Doors slamming shut in the US

Doors slamming shut in the US March 1, 2017

Trump’s war on free everything is raging right along over here. (I apologize for his manners toward Theresa May. He just doesn’t know how to act. That hand-holding thing was gruesome, and we’re all embarrassed about it.)
He attacks the free press nearly every day; he attacks freedom to protest, freedom from forced pregnancy, freedom of movement and travel, freedom of thought and opinion, freedom of dissent, freedom of information, freedom from being told a pack of lies by people in power.
Last week Trump spoke to the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference and devoted much of his talk to what he likes to call “the fake news” – by which he means The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the BBC among others.

President Trump intensified his slashing attack on the news media during an appearance before the Political Action Committee Conference on Friday, reiterating his charge that “fake news” outlets are “the enemy of the people.”
The opening portion of the president’s free-range, campaign-style speech centered on a declaration of war on the news media — a new foil to replace vanquished political opponents like Hillary Clinton.
“They are very smart, they are very cunning, they are very dishonest,” Mr. Trump said to the delight of the crowd packed into the main ballroom at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just south of Washington. “It doesn’t represent the people; it never will represent the people.”

Of course, representing the people is not their job; their job is to report the news. The same day, reporters from “enemy” news organizations were denied entry to an informal press briefing at the White House. The New York Times reported:

Journalists from The New York Times and several other news organizations were prohibited from attending a briefing by President Trump’s press secretary on Friday, a highly unusual breach of relations between the White House and its press corps.
Reporters from The Times, BuzzFeed News, CNN, The Los Angeles Times and Politico were not allowed to enter the West Wing office of the press secretary, Sean M. Spicer, for the scheduled briefing. Aides to Mr. Spicer only allowed in reporters from a handpicked group of news organizations that, the White House said, had been previously confirmed.
Those organizations included Breitbart News, the One America News Network and The Washington Times, all with conservative leanings. Journalists from ABC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Fox News also attended.

Trump’s non-stop verbal attacks and the “highly unusual” lockout of major media organizations look to me and to many others like the first steps toward a full-on attempt to control the press. It’s clear that that’s what he and his gang want to do, and it’s not as clear as I would like that they won’t be able to.
The night before Trump’s remarks to CPAC, there were shootings in a bar in Olathe, Kansas. Three men were shot, and one of them was killed.

According to witness accounts, the gunman reportedly told two of the people who were shot – both Indian men who work for Garmin, the technology firm – to “get out of my country” before opening fire and had also used racial slurs during the Wednesday evening shooting.

Maybe the witness accounts were wrong. Maybe the accounts are accurate but the shooter has always been an angry racist and would have murdered Srinivas Kuchibhotla even if Donald Trump had never run for president. Maybe.
But do I think Trump’s noisy unabashed racism and xenophobia are just inert? Do I think no one is worked up by them, no one feels liberated to be more publicly and aggressively racist because of them? Do I think Trump has failed to encourage a climate of open racism? No, I do not. I think he has made hatred of foreigners and Other races more popular, and I think he’s made many people feel empowered to express the hatred in word and sometimes deed.

They are a minority, but there are moves to make it harder for the majority to resist.

Since the election of President Trump, Republican lawmakers in at least 18 states have introduced or voted on legislation to curb mass protests in what civil liberties experts are calling “an attack on protest rights throughout the states.”
From Virginia to Washington state, legislators have introduced bills that would increase punishments for blocking highwaysban the use of masks during protests, indemnify drivers who strike protesters with their cars and, in at least once case, seize the assets of people involved in protests that later turn violent.

At the same time we read story after story of people stopped at airports for no apparent reason. The one making headlines today is a French historian of Vichy France and its role in the Holocaust who was on his way to give a talk at a Texas university. He was detained for ten hours over a visa misunderstanding, and about to be sent back to Paris when the university intervened. The Washington Post points out:

Egypt – from which Rousso and his family, as Jews, were exiled in 1956, after a slew of anti-Semitic measures imposed by the administration of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz – was not among the seven nations in the travel ban, which had been suspended by the time he arrived in the United States.

Furthermore, France is a beneficiary of the US visa waiver program, which permits French citizens to enter the United States without a visa. All that is required is an online ESTA application before departure.

Not really someone who should have been bundled onto the next plane back, then, and yet they nearly did.
I dread to think how bad it will be by the end of next month.

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  • Cali Ron

    I share your concerns and fear the authoritarian direction Trump is taking America. Can the brown shirts and jack boots be too far behind? Hopefully, he over plays his hand and the backlash brings some sanity back to our federal government.

  • I hope we will be able to stop him, but I’m not at all confident about it.

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  • John the Drunkard

    Unfortunately, we in the U.S. don’t really have constitutional capacity for the kind of ‘backlash’ we need.
    Banning masks though… There are old laws on the books in several states which do just this. They were passed to help break the First Klan in the early 1870s. With the recent ‘Black Block’ theatrics, I can’t say the notion is entirely toxic.

  • Cali Ron

    John: I hope your wrong, but gerrymandering, complacency and for profit media have put control in the hands of the minority and it’s a racist, misogynist and deluded minority. Unfortunately black Bloc and Anarchists are counter productive and actually play into the hands of people like Trump and others who will weaken are freedoms and could ultimately destroy are democracy.

  • David Anderson

    Seems to me that Trump’s girlfriend would like to do the same in the UK if she could get away with it.

  • sailor1031

    Unfortunately it’s been all too predictable. The partisanship of the MSM during the campaigns and their attacks on Trump between the election and the inauguration guaranteed that there would be repercussions from Trump. He’s just not a forgiving kind of guy. He’s also abetted by the fact that only a minority of americans currently trust MSM anyway; so any attack is seen to be grounded.
    I still blame the democrats for all this; they selected the worst possible candidate and have consistently refused to accept their responsibility for Trump’s win. To prove they have learned nothing they have just elected Clintonist apparatchik Tom Perez as new DNC chair.
    Newsflash democrats: more of the same that got you into the hole will only get you further into the hole. I wouldn’t care but it’s not just an american thing; the rest of us are also royally screwed.

  • Great Satan

    Yawn – more tedious leftism from Ophelia.

  • ThatGuyAgain

    you want tedious, read namazie’s articles.
    Ophelia is little more than brainwashed cultmember publishing hysterical screeds against Trump, the “other Great Satan”.
    The whole fucking internet is overflowing with this vapid blabbering madness.
    Nothing personal, as you are one of many thousands of idiots posting shrill diatribes against Trump, but aren’t there any other topics that you even think about any more?
    If you are this obsessed, consider yourself a verified cult member or at least someone who should seek help from a qualified doctor.

  • Cali Ron

    ThatGuyAgain: Sigh! You want tedious, just read your remarks. Another Trump apologists who criticizes anyone who criticizes trump calling there comments “vapid blabbering madness”, but fails to offer any rational critique of said comments and why it’s vapid.
    Perhaps thousands of people would quit posting “shrill diatribes against Trump” when Trump quits acting like a petulant, uninformed child and starts to show some semblance to an actual president. Trump’s actions and words will have a profound effect on America and the world so if you would rather discuss the weather or whatever it is you consider more worthy feel free, but a lot of people are concerned for how his actions will affect their and their loved one’s life’s.
    For feeling so compelled to defend Trump without actually doing any offending consider yourself a verified Trump cult member and seek help from a qualified doctor.

  • Cali Ron

    ThgatGuyAgain: PS nothing personal.

  • Peter Sykes

    Cali Ron:
    Well said!
    These dumpsters are pathetic, nothing personal…

  • Daz

    I believe that the wealth generated by a society should be used to help all members of that society, not just those who are born on top of, or have managed to scramble to the top of, a bloody gert heap of money. Thus, in fiscal terms at least, I am a socialist. This, apparently, means I am a tedious, leftist cult-member.
    In regards to society and the law I am a liberal. I believe, for instance, that the statement “I refuse to sit next to Muslims on the bus” is as bigoted as the statement “I refuse to sit next to atheists on the bus” would be. And it worries me that the former sentiment is common currency with many who claim the label “freethinker.” This, apparently, means I am a tedious, leftist cult-member.
    In regards to Donald Trump, I believe that electing a misogynistic, racist, egotistical, multiply-bankrupted, tax-dodging, fraudulent, thin-skinned sexual molester and demagogue with no experience of politics and absolutely no common sense to one of the most powerful positions on the entire planet might just be seen as one of the dumbest political moves in the history of dumb political events. So far as labelling my personal beliefs go, this puts me virtually anywhere on the spectrum to the left of Maggie Thatcher; it’s not so much a political position as a sign that I’m not a moron. This, apparently, means I am a tedious, leftist cult-member.
    If the above really does make me a tedious, leftist cult-member, then I’m more than happy to accept the label. In fact, I revel in it.