Jilted Christian attacks former boyfriend with acid and scalpel

Jilted Christian attacks former boyfriend with acid and scalpel January 19, 2017

Nurse Lidia Fisiba, 26, above, was arrested in India this week for allegedly spraying acid on her ex-boyfriend’s face and slashing his cheeks with a scalpel after he refused to marry her and convert to Christianity.
The victim, according to this report, is L Jayakumar, 32, a cloth merchant from Prakashnagar who is undergoing treatment at a private hospital. He is out of danger. He sustained burns on the neck and deep cuts on both cheeks, police said.
An investigation revealed that Fisiba, a resident of Srirampura and a nurse with a private hospital,  had carried the acid used to wash toilets in her hospital in a bottle and sprayed it on Jayakumar when he arrived at a temple in Vijayanagar on Monday evening. Lidia has been booked under IPC sections 341 (wrongful restraint) and 307b (attempt to murder).
Fisiba and Jayakumar fell in love in 2011 but parted ways last October. Their families were against their relationship. Jayakumar lives near Lidia’s residence and both studied in the same private school near Sehadripuram.
Jayakumar had promised Lidia that he would not marry any other woman. But differences cropped up between the couple when Fisiba began putting pressure on him to convert to Christianity before the marriage.
Police said:

Jayakumar told Lidia that he would marry her but would not change his religion. But Fisiba believed her family would accept the marriage only if Jayakumar converted.

Finally, Jayakumar ended the relationship, police quoted Fisiba as saying. After a few months, Fisiba learned that Jayakumar’s family was looking for a wife for him.
Fisiba tried to meet Jayakumar, but in vain. So she decided to attack him when he visited the temple in which he regularly worshipped. She went there in a car with her cousin Sunil Kumar. Around 5pm, Jayakumar and a family member arrived on his bike. Fisiba rushed towards him and sprayed acid on his face before attacking him with a surgical blade.

She fled the spot while passersby rushed Jayakumar to a nearby hospital, police said.
Meanwhile, it is reported from Pakistan that a woman has been sentenced to death for burning her daughter alive for marrying a man of her choice.

The sentence was imposed this week Parveen Bibi, above, who set fire to her daughter  Zeenat Rafiq a week after her marriage to Hassan Khan last June.
The girl’s brother, Anees Rafique, was sentenced to life in prison for helping his mother kill the 18-year-old.
After the attack, Bibi ran outside and yelled:

I have killed my daughter for misbehaving and giving our family a bad name.

She told police:

I have no regrets.

Such “honour killings” are commonplace in Pakistan, where roughly 1,000 women are slain every year by relatives, most of them men, who believe they have disgraced their families.
In 2015, about 1,100 women died in “honour killings”, while another 900 suffered sexual violence and 800 attempted suicide or took their own lives, the country’s independent Human Rights Commission said in its 2015 report.

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  • Matt

    Pakistan … what wonderful country … with Nuclear Arms (but not the technology and skills to make them) … and a veritable money pit into which the UK fritters away millions of its citizens tax dollars. Pakistan … a festering suppurating abcess on the arse of the world crammed full of islamic bigotry.

  • L.Long

    With Xtians showing their gawd driven morality is just the same as all the other desert religions!

  • Edwin Salter

    The nurse attack sounds like a pointless cruelty against whatever impediment frustrates.
    But the Pakistani mother is a far more chilling example of a type. Faith and ‘honour’, the last claim to worth of the otherwise insignificant and unfulfilled.
    Compare Wilde: Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

  • Newspaniard

    The activities of Nurse Lidia Fisiba sounds like those of a woman scorned rather than those of a religious fundamentalist. What’s that saying about a woman scorned?

  • barriejohn

    I take it that everyone is aware that this man is a stark, staring bonkers Muslim:
    I will deliver to the Gambian people and if I have to rule this country for one billion years, I will, if Allah says so.
    Scroll down for more examples of his wit and wisdom.

  • AgentCormac

    Give them their due, xtians can be very bit as deranged and dangerous as their muslim counterparts when they turn their mind to it.

  • Rob Andrews

    I’ve had conflicts with all kinds of Xtians, over non-religious matters. Many are quick to go to fighting. I guess it goes with the ‘I’m right kind of thinking’.
    It would carry over into everyday issues as well!
    ” Christianity may be peacefull, but it doesn’t work well in practice”.
    —attributed to Mahatma Gandhi

  • Paul

    Religion certainly seems to have poisoned her jilted brain into carrying out the attack as conversion seemed to be a Big issue. That’s perfectly ok as she was only following gawds own behaviour in the babble OT as he carried out genocide on men women and children such as the Hittites, Amorites, Amelekites, Hivites and Perizzites to name just a few.

  • Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism et cetera belong in Bongo Bongo Land, not here. We are NOT (yet) a third world shit-hole. Keep these ALIEN religions OUT of the West!

  • John

    There is nothing honourable about so-called “honour” killings.
    They are just murders, carried out by common criminals who are murderers.
    These murders are pre-Islamic culture-based actions.
    Daughters are expected to accept the status of mere property, belonging to their fathers, families, kin or tribe.
    We all surely oppose this as much as we oppose religion-based hatred of any form?
    Stop using the phrase “honour”killing and start calling them what they are: simply grubby vile murders.