Pakistan wants help to silence 'blasphemers' worldwide

Pakistan wants help to silence 'blasphemers' worldwide March 20, 2017

Satirists have jumped at the opportunity to point and laugh at Pakistan’s plan to to launch a worldwide hunt to identify and punish ‘blasphemers’ who use Facebook and Twitter to insult Islam.
Pakistan Today, for example, ran a piece entitled “Facebook to add ‘Kafir! Kafir!’ emoji reaction amidst clampdown on blasphemous content.”

In a major development, the Facebook administration has agreed to add a ‘Kafir! Kafir!’ emoji reaction to its six existing choices … following the Federal Interior Ministry’s clampdown on blasphemous content on social media.

Pakistan has asked Facebook and Twitter to help identify Pakistanis suspected of blasphemy so it can prosecute them or, if they are living outside the country, have them extradited for punishment.
Under the country’s strict blasphemy laws, anyone found to have insulted Islam or the “prophet” Mohammed can be sentenced to death.
The interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, said an official in Pakistan’s Washington embassy had approached the two social media companies in an effort to identify Pakistanis, either within the country or abroad, who recently shared material deemed offensive to Islam.
He said Pakistani authorities had identified 11 people for questioning over alleged blasphemy and would seek the extradition of anyone living abroad.
Facebook said it reviews all government requests carefully:

With the goal of protecting the privacy and rights of our users. We disclose information about accounts solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. A mutual legal assistance treaty or other formal request may be required for international requests, and we include these in our government requests reports.

Facebook has often struggled to deal with the varying cultural norms around censorship in the hundred-plus countries where it operates.
In a sprawling manifesto released in February, the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, set out a plan in which FB
would ask users all over the world to vote on what sort of content they found acceptable to see on their social media feeds.
Content which breached those personal and national standards would then be automatically flagged by an artificial intelligence, and removed without the need for human intervention.
Twitter declined to comment.
The BBC adds that Pakistan has often blocked access to pornographic sites and sites with anti-Islamic content and in 2010 a Pakistani court blocked Facebook over caricatures of the Mohammed.
Ironically, Pakistan heads a list of ten countries that watch the most porn on the Internet. Egypt comes second, and Saudi Arabia is seventh on the list.
This suggests that the Islamic world is full of wankers, some of whom appear in the picture used to illustrate this piece. It was taken at an anti-Charlie Hebdo protest in Pakistan in 2015.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    If I believed in an all-powerful, immortal sky-daddy, I would make him so that mere ideas didn’t hurt him.

  • sailor1031

    Not just porn, Barry – Pakistan is tops in the world for watching “donkey porn”. The mind boggles.

  • L.Long

    Where religion exists you can find hate, bigotry, violence, and PORNOGRAPHY!!! Because they are so loving and peaceful.
    The picture shows why they all have beards…they sure are all ugly, Oh! Wait! I’m actually seeing the true nature of their souls!

  • Newspaniard

    Do sensible people actually use the CIA/NSS/MI5/MI6 database, Facebook any more? Come On, Barry…tell me the picture was from a Monty Python sketch.

  • Dave

    Minus minds.

  • barriejohn

    Why didn’t Zuckerberg tell the Pakistanis where to shove their demands? Just look at the content that IS allowed, which is, ironically, in the news again today.
    I love the Emoji, but I have to say that I find the Telegraph pic much more disturbing than the one shown above, as these students from the Institute of Information Technology are young, clean shaven and intelligent, and internet savvy, which doesn’t bode well for Pakistan’s future:

  • Brian Jordan

    In a sprawling manifesto released in February, the company’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, set out a plan in which FB
    would ask users all over the world to vote on what sort of content they found acceptable to see on their social media feeds.
    Content which breached those personal and national standards would then be automatically flagged by an artificial intelligence, and removed without the need for human intervention.

    Please, please, tell me this is satirical.

  • John

    What a collection of inbred retards.
    Pakistan is the last place on Earth any civilised person would want to go.
    Home to the worst terrorists on earth and they point the finger at people who have simply different views.
    You could not make these idiots up!
    A disgusting breeding ground for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and the place that bin Laden was protected in.
    Pakistan is an absolutely vile nest of vipers.

  • barriejohn

    Talking about censorship, satire, and irony, I believe this news is kosher…

  • andym

    Even without the blasphemy angle the wish is legally absurd. What country worth the name would extradite someone for doing something not against the law? I can only assume that it’s intended for other shithouse countries as fucked up as Pakistan.

  • Readers of ‘The Freethinker’ may know someone who is a ‘sketch maker’ – and that sketch was cited as the reason Muslim men tried to commit murder. Readers of ‘The Freethinker’ may know someone who had to leave his home to escape Muslim threats. Readers of ‘The Freethinker’ may know someone who was walking on the same block on the same day where a Muslim tried to set off a car bomb. All of this isn’t far away – it’s as close as ‘The Freethinker,’ and you may be next.
    Make plans now for when your preferred means of internet communication capitulates to Islam. I encourage saving things offline before they disappear, and the use of and
    As far as defending yourself and your loved ones and your nation against Islam – I encourage peaceable debate and pointed mockery, but I do not say to kill every Muslim who will not submit to Western civilization. The advocacy of killing (and the killing) I leave to the Muslims.
    That vast majority of peaceful Muslims – why can they not clean their own house?

  • Prior

    Pakistan … what a fucking awful country.
    As the late great Hitchens wrote. “Pakistan …if it was a person it would be a self-righteous, self-pitying, and self-loathing man”.
    Here is the complete article.

  • RussellW

    Trevor Blake,
    “-why can they not clean their own house?”
    Yes, indeed. If the vast majority of Muslims were peaceful and tolerant, majority Muslim countries wouldn’t be the vicious, violent, chaotic and backward crap holes that they are.

  • Paul

    A very good article – thanks for sharing it.

  • 1859

    Pakistan – a nuclear theocracy….I shudder at the thought.

  • Foggy

    Is that ‘kafir kafir with a sword’ emoji really going to be on Facebook. If so then I demand an emoji showing ‘a prophet with a bomb on his head’ or a ‘prophet with a dick growing out of his forehead’.

  • Foggy

    1859 if you liked that article get a copy of Arguably. Hitchens is dead but he can still improve your English and your Mind.

  • Foggy

    And search for Hitchens in Vanity Fair.

  • Foggy

    And can any of the barbaric shitehawks in the picture actually read the sign they are holding?
    The fact is that every one of them is so shit scared of not being seen to be an hysterical devout muslim for fear of being singled out as a slacker, branded as a blasphemer and kicked to death by all the others who use such opportunities to show all the rest what good muslims they are. Islam depends upon fear, hair trigger sensitivity, lynch mob rule and extreme violence. It’s not a religion of peace. It’s a religion of fear, intimidation and violence. How fitting that it thrives in pakistan, a beggared state populated by millions of backward, uneducated, unemployable, useless, self loathing, hate freighted, barbaric, parasitic puffed up retards.

  • Foggy

    And that is me being charitable.

  • Club Secretary
  • Prior

    And yet Facebook wants to ban this.
    Naked mannequin photographer banned from Facebook – BBC Newsbeat
    And who complained about this? Well I don’t know but I have my suspicions, suspicions that are supportable from previous experiences.
    Who else but pious sexually repressed retards can think that the human form, especially the female variety, is so disgustingly subversive and threatening to morality. No, its those who have unhealthy attitudes to sex who are the danger. Show me a bunch of slavering shreiking murderous muslim men like the one shown and I will show you a bunch of onanistic mysogenistic shirtlifting child molesting unsavoury bestial sexually repressed specimens of wasted manhood.
    A society with a healthy acceptance, no a celebration of sexuality, is a happy well adjusted one. One where freedom of expression, free speech, egalitarianism, democracy and secular values thrive.
    Monotheistic theocratic societies can never be so. They are condemned to violence, hatred, oppression and overall nastiness. An onerous burden on mankind. The catalyst of terrorism and war.

  • barriejohn

    Prior: I have friends who have been banned from Facebook because people have objected to nude pics – no sexual content. I reckon there are people who trawl the net looking for things to object to, just so that they can “protect” us all, and you can bet your life that religion plays a big part in that.

  • Prior

    Trevor Blake,
    “-why can they not clean their own house?”
    Because in general muslims are not peaceful and tolerant. Islam gives its followers the authority to do as they please as long as koranical and sharia blatherings are not infringed. The trouble is that koranical and sharia blatherings actually encourage, actually mandate, lawless violence intolerance hate and general nastiness towards kafirs. Spread the wonders of islam by annihilation of non muslims … make the kafir revile you … then destroy them by any means possible.

  • Prior

    bj. Really … I’d never have guessed.

  • Peter Sykes

    “shirtlifting”, WTF are you on about?

  • 1859

    @ Peter Sykes: Mr. Prior seems to have worked himself up into a suspicious sweat……