Queen's former chaplain tells Christians to leave the C of E

Queen's former chaplain tells Christians to leave the C of E January 27, 2017

The Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden, above, has lashed out at the The Church of England, saying it is ‘dying’ and is ‘more comfortable with politics and power than it is with the Holy Spirit.’
Ashenden, according to this report, resigned his position as chaplain to the Queen last week after he voiced his opposition to a passage from the Koran being read in a Glasgow Cathedral.
It’s thought he quit after conversations with Buckingham Palace and officials from the Church of England.
He told The Conservative Woman that he felt he had to leave the role because “if you make political enemies, or your face does not fit, or you fail to adopt increasingly secular values” you get left behind.
The Church, he said, was:

So politicised that it matters more now that you are a feminist than a theologian.

He encouraged Christians to “leave their church” if they seek to be faithful to the gospel of Christ.

Demographically and financially it is dying. Spiritually it appears to be on its last legs too.
I’m not sure I see much point in a church that just wants to be accepted as a sort of not too irritating chaplain to a secular and hedonistic culture, which is what it seems to be becoming.
I want to remain a faithful Anglican, but increasingly it looks like that is only possible outside the C of E.
It has opted for a kind of spiritualised socialism and feminism in opposition to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. You get new life when you repent. But there is no sign that it is ready to take that path.

The C of E was also roundly condemned by gay Christians who reacted angrily to the announcement today that the Church it will maintain its opposition to same-sex marriage.
The Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev Graham James told Premier the issue of same sex marriage is not up for discussion.

What the Bishops have concluded – the majority of them –  is that there shouldn’t be any change to the doctrine of marriage as we’ve received it.
Our understanding of marriage comes from scripture, the tradition, the lived experience of the church and is sharing with nearly every other Christian church throughout the world.

But Rev Colin Coward, above, the gay priest from Changing Attitudes said that bishops have let LGBT people down.

I hoped that the bishops would do something to improve the integrity of their position and of the position of lesbian and gay partners – lay people and clergy in the church – and they done absolutely nothing.
I think it’s one of the most appalling pieces of work that bishops have produced in my lifetime – and certainly in my 40 years of ministry in the church – it does nothing whatsoever and in fact takes us in a backward direction.

According to the BBC, in an open letter to the bishops, the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement said the report was proposing a “don’t ask, don’t tell” plan for gay clergy.

This essentially asks clergy to dissemble and keep the nature of their relationships hidden – far from equalising the situation between straight and gay clergy, it pushes LGBTI+ clergy back into the closet.

The organisation’s Chief executive Tracey Byrne said:

LGBTI+ people who have participated in this process in good faith, at considerable personal cost, will feel angry and disappointed that there appears so little real change … This is another missed opportunity which further undermines the mission of the established Church to convey the gospel promise of good news for everyone.

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  • Broga

    The C. of E. is confused and defeatist as it despairingly seeks a neutral stance to avoid controversy. It lacks the courage to make a stand and feebly flaps around claiming to follow scripture where it prefers to assume a truth rather than demonstrating it.
    It relies comments like, “Our understanding of marriage comes from scripture, the tradition, the lived experience of the church “. “Understanding” – what is the nature and reality of that understanding? And “the lived in experience” is gold plated bullshit inserted to imply something which has little meaning.
    The tottering structure of the C. of E. depends on the pretence of a christian nation with the embarassing efforts of the BBC, the royals, the supportive politicians and the regular parades of bishops and tax extracted to fund faith schools. Meanwhile, the population remains so indifferent that it doesn’t trouble to criticise.

  • Terry

    He is right. The CoE is meaningless and dying. And I will not mourn its passing. In fact I welcome it and will work tirelessly until all other religions follow it. Let the CoE lead for once and herald the demise of all religion … humanity deserves no less than freedom from the retarding and beggaring shackles of religion.

  • barriejohn
  • StephenJP

    Well, I think this is great news. With every announcement like this the CofE proclaims its utter irrelevance and lack of understanding or sympathy with the lives of the vast majority of people. Another nail in the coffin; another spadeful of soil in the grave.

  • Newspaniard

    …”He encouraged Christians to “leave their church”… Well he got one thing right. I totally agree with him in this matter and would add, “Get your life back, remove your chains and accept that all religion is a fraud exploiting the feeble minded”.

  • Matt

    The CoE is dying. But its a long drawn out process with the various limbs and appendages thrashing around in all directions. This why the CoE does not support Dignified Dying as it would have to be put out of its own misery.
    And Mr Ashenden does have a rather grand opinion of himself. There is not much evidence of humility on his website. The term “Gargantuan Conceit” comes to mind. As does “Pompous Ass”.
    But he is right about the CoE … but anyone can come to that conclusion. A conclusion that does have the merit of being dead right.

  • Matt

    And the site uses Patreon, a site that allows people to donate money, to … well to let him ponce it up travelling and such like. How very humble of him … begging for money.
    To my dear readers: – If you are willing to offer a small amount of financial support for this work, it will allow me to meet the costs of travel to meetings, conference and other events – as well as the upkeep of this site, which otherwise would be unaffordable.
    If you feel that is something you are able and willing to do, then please go to the menu at the top of the page ‘Donate via Patreon.’
    Continue reading “Supporting This Work…” ?

  • MrGrumpyPants

    There should be a button where we get money, not give it, for having put up with hearing about him at all. Should be worth a few quid for wasting my time, dammit.

  • Smokey

    And so there came to be yet another Christian denomination. Or forty. And there was much rejoicing.
    Divide and conquer.

  • Gill Kerry

    Patreon for begging money? Must be the modern day equivalent of those ads at the back of private eye. Think I should subscribe. I need money to travel to benidorm on a regular basis!

  • George Broadhead

    “The C of E was also roundly condemned by gay Christians who reacted angrily to the announcement today that the Church will maintain its opposition to same-sex marriage.”
    Why don’t LGBT Christians ditch a Church which oppresses them and even connives at support given by its Anglican branches to the draconian anti-legislation in countries like Nigeria and Uganda? If they are determined to cling to superstitious nonsense, they should join the Quakers or Unitarians.

  • George Broadhead

    “I’m not sure I see much point in a church that just wants to be accepted as a sort of not too irritating chaplain to a secular and hedonistic culture, which is what it seems to be becoming.”
    “A secular culture ” If only that were true.

  • Stephen Mynett

    George Broadhead, I am also at a loss as to why LGBT people stay with a religion that is so virulently against them, it seems about as sane as me, a haemophiliac, becoming a Jehovahs Witness.

  • StephenJP

    George Broadhead, I remember that around the time when the Uganda Bishops were supporting their homophobic government, which at one point was proposing to make homosexual behaviour a capital offence,the US Episcopalians announced that they were going to appoint a lesbian Bishop. Archbishop Rowan Williams found it in himself to condemn the Episcopalians but not the Ugandans. I thought then,and I still think,that this was a disgraceful abnegation of the moral authority that ought to come with his position.

  • Stonyground

    “… a secular and hedonistic culture…”
    Secular? I wish. Hedonistic? Can’t say that I’ve noticed this. Unless of course he is referring to those of us who have worked out that we get just one life and are making the best of it for themselves and those around them.