UK man, critical of Christianity, is banned from churches

UK man, critical of Christianity, is banned from churches March 13, 2017

Robert Skynner, above – creator of The Christian Comedy Channel on YouTube who was jailed for eight weeks for harassing a Christian couple – has now been barred from entering any church or place of worship for five years.
According to this report, Skynner, 55, appealed his sentence and conviction after serving his sentence, but a Plymouth court not only rejected the appeal but imposed the church entry ban and served him with a Criminal Behaviour Order preventing him from sending messages in any way or use Twitter, YouTube or any other form of social media to make any allegations.
Skynner was jailed in Plymouth Magistrates’ Court for making a series of allegations about paedophilia against the  Christian couple and for abusing religion on YouTube. His channel page states it offers:

Comedy which exposes the hypocrisy of the modern evangelical Christian Church.

It includes a series of parody videos in which Skynner dresses up as Freddie Mercury and reads the Bible.
Below is one entitled Learn the Bible with Freddie Mercury: Calvinism.

Recorder Jonathan Barnes asked Skynner, representing himself, where he worshipped so he would not be barred from his own church.
Skynner replied that he did not go to church – and:

Would not be seen dead in one.

He is also locked out of his YouTube channel – which is still live – and can no longer access it. But he seemed to accept he would stop making the allegations – after months of bombarding local papers with them.
He also sent messages to officers and churches and urged recipients to pass his messages on.
Skynner, of Devonport, Plymouth, said:

I cannot continue like this. This is destroying me. I feel I have gone as far as I can possibly go.

But he did say he would stand outside the old post office in the city centre with a friend holding a sign saying:

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man.

Skynner denied harassment without violence of the couple between December 2015 and April 2016, but was found guilty after a trial at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court. He must not contact them, post about them online, send them messages or record personal information about them.

Writing on Twitter ahead of the appeal hearing in February, he said:

Pray for me … I had exposed sin in local churches and was arrested for harassment.

Hat tip: Marcus Robinson.

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  • barriejohn

    Recorder Jonathan Barnes asked Skynner, representing himself, where he worshipped so he would not be barred from his own church.
    Fucking idiot! Had he actually acquainted himself with the details of the case? What a pity that Skynner couldn’t have had a jury trial.

  • remigius

    barriejohn, there is a lot of confusion surrounding this case. Including Barry’s headline “UK man, critical of Christianity…”
    Robert Skynner is actually an evangelical Christian. He has a degree in Divinity from the University of Aberdeen, and is (was?) a well known street preacher in Plymouth.
    What he appears to be critical of is one particular church movement (of which he was a former member) and their need to ‘repent of their fornication’, to use his own words.

  • barriejohn

    Skynner replied that he did not go to church – and “would not be seen dead in one”.
    He doesn’t appear to be referring to one particular church, but maybe he has been misquoted.

  • barriejohn

    There is quite a lot about Skynner here:
    Why do I give Robert Skynner a blog post all on his own? It is because, in spite of his possibly unwise and obsessive behaviour, we have a light shone by into one dark place within the church. The stand that he has taken has demanded levels of courage and perseverance. The price that he is now paying for standing up against hypocrisy and, as he sees it, heresy is a high one. The charge against him, harassment without violence, will probably not lead to a jail sentence (!) but it is still hard to see how he can come out of this situation without suffering a good deal.

  • barriejohn

    Ooh! A Bob Hutton type really has it in for him:
    I encourage all the Saints to join with me in obedience to Gal 1:8 regarding Robert Skynner and to pray that the Lord reward him according to his works.
    Agree with me in prayer that the Lord God of Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ curse the heart and soul of Robert Skynner because he is only here to try to snare some unlearned soul into hell.
    Galatians 1:8 IS a commandment!

    (Get that beard.)

  • remigius

    Thanks for the link, barriejohn. So I was right then!

  • Brian Jordan

    Where does Freddy Mercury come into it? Wasn’t he a Zoroastrian?