Naturopath accused of causing woman's death shot dead

Naturopath accused of causing woman's death shot dead March 12, 2017

Omer Ahmetovic, centre, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was arrested this week for allegedly shooting dead naturopath Dr Juan S Gonzalez, inset, whom he blamed for causing his wife’s death.
According to this report, Ahmetovic of Bowling Green has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge and was being held in the local jail on Friday. The citation for his arrest on Wednesday did not describe a motive. But a lawsuit filed in January by Ahmetovic and his wife, Fikreta Ibrisevic, lays out a series of grievances against Gonzalez.
The lawsuit says the Bosnian refugee couple met Gonzalez in early 2016, after Ibrisevic was diagnosed with a form of soft-tissue cancer. The couple looked into natural therapies while waiting to be scheduled for traditional cancer treatments.
They said Gonzalez told them that:

Chemotherapy is for losers.

He guaranteed he could cure her within three months.
Instead, despite spending $7,000 on herbal treatments and visits with Gonzalez, who gave her dietary instructions and massages and soaked her feet, she developed even more tumours, according to the lawsuit, which sought compensatory and punitive damages.
As the couple saw Gonzalez from January through May last year, what began as one tumour turned into seven. The original tumour grew so large it could be seen outside her body, while her eyes turned yellow and her legs became swollen.

The suit said the couple consulted other experts who said Gonzalez had administered so many herbs that Ibrisevic had a toxic reaction. She belatedly underwent chemotherapy, but it couldn’t save her.
Gonzalez “systematically preyed upon the plight of the plaintiffs and told Fikreta and Omer a series of misrepresentations and concealments,” the lawsuit said. As Bosnian refugees, they were “more vulnerable to being misled,” the suit said.
Gonzalez’ attorney filed a motion in early February asking that the lawsuit be dismissed. Weeks later, Ibrisevic died, leaving behind her husband and their two children.
Days after that, Ahmetovic, 35, went to Gonzalez’s clinic and shot him, Bowling Green police said.
The Natural Health Center for Integrative Medicine says on its website that Gonzalez was a member of The Pastoral Medical Association and the American Naturopathic Medical Association and that:

We have lost to a senseless crime, a loving soul.

Gonzalez, 59, was remembered for his “sincere passion for helping people,” chiropractor Michael Elkins said, adding that his friend:

Demonstrated selflessness in his endeavor to lead people to a healthier lifestyle.

"You're really a paid shill, aren't you? And, you have nothing to contribute. Blocked."

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  • Vanity Unfair

    A man in Kentucky
    Sure is lucky
    To live down in Bowling Green
    Bowling Green folks treat you kind
    They let you think your own mind
    A man in Kentucky
    Sure is lucky
    In Bowling Green you walk your own line
    Songwriters: Jackie Everly / Terry Slater
    Bowling Green lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

  • Gui

    You know,folks, that the farmacetical industry is composed by a bunch of mercenaries aiming only to prey and profit on peoples’ suffering. And that some guy seeling every kind of miraculous medicine and treatments at high prices is someone genuinaly worried about your well being.

  • sailor1031

    I believe, from my days spent studying Charlesworth’s Mercantile Law some sixty years ago, that the appropriate legal phrase is “Caveat Emptor”. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on point of view, the Law like economics treats us all as adults making adult decisions. Too bad that’s not Reality.
    Obviously there can be no fraud or dishonesty here, since the NHS itself recognizes naturopathic healing as valid therapy

  • Newspaniard

    Look at all the lives he saved by offing that snake oil selling scum. No-one will have their savings plundered in the hope that the con-artist was telling the truth. I hope he gets a $5 fine and admonished not to do it again.

  • L.Long

    Sorry no sympathy for the shooter! He accepted the ‘natural’ ‘herbal’ BS. They could have gone to a real cancer center but chose to be with the naturalpath, for encouraging his wife to continue, the shooter should be condemned! And the NHS should also be condemned for allowing the approval of the BS as well.

  • Brian Jordan

    Sailor1031 says:
    Obviously there can be no fraud or dishonesty here, since the NHS itself recognizes naturopathic healing as valid therapy
    That doesn’t mean to say the the politicians are right to allow it and burden the taxpayer, never mind the poor patients. Btw Google seems to be unaware of naturopathy on the NHS – have you a link please?
    Of course, in the UK it’s illegal anyway to peddle quack remedies for cancer.

  • Cancer survivor

    Just as there are rogue MDs who have killed people with conventional medical treatments (Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers, etc.), there may be irresponsible NDs like Dr. Sanchez.
    I beat a serious stage 3 cancer using excellent naturopathic treatment in conjunction with chemotherapy and surgery. In many cases, my naturopath knew more than my MD oncologist, who treated me with high dose vitamin C, artesunate, curcumin, which have all been shown to kill cancer in evidence based studies, along with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, a lot different than what the doctor in this case offered. And my naturopath talked me INTO doing chemotherapy when I didn’t want to do it, and I’m cancer free.
    50% of people die from the side effects of conventional cancer treatment. These treatments damage our bodies while attacking cancer. As patients, we need to do our homework on all providers we see and on all treatments offered. Cancer is very complex. No two patients are the same. There are no guarantees. Wise choices are necessary.
    What happened here is tragic. An arrogant and cavalier doctor. Uneducated patient who didn’t do enough homework. Resulting in at least 3 ruined lives. So sad.

  • Joshua

    As long as you follow instructions you will do fine with alternate medicine. Pharmaceuticals and MD know well the power of nature. There is a lot of conspiracy and dirty money involved.

  • barriejohn

    Call it “natural” and people think that it can’t possibly harm you!

  • andym

    Those were my thoughts. Hemlock and arsenic are “natural”.