Should ex-atheist Zuckerberg now embrace Catholicism?

Should ex-atheist Zuckerberg now embrace Catholicism? January 6, 2017

Christians have been crowing ever since Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg told the world on Christmas day that he was no longer an atheist and ‘I now believe religion is very important’.
Kathy Schiffer, of The National Catholic Register claimed that Zuckerberg has “embarked on a journey toward God” and immediately took an opportunity to nudge him towards Catholicism.

As Mark Zuckerberg is propelled forward in his search for truth, my prayer is that he will explore the Catholic faith which he experienced during his Vatican visit just a few months ago. There are so many great texts which he could read and then introduce to readers in his Facebook book club, but let me suggest just two:  First there’s Patrick Madrid’s classic Why Be Catholic? Ten Answers to a Very Important Question, with a foreword by Cardinal Sean O’Malley.
And given Zuckerberg’s strong sense of social responsibility, perhaps he’d appreciate William Donohue’s Why Catholicism Matters: How Catholic Values Can Reshape Society in the Twenty-First Century.

William Donohue? The hateful President of the Catholic League whose practise of “social responsibility” consists entirely of fulminating against gays, transgender people, satire and anything else he regards as “anti-Catholic”?
Yes, the very same Bill Donohue.
Meanwhile, a number of media reports suggest that the reason that Zuckerberg has cast off his atheist mantle is because he intends entering the political arena, and, as everyone knows, almost half Americans simply won’t vote for for a non-believer, believing that atheists don’t share their vision of America.

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  • Gary

    Wanna be a Senator or what ever other kinds of politicians they have in the USA you ain’t goin’ no place unless you are seen to be a christian. Just shows how poisonous and hateful and frankly a bit dim your average Americans are.
    Zuckerburke needs a swift and well aimed kick up the rectum.
    Presidential ambitions?
    Well if the unelectable trump can do it then Zuckerburke surely can especially if he can get the Russians to like him on Facebook.

  • Gary

    More christian American hatefulness and stupidity here.

  • Marcus

    @ Gary the “unelectable” Trump won because he was supported by Catholics:

  • AgentCormac

    Clearly Mark Zuckerberg is no mug. So saying he now thinks ‘religion is very important’ would be a smart move if he is indeed contemplating a career in US politics. However, saying he now thinks that ‘religion is very important’ is hardly the same thing as saying he now believes in a deity (pick whichever brand of deity you want). So I would suggest it is perhaps a little premature of our religiot friends to start crowing over this particular road-to-Damascus moment.

  • Peter Gresswell

    @Marcus. Trump did not win. The people voted for Clinton; The system “elected” Trump.

  • manu-ad-ferrum

    @Marcus. Trump did not win. The people voted for Clinton; the system “elected” Trump.

  • barriejohn

    This may have been mentioned here recently:
    Hemant (Friendly Atheist) gave much coverage to atheists running for office in the elections last year. They face an uphill battle in the USA.

  • Newspaniard

    @manu-ad-ferrum. I’m sure most Americans aren’t as thick as you paint them. Although…

  • Half of those who answered the poll said they wouldn’t vote for an atheist. Who answers polls? apparently not those who elected atheist Jessie Ventura. Go on, jump in to say he doesn’t count, belittle one of the few open atheists in politics today. Not to say he is above mockery but to say perhaps a guy who resigned a day early so his second could break the ice and become the first women governor of his state is worth more than mockery.

  • I also think religion is very important. So is illiteracy and pneumonia, so are automobile fatalities and war.

  • Being an American I am so sick of how religion has such control that you have to be a Christian to run for office. The worst part is all of the Christian politicians are liars and hypocrites. If I could afford it, I would enjoy living in an atheist country.
    What blows my mind is the Christian support Trump got when he ran for office. I mean…WTF!

  • AgentCormac

    The irony of ‘the system’ electing Trump would be amusing if it wasn’t so depressing.

  • remigius

    I cannot find anything anywhere on the internet that supports the claim Zuckerberg is not an atheist. In fact his recent comments would suggest he is indeed still an atheist.
    He was asked by Jose Antonio “Aren’t you an atheist?”.
    His reply was “No. I was raised Jewish and then I went through a period where I questioned things, but now I believe religion is very important”.
    ‘Aren’t’ is a contraction of ‘are not’ so the questioner was asking him if he was not an atheist. He replied in the negative – signalling he was actually an atheist.
    If the question had been the opposite (i.e “Are you an atheist?”) – and he gave the same reply (i.e “No…”) it would confirm he was not an atheist.
    But it wasn’t. So he didn’t.

  • Broga

    Whatever he is or isn’t religious belief remains based on untruths and fantasies.

  • Angela_K

    The religious, as always, have distorted Zuckerberg’s words for their own nefarious means, I can’t see him indulging in religion and its bizarre rituals. As others have said, Zuckerberg is shrewd and decided not to be so overtly atheist.

  • Steve

    How the hell do you just decide that “religion” is important without be g convinced by one specific religion? Which God convinced him?!

  • barriejohn

    Steve: I agree. Any genuine believer would say something like “My faith is very important to me”, not “religion is very important”!

  • Can any mind contaminated by belief–whether this belief be religious, philosophical, or political–be free? No, it cannot. Zuckerberg, though obviously intelligent, is a deluded fool. Obviously, his fame and fortune are not enough to placate his ego, which, never satisfied, demands more than fame and fortune can ever bring, and wishes to exist eternally! Though no doubt Zuckerberg will, of course, substitute the concept of the ‘soul’ for ego.

  • 1859

    So Mr Sugar-Money-Mountain is going over to the Dark Side. Clearly he must now believe that writing fluent computer code is a sacred gift bestowed upon him by an, as yet, undefined divinity. But he’s young, a new dad, let’s see what the bombs and bullets of out-smarting fortune will do to him as he ages and finally renounces religion.

  • John

    Trump was not elected by “the system”.
    He was elected by voters.
    Where he out-smarted “the system” (i.e. the Clinton Democrat machine) was in concentrating principally upon states where – with a similar “winner-takes-all” voting system to the first past the post (FPTP) electoral system found here in the UK – he ensured he gained sufficient states’ electoral college votes to win.
    This not the first time a candidate with fewer popular votes has won in the US nor in the UK.
    If people are unhappy at the outcomes, they should change the system whereby a President or PM is elected.
    Until that happens, everyone has to accept Trump as the legitimately elected President of the United States.
    As Angela correctly points out, this Zuckerberg storm in a teacup is due to desperate religionists seizing at straws.

  • AgentCormac

    @ John
    Legitimately elected if you accept his assertion that Putin’s mob had nothing to do with it. Something all the US intelligence agencies seem to contradict. Still, if good old Donald says it in a tweet then it must be true.

  • John

    All the hackers did was to expose the disgustingly dirty tricks employed by the Clinton mob to shaft poor Bernie Sanders all the way through to his back teeth.
    No wonder he has not been able to sit down ever since.
    The truth is that Trump was way smarter than most people gave him credit for. He simply aimed at what he needed to win the contest; he was not bothered about the so-called popular vote.
    In places like California, he just let the Democrats pile up their votes there because he knew he would never win there anyway.
    He tapped into a whole new demographic that the liberal elite had ignored for decades – fearful existing and down-trodden former rust belt workers the Democrats had ignored.
    Already, he is bringing jobs back to America – just like he said he would.
    He is delivering on his promises.
    And he is not yet in the White House.
    Absolutely astounding!

  • barriejohn

    Christ Almighty, some people are gullible!

  • Vanity Unfair

    Whenever I come across an election result I don’t like, I think of Mark Twain:
    “Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain’t that a big enough majority in any town?” -Huckleberry Finn.
    When I come across an election result that complies with my prejudices, I am heartened by people’s sagacity.

  • AgentCormac

    The only thing astounding about Trump is that there are so many gullible idiots willing to vote for him.