/wooden baby represents. Without knowing any relation man to baby, if a man bends down into a pram and kisses a baby, most people will see a doting father kissing his child – a policeman would see a child molester or something similar.
    Conditioning creates different reactions, many predictable, but the conditioning of those in the RCC does seem to create the worst in priests and the worst in their followers, as the former have far too many paedophiles and abusers, and the latter simply blind and unwilling to accept the former are paedophiles and abusers.
    I just put paedophile into yahoo image search – the very first image is the pope. Doesn’t that say everything.

  • Angela_K

    We’ve heard these weasel words before: lessons learned, abuse won’t be tolerated – until the next time a priest is caught. Then the vile religious nuts repeat the same mantra, but it will be business as usual for the Catholic church. Is the bloke in the photograph playing the pink Oboe?

  • barriejohn

    Of course Pope Francis (“Titter ye not!”) lives “outside of reality”. Just look at him “worshipping” that infant. Mohammedans and Christians each idolize a mythical person upon whom they are able to imprint the attributes that they would like to see. In a way, although Mohammed is presented as a murdering, child-raping bastard, the Christian “Perfect Man” is even more dangerous, as, apart from his miracles and quite plainly plagiarized homilies (like the Sermon on the Mount), we know practically nothing about him. So Christians of every hue can form him in the image that they desire. In Britain, both the Right Wing and the Left have claimed him as their own, and cherry-picked quotes from the Gospels in support of their claims (remember Margaret Thatcher’s address?). It’s like asking: “What would Noddy have said?”, and has as much relevance to reality.

  • Dawkstein

    That Frances looks like a favourite and kindly uncle is no mistake. Ratzenberger was an evil bastard and he looked it. Frances was picked for his benign looks, but make no mistake, despite the shows of humility and promises of positive change, he too is a deeply sinister figure who actually is committed to protecting the wealth and power of the rcc. Any hints of change are just PR exercises. The rcc is corrupt to the core. One man, even if he intended to, will not change it. The only things that will change the rcc are its failure to recruit sufficient young men into priesthood, a drastic ebb in the numbers of faithful followers, concerted and global legal action resulting in detention of its officers and payment of huge reparations to its victims. Lets get on with it. Meanwhile publication of pictures like the one in this article serve the campaign very well. Who can fail to be repulsed by such a hideous scene?

  • Laura Roberts

    Frankie the Fraud lives outside of reality? Be still, my beating heart. Isn’t that his job description? That, and living outside of common decency. The whole lot belong behind bars.

  • tonye

    On reading of Corradi’s movement from Italy to Argentina the first thing that popped into my mind was:
    ‘Well it’s good to see the old ratlines are still operational’.
    Let us never forget the role the rcc played in backing the Nazis and their final solution.