Who's the evil one? Peter Palumbo or Jessica Ahlquist?

Who's the evil one? Peter Palumbo or Jessica Ahlquist? January 21, 2017

In January of 2012, just days after atheist Jessica Ahlquist won her lawsuit to take down a religious mural from Cranston High School West, Rhode Island State Rep Peter Palumbo, above, went on the John DePetro radio show and called Jessica, inset, an ‘evil little thing’, quickly adding that even if she wasn’t evil, she was being ‘coerced’ into fighting her lawsuit by evil people.
Palumbo, one of many outraged Christians who showered abuse on Ahlquist and aimed threats at her for initiating the lawsuit, now has more weightier things on his mind than a silly little school prayer plaque. According to this report, he was arrested this week on charges of nicking tens of thousands of dollars from his own political campaign fund.

Palumbo, who is no longer an elected official – he was ousted as a lawmaker in 2014 – was arrested on Thursday morning by Rhode Island State Police and arraigned in District Court on charges of embezzlement and filing a false document with a public official.
He appeared in court to face charges related to campaign finance discrepancies. Specifically, a Rhode Island Board of Elections audit revealed that Palumbo did not accurately report $59,975 in cash withdrawals from his campaign funds.
Investigators dug in further, finding withdrawals of $16,498 from ATMs at seven different casinos around the country over five years.
Court records show the former representative allegedly withdrew the money from the “Friends of Peter Palumbo” account at ATMs located at Twin River, Newport Grand, Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Saratoga Horse Racing, Casino Arizona and Seminole Hard Rock Casino from 2010 to 2014.
Palumbo had “no comment” when leaving the courthouse on $5,000 personal recognisance.
Although no longer in office, Palumbo was still required to maintain accurate records. An affidavit said he provided a false document to the board of elections in December of 2014 by listing his campaign account balance as $13,134, when it was actually $263.
Palumbo is no stranger to law enforcement. He is also in the middle of a state Ethics Commission investigation.
Commented Friendly Atheist Hermant Mehta:

Just to reiterate, an elected government official was name-calling a teenager because she was defending the Constitution. That’s how messed up it was.
Palumbo got caught up in the middle of a contract scandal a couple of years later, in 2014, and it may have been the main reason he lost his seat in the State House that November after 19 years in office.
Well, well, well … who’s the evil little thing now?

Meanwhile, Alquist can be proud of the work she has done since in the name of secularism. According to Wiki:
• On October 8, 2011, the Freedom From Religion Foundation awarded her the 2011 Thomas Jefferson Youth Activist.
• On June 9, 2012, the American Humanist Association honored Jessica with the 2012 Humanist Pioneer Award, which was presented to her at the 71st annual American Humanist Association conference in New Orleans.
• On August 19, 2012, Jessica was given the Judge George Alexander Teitz Award, for “commitment to the ideals of religious and ethnic tolerance and freedom” by the Touro Synagogue Foundation in Newport, Rhode Island.
• On May 22, 2013, Jessica was honored with the Hugh M Hefner First Amendment Award in the Education category.

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  • Broga

    With so many Christians hypocrisy goes with the territory.

  • Laura Roberts

    Got to give Palumbo credit for (a) coming up with a great t-shirt slogan and (b) motivating people to donate tens of thousands of dollars to fund Jessica’s college education. We can only hope America’s President Caligula inspires the same kind of backlash.

  • bill

    OT but here is another jumped up crook, the head of a global crime and paedophile franchise, complaining about populism. Now that’s rich coming from a criminal whose power and wealth and populism is founded on the sale of eternal life. What a shit. At least Trump was elected.

  • Paul

    I wonder if that is the same Catholic Church that was the first entity to enter into a written agreement a pact of up eill- with the then Nazi Party – before any others. And supported it wholeheartedly throughout its existence.

  • Paul

    * a pact if you will

  • Matt

    Paul – Yes. The RCC uses very powerful legally binding, and undo-able, things called Concordats.
    The one signed with Nazi Germany is here.
    Its an appalling agreement. Side effects were that RRC was happy to hide behind the Concordat and let the Nazis annihilate the Jews – a long held desire of the RCC, and also many Nazi war criminals fled German after the war with the help of the RCC to hide in Roman Catholic South American countries.
    Yes that RCC. Use the above link to see all the other hideous Concordts the RCC has in place to protect its interest, money, power, priests and property.
    And we let it continue.

  • John the Drunkard

    Hypocrisy isn’t a strong enough word. The best term I’ve seen, though it has a quaint, Victorian air, is ‘Moral Insanity.’
    Good job hijacking the comments to a (relatively) unrelated issue.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Seems consistent.
    After all, the one unforgivable sin in the Bible is not thievery, not murder, but….

  • John

    Why is this story linked to the RCC?

  • I’ve met Jessica. She’s as admirable as you’d expect (which is very!).