US Christian group prayed for George Michael's death

US Christian group prayed for George Michael's death December 29, 2016

Back in 2011, after it was reported that George Michael had been hospitalised in Vienna after suffering pneumonia, someone called ‘Keith’ from Christians For a Moral America asked his Twitter followers to pray for Michael’s death:

In his response to these tweets,  Michael made a point of differentiating between fundamental Christianity and the kind that doesn’t think gay people will go to hell:

I know for a fact that many devout Christians. . . are truly wonderful, kind-hearted men and women who take the best parts of that religion and live admirable, generous and loving lives … But in my opinion … there are others who use their twisted interpretations of ancient scriptures as a pathetic excuse to be totally fucked up cunt-sucking bastards.

I would rather have had him say “cock-sucking bastards” as so many of these anti-gay rants come from what I sincerely believe are self-loathing individuals desperate to disguise their own homosexual tendencies, such as the US pastor Steven Anderson and the British evangelist and annoying Internet troll Bob Hutton.

Anderson, above, is reported today as saying:

First of all, George Michael’s burning in Hell right now. He was a very wicked, God-hating sodomite reprobate, and he’s getting the punishment that he deserves right now.
It’s been pretty sad to see even Christians in some cases saying, ‘Oh, we lost another great celebrity’, you know? ‘Rest in peace’ and all this kind of garbage.
Clearly, George Michael hated the Lord Jesus Christ … but not only that, he provides a great example of what sodomites are actually like.
He was found out to be a sodomite, for those who weren’t smart enough to just look at him in the 80s and see right away that the guy was a total faggot.

Branding him a paedophile, he added:

Quit mourning the death of this filthy pervert. He’s rotting in Hell right now for being a God-hating homosexual reprobate.

The cowardly Hutton, who hides behind his pathetic Gospel Truth blog, goes to great lengths to keep his face hidden and is either too lazy or stupid ever to put links in his facile posts,  said something similar immediately after Michael had died.

It is said that he died of heart failure.  I don’t know if this was brought on by drug abuse, or if he simply had a heart condition through no fault of his own, but either way, he must now face the consequences of living in open rebellion against the teachings of God’s infallible word – the Bible.  Any readers who wish to know his views on God, the Bible and Christians can easily find out more by simply googling  ‘George Michael’s views on God, religion and the Bible’.  However, I should warn readers that quotes from this ‘person’ may include vile swear words – that is the kind of man he was.

Clearly Michael detested Christian evangelicals like Anderson and Hutton, but was he truly “a God-hater”, as these morons claim? I don’t believe so.
In a eerily prophetic piece addressed to American readers of The Advocate in 2005 when the loathsome George W Bush was President he wrote:

I’ve never had a problem with God … In the England of my childhood, God could be described only as a fading presence, really. Two hundred children would hum vaguely decipherable hymns around me in the main hall each morning, and every once in a while I’d have to stop picking my nose to pretend I was looking for a number in my hymn book, but school had already become a secular environment for all intents and purposes …

This, he astutely argued, had much to do with the influx of immigrants from non-Christian countries.

One of the by-products of a more secular society is, of course, a lack of brimstone and fire when it comes to homosexuality. The two go hand in hand. In fact, there really ought to be a campaign to make Henry VIII the patron saint of English queerdom …  Without his arrogance the English would still be Catholic, and we would probably have our own Mel Gibsons and  Dubyas to deal with.

In a sick twist, immigration, the very thing that watered down the Church of England and protected English gay men from the ferocity of religious persecution, has become the new enemy to watch out for. As fundamentalism sweeps across America in the form of Bush and his new fan club, gays and lesbians on this side of the pond find themselves in the dreadful position of sharing our soapbox with racists.
We’re not afraid of our soft old village vicar. But we are beginning to worry about Allah … Muslim clerics here are beginning to spout some very scary stuff indeed in public, the kind of rhetoric that bishops and archbishops have had to stifle for the past 40 years.
Devout Christians and hard-line Muslims have found common political ground, and it’s called Us. Is it really possible that immigration, the saving grace of English queerdom, will eventually lead the charge against us?

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  • The Stars and Celebretitties have been dropping like flies this year. There are still two days to go before 2017 arrives. Who will be the next to pop his clogs? Frightening. (I posted this comment in the Daily Repress yesterday, much to the consternation of the Daily Repress readership.)

  • L.Long

    Religious…They are so happy and loving and tolerant of all peoples! I sure wish that were true! Then I could live peacefully.

  • Incidentally, in the Daily Repress any word with ‘tit’ in it will automatically be moderated. Even entirely innocuous words such as Titanic, entitled, title, titillate, et cetera, are dangerous to use. Many of the Repress readership, however, are so stupid they think the Illuminati, the Zionists and the New World Order are deliberately trying to silence them. I get up to blue bloody murder in the repress. Titter ye not!

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    BTW Billy Graham’s eldest daughter also peddles a nice line in love and forgiveness:
    What a family!

  • It has to be said that Steven Anderson is rather obviously epicene, to which I will only add that his pants are way too tight, even for a Pastor. His ludicrous attempt to disguise his effeminacy with a manly beard is utterly pointless, as we can all see right through this absurd little façade! Pastor Anderson, if ever perchance you should read these words, please accept the following heartfelt advice: Abandon your Flock, Dump your wife, get down to the nearest gay bar and let it all hang out!

  • I know very little of George Michael except the following, which I shall now divulge: He used to hang around on Hampstead Heath in the early hours of the morning wearing a pair of leather trousers with the back missing, thus exposing his nether regions to the four winds. As to why exactly he did this, I have no idea. Possibly he was investigating the nocturnal wildlife which abounds on the Heath. There are many rabbits there, also many foxes; one of which, highly agitated and in a most ferocious manner, recently attempted to mount me, no doubt drawn towards me by the half-eaten kebab which I had, at that very moment, discarded. As for George Michael I have, since his sad demise, come to respect him. Is his music any good?

  • 1859

    @MFR: Having a lonely Xmas and NY it seems.

  • Congratulations, 1859, you have made me titter. Amusement is something one least expects to experience when perusing the frequently humour-free comments one generally tends to encounter in the Free Thinker.

  • Newspaniard

    @1859. NY?

  • Newspaniard

    I’d like to think he was an atheist as he was a truly generous person, donating in silence and not with the self satisfied noise which the majority of the religious donors appear to have.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: Franklin and Anne Graham are in hell right now. Because that is what their lives must be like with so much bile, hatred and sadism stewing inside their toxic brains.
    They slaver over the thought that anyone who doesn’t accept their weird beliefs is being roasted in hell. These people are sickos and neither goodness nor truth is in them.

  • AgentCormac

    Such loving people, these christians.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: When I was “oop North”, I knew a chap, in his thirties I suppose, who had a REALLY broad accent, so presumed that he was Lancashire born and bred. Imagine my surprise upon learning one day that he was from Kent, and had married into a Christian family up there! It is also surprising that children often have stronger regional accents than their parents, contrary to what one might expect. My point here is that converts and children brought up in a faith CAN be the most fanatical of believers. This seems to be especially the case where dynasties are concerned (the Grahams, and “Big Jim” Taylor and others amongst the Exclusive Brethren, for instance). My suspicion is that they are very insecure, and fear that if they compromise on one tiny point, the whole edifice might come crashing down around their ears. Billy Graham has now backtracked on all the hell-fire nonsense (if it exists, it’s a “spiritual condition” rather than a “physical reality”; God will accept all who have honestly sought the truth; and who are we to judge people anyway?), whereas some of his children seem quite extreme and hardline. It’s a strange business, and, as I have said before, one has to feel sorry for them, as they had no chance with their upbringing.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: When one brick goes the dam starts to burst. That is why, despite the silliness of their insistence, every work of their bible (KJ version usually) must be true.

  • Gary

    Everytime you see a vicar, priest, bishop, cardinal, curate,evangelical preacher, pastor or chaplain just remember they, no matter how innocent they may appear, are responsible for putting such hateful notions into the heads of those who listened. Its these officers of christianity, despite their appeals of love, redemption, heaven, all things bright and beautiful, who indoctrinate and pollute the minds of the gullible. Next time you see such a curate or vicar do not politely doff your cap in respect treat them with ridicule and dirision – and if they as why you are so disrespectful then tell them they are somewhat personally responsible for the really horrible aspects, prejudices, divisions and hate embedded in contemporary society.

  • Paul

    Religion and the people who love it so much have an awful lot of hate inside them for people, who they don’t know, and if they stopped and thought about it, do them no harm, and importantly they won’t ever change by this hatred.
    I am sure that the self inflicted stress and hatred and anger this causes is harmful only to the person so wrapped up in this type of behaviour.
    Wanting someone to die because of their sexuality is a quite astonishing thought process. But to then publicise that as though it were rational and normal is quite telling of what these religious people’s world view is.

  • Broga

    @Paul: These Christians are no longer normal. They have been bitten by rabid Christianity. The bite has been deep enough, their brains already softened by indoctrination, and their intellectual cowardice such that they cannot cure themselves or be cured.
    Just step back a moment and try not to read what they say as the predictable comments of such people. It is difficult, particularly on this site, as we see so many of their outrageous comments that they can become routine. But from an objective perspective they are the vile and gruesome opinions of fiends. That is what their beliefs have done to them.