Oklahoma's war on abortion reaches new levels of insanity

Oklahoma's war on abortion reaches new levels of insanity December 14, 2016

Earlier this year,  the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to bar doctors from performing abortions in all cases except to save the woman’s life.
A doctor who violates the law would be committing a felony, punishable by up to three years in prison and the loss of his or her medical licence.
It has now emerged that Oklahoma’s war on abortion includes a provision that the state must create propaganda “for the purpose of achieving an abortion-free society” – and that anti-abortion signs must be posted by January inside the toilets of hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and public schools.
Businesses and other organisations will have to pay an estimated $2.3 million to put up the signs because the Legislature didn’t approve any money for them.
Groups representing hospitals and restaurants are among those complaining that the new requirements are an expensive, unfunded mandate from the Legislature.
Said Jim Hooper, President of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association:

We don’t have any concern about the information they’re trying to get out to women about their babies and their pregnancy. This is just the wrong way to do it. It’s just another mandate on small businesses. It’s not just restaurants. It includes hospitals, nursing homes. It just doesn’t make sense.

The anti-abortion group Oklahomans for Life requested the bill. The sponsor, Republican Senator A  J Griffin, said she may revise the measure in the upcoming legislative session to more narrowly target it to exclude some facilities.

I do see how it is going to need to be tempered a tad. We need to make sure we have something that’s reasonable and still effective.”

Under the law, the signs would state:

There are many public and private agencies willing and able to help you carry your child to term and assist you and your child after your child is born, whether you choose to keep your child or to place him or her for adoption. The State of Oklahoma strongly urges you to contact them if you are pregnant.

The signs would also include a link to the Health Department’s website.
In written comments provided to the Health Department, the Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy called the proposed regulations:

Completely unnecessary and unwanted.

The group said they would provide a significant financial burden on already stressed state agencies, including the departments of Health and Education.
Don Maisch, an attorney for the State Department of Health who has worked on the rules, said the signage requirements apply to public restrooms of any entity that is regulated by the agency, including hospitals, hotels and motels, nursing homes, residential care facilities and most public schools. He added:

There is definitely a cost involved in moving forward with this.

The Oklahoma Hospital Association projected it would cost at least $225,000 for signage at the state’s 140 licensed hospitals, with the fiscal impact on other licensed industries estimated at about $2.1 million.
Tony Lauinger, Executive Director of Oklahomans for Life, said the group’s intent was for the Health Department to produce the signage, but only if the Legislature appropriated funds to do so.

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  • L.Long

    And this only hurts the poor as the filthy rich holeier then thou aholes will still get their hypocritical abortions by paying off who ever needs to be or traveling 1st class to where ever they need to to get get their secret abortions so they can still act all holeier then thou! These dimwitted laws are the reasons people become criminals!!! They better hope I am never on one of the jurys that hear such a case as they will be found not guilty!!!!

  • Broga

    @L.Long : That is the way it will work. The wealthy will not be affected. The poor will be the sufferers. But that has always been the way. In Victorian England the wealthy and aristocratic could shag as much as they wanted. Yet a poor woman, who got pregnant perhaps by the son of the house, would be thrown on the street if she became pregnant.
    The promiscuous wealthy, often with their mistresses, would lecture the poor and insist on standards they would never keep themselves. The wealthy read pornography, and had libraries of it, while insisting the poor remain sexually ignorant and repressed. The royal family, often glutinous, fat gutted and promiscuous, were held up as exemplars of morality.
    Plus ca change ………..

  • Newspaniard

    These are dreadful laws drafted by deranged people. However, it would appear that there are people who would make/spend a lot of unnecessary money on this project when all that would be required would be the “necessary” message laser printed on to A5 paper, sticky taped to the required walls, hopefully in some obscure position where they could easily be ignored. Just sayin’

  • Paul

    What an abysmal piece of legislation. Ill thought and ill conceived. As are many.
    What I find odd is the necessity to have restaurants put up the signs. And I would question whether the intent there was for BK, KFC Pizza Hut and burger joints etc or for Michelin starred restaurants (if they have any).

  • barriejohn

    It has now emerged that Oklahoma’s war on abortion includes a provision that the state must create propaganda “for the purpose of achieving an abortion-free society”.
    I do hope that they are not “overstepping their authority” here:

  • Angela_K

    Christian fascism at work here, we are right because our bible tells us so, is their mantra. They don’t seem to have a problem with killing abortion Doctors or killing criminals with electricity or chemicals.

  • Laura Roberts

    American Conservatives really hate “big government”. Except when it advances their bronze-age agenda, in which case, the bigger and more intrusive, the better.
    @Angela_K: to be precise, their bible says nothing about abortion. It was conservative strategists who told them back in the 1970’s what to think about abortion, and they’ve been regurgitating the same irrelevant talking points like braying donkeys ever since.

  • Please Watch

    Pick up your tablet, phone or log onto your PC / Mac and look for Matt Dillahunty on YouTube. You will find the Atheist Experience … watch the various episodes or the various excerpts … and then wonder at the halfwitted, moronic, stupid and plainly vapid stuff that fills the heads of American christians. Its hard to know whether one should laugh heartily or bang ones head off the wall in sheer disbelief.

  • Please Watch

    Link for above …..
    Lots more episodes there too.

  • Right wing filth, left wing filth—a true Free Thinker despises both doctrines. But which is the more dangerous, the Right or the Left? I say the latter. It is pointless involving oneself in debate with leftists as they are motivated entirely by ideology and consequently consider themselves to be incapable of error. Dare disagree with them and one will be hated and denigrated, or dismissed as being mad , bad, and dangerous to know. As for abortion: Make it compulsory. Time for another pink gin. Have the clocks gone back yet?

  • barriejohn

    Laura Roberts: It always amazed me that Thatcher and Reagan kept banging on about “getting government off your backs” and the evils of a “command economy”, yet did everything they could to mould society (which definitely DOES exist) into the image that they desired*. I’ve even seen Margaret Thatcher lauded as a “true liberal”; “No!No!No!”.
    (*Mrs Thacher sold council houses at subsidised prices to encourage “Tory values” in voters; Shirley Porter did virtually the same thing in her “homes for votes” gerrymandering fiasco, and was sued for it!)

  • Brian Jordan

    “What an abysmal piece of legislation. Ill thought and ill conceived.”
    Indeed. Needs aborting at once.

  • John

    Porter was fined £22 million for gerrymandering – but has never paid the fine, according to a local source in Westminster, and continues living beyond legal reach in Israel.
    With regard to the main point of this article, Mearle Haggard knew what he was singing about when he sang in “Okie from Muscogee”:-
    “I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee,
    A place where even squares can have a ball
    We still wave Old Glory down at the courthouse,
    And white lightnin’s still the biggest thrill of all.”
    I believe White Lightnin’ is a moonshine alcoholic drink, which prompts the consumers to dance frenetically.
    Just goes to show how crazy Oklahomans can be!

  • barriejohn

    John: She gave all her money to her mother, and pleaded poverty, but miraculously found a spare £12m (rather than the £36m lost) when the Audit Commission offered her a deal. Right up there with Ernest Saunders’s “Alzheimers”!

  • Cali Ron

    It is always amusing to read Miss Floribunda Rose bestow on each and every leftist certain qualities which she denigrates by using those very same qualities to do so. I guess the “pink gins” (do people actually still drink those?) are having a cumulative effect.