Christian conference launches anti-gay marriage declaration

Christian conference launches anti-gay marriage declaration December 13, 2016

Among a bunch of deranged Christians who gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, to fight the legalisation of gay marriage was Nigeria’s Consul General in South Africa, Ambassador Uche Ajulu-Okeke, above.
According to this report, Ajulu-Okeke wants other countries to follow Nigeria’s example in persecuting gays. In Nigeria homosexuals  can be punished with a 14 year prison sentence and being part of a social group or organisation that supports homosexuality can result in in a 10-year jail sentence.
Delegates to the conference – organised by the International Organization for the Family (IOF) – heard the woman claim that young people are being “lured into homosexuality”, and it’s a threat to national survival.
The delegates, who came from Australia, Singapore, Malawi, and other countries to collaborate on strategies to stop any more countries allowing same sex couple access to marriage, applauded the ambassador as she spoke of Nigeria’s anti-gay laws, commending them for apparently protecting marriage.
Ajulu-Okeke claimed that Nigeria’s young people need to be educated on the “dangers” of homosexuality and that economic migration is turning people gay.

Many Nigerians youths, especially those involved in illegal economic migration, have fallen prey to homosexual practices. Many Nigerian youths abroad are now becoming gay because of economic inducement, either to legalise their documents or to get jobs and they bring diseases like HIV/AIDS back to the country.

Ajulu-Okeke and other delegates then put their names to a declaration vowing to fight against marriage rights being extended to people who are in gay relationships.
The Cape Town Declaration reads in part:

We are of one mind on the bedrock of civil society, on the basis of that first and primordial community called the family: We affirm the dignity of marriage as the conjugal bond of man and woman. We embrace it not as the parochial practice of any sect or nation or age, but as the patrimony of all mankind.

The Australian delegation included Lyle Shelton, above, head of the Australian Christian Lobby and Dr David van Gend from the Australian Marriage Forum.
The Australian Christian Lobby said it was pleased to have met up with similar organisations from around the globe and highlighted that only a minority of countries allow same sex couples to wed.
Sheldon said in a statement:

With just 23 of 190 United Nations member countries having redefined marriage in law, the new global marriage movement is determined to prevent further slippage and to win marriage back where it has been lost. It is exciting to be part of a global movement which is not giving up on the truth about what marriage is.

Also attending and signing the declaration was Singapore’s Pastor Lawrence Khong. The religious leader is an outspoken supporter of Singapore’s laws which criminalise homosexuality. Wong has previously described calls for the laws to be repealed to be part of an “insidious conspiracy”.
South Africa was represented by the Reverend Kevin Meshoe, leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). Meshoe’s party has previously opposed condoms being promoted as part of programmes to stop the spread of HIV. His party believes abstinence and marriage would be more effective.
The ACDP also expressed its opposition to the age of consent for homosexual sex in South Africa being equalised with age of consent for heterosexual sex.
Bob McCoskrie, founder of New Zealand’s Family First organisation was also in attendance. McCroskie was one of the leading voices against the introduction of marriage equality in New Zealand.

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  • remigius

    Barry, why have you photoshopped a turd on Mrs Ajulu-Okeke’s head?

  • L.Long

    Religion is pure evil in all its forms!
    The Amish are still in their way kid abusers but at least they do not shovel their BS up other peoples asses, only their own!!

  • Broga

    Mrs Ajulu-Okeke is in the wrong job. I have never seen a more perfect Bond villain.
    The International Organization for the Family seems to have gathered together a prize collection of bigots where their hatred, contempt and blood lust festers and feeds on itself in one of the most grisly meetings you could imagine.

  • Newspaniard

    I DO hope that the so called “delegates” have no actual power in their own countries and that they were suitably derided on their return.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Interesting things religions. Islam, the religion of peace specialises in violence and Christianity, the religion of love specialises in hatred.

  • AgentCormac

    It would seem that Ambassador Uche Ajulu-Okeke’s humanity is about as advanced and refined as her make-up application skills. Have the religiots managed to get mirrors banned in Nigeria or something?

  • Vanny

    Regimus, NO NO NO.
    That’s not a turd on top of a head. It’s a plait of hair on top of a turd.
    And I will be gobsmacked if she is not some kind of repressed extreme sexual deviant … what normal man except maybe some other deviant would give the awful woman a portion. She could deflate the most persistent rock hard priaprosmatic erection in a trice. I’ve seen better looking porcines.

  • Gill Kerry

    Barry, I think that is the most frightening picture I have ever seen. And yes Remegius, you beat me to it!

  • Colin Davidson

    Calm down everyone. It’s just Matt Lucas undercover.
    He’s going to turn up on the last day and go full ‘I’m the only gay in the village’ so he can fuck with the nasty bigots’ happiness.

  • Paul

    Actually according to this report young Nigerians are more likely to be targetted by racist xenophobic South Africans (black Africans) rather than fall prey to Homosexuals.

  • What might a Mormon or Muslim say is a traditional normal and ordained by God marriage? Yes. Interesting, that. But please do tell me more about the importance of respecting religion and tradition as if you had a monopoly on both.

  • cnocspeireag

    Remigius, what’s wrong with your eyes? I see a photoshopped turd underneath a highly stylised hairpiece.

  • Robster

    Are all the god besotted Jesus munchers hit by the ugly stick? Might explain the costumes and silly hats.

  • Marcus

    Matt Lucas, Colin Davidson? More like Divine:

  • Ojulu-Okeke looks like an albino. She’d better make sure no witch doctors get hold of her, or her limbs and organs might end up hanging from the beams of a Juju shrine. She might even end us as bush meat, due to her remarkable resemblance to a baboon.

  • 1859

    When this image first flashed on my scream I almost fled the house! Then I wondered which side is he/she/it on? I was trying desperately to be open-minded, but I wasn’t surprised one jot when it turned out she was a christian campaigning for the extermination of gays. It just seemed somehow to fit the utterly bizarre image. The beginning of prejudice starts in a mirror.

  • 1859

    Having said what I said, I am inclined to say’Good for her’ to present herself to the world in this way. She is clearly an albino which, in a place like Africa, carries huge risks, stigma and prejudice.So, I willingly admit that presenting herself in this fashion does show great courage, however, this of course does not excuse her position regarding gay marriage. She, of all people, should know what it is like to be part of a persecuted minority. Maybe she feels safer in herself as an albino if she can instead focus peoples’ bigotry onto the gay community.

  • Laura Roberts

    @ColinDavidson and @Marcus: both spot on! I can’t decide which is better.

  • Vanny

    OT … Sorry.
    Now this is very bad news.
    We have been denied the spectacle Nicky Morgan being shredded on HIGNFY

  • barriejohn

    No doubt she just wants to protect children from “child abuse”:

  • The poor cow looks like Kiki from Hector’s House, or a shape-shifting gender-fluid transexioning lezzer from planet Tharg. Also, may I just add that her makeup is in exceptionally bad taste.