Ultra-Orthodox Jews are spared the sight of a female Smurf

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are spared the sight of a female Smurf March 29, 2017

The billboard above – advertising a a new Smurf movie – has been censored to ensure that Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Bnei Brak in Israel aren’t offended.
According to this report, the original poster for Smurfs: The Lost Village, shows four of the tiny blue humanoids – but one one, a blonde Smurfette, was cropped from the ads in the district by the PR company Mirka’im – Hutzot Zahav.

The company distributing the movie, Forum Film, said that the PR company decided not to hang the original posters in Bnei Brak in order not to harm residents’ sensibilities, adding that it is not accepted practice for images of women to appear on the city’s billboards.
The removal of females from public view is not confined to Ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Earlier this month, when Saudi Arabia wanted to show off its inaugural girls’ council in al-Qassim province, they overlooked one thing: the girls.
Pictures released to mark the first Qassim Girls Council meeting showed 13 men on stage, and not a single female.
The women were apparently in another room, linked via video.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Smurf report)

"You've not spoken the truth at all on here, that's the point. Satan be gone!"

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  • Playonwords

    See also Trump’s meeting on healthcare. All men because half of those needing healthcare are women

  • barriejohn

    It’s a good job the religious have their “elders” and leaders to protect them from reality, otherwise they might just explode.

  • remigius

    I think we should all be spared the sight of Smurfs, both male and female. Annoying little blue bastards.

  • Prior

    Sexually repressed fuckwits. How on earth do they reproduce? Is the woman, burqah clad in another room, given a receptacle of top grade halfwit jizz supplied an onanistic girlophobic dickhead.

  • remigius

    “Sexually repressed fuckwits. How on earth do they reproduce?”
    I think the daddy Smurf inserts his little blue penis into the mummy Smurf and…
    Oh, you meant the Jews!

  • Prior

    Or do the males, during congress, wear an all over protective biohazard rubber suit complete with oxygen supply with only a small hole from which the erect male member protrudes. “OK, cover me, I’m going in. Allah Achbar”. And then after the loveless act I guess the male has to retire to a air locked room for a penile decontamination procedure at which all traces of womanly excretions are vigourously scrubbed with the right hand whilst the left clutches a holy book.

  • Daz

    So a character who almost defines lazy tokenism has been edited out by people who don’t want to see women? I’m not sure if that’s a delicious circle of irony, an example of meta-noodlepatery or just plain bizarre.

  • Gui

    Why this guys are so afraid of women?

  • StephenJP

    Indeed; and why are they allowed to get away with it?
    The ultra-religious minority in Israel exert influence out of proportion to their numbers because the electoral system gives the ultra-religious parties in the Knesset the power to make or break Governments. I am sure that Netanyahu, nasty piece of work that he may be, would much prefer not to be in hock to the ultras (many of whom do no useful work and pay no taxes); but he is where he is.
    It would be a sad irony if Israel, a nation created out of ancient religious dispositions, were to be brought low by modern religious lunacies.

  • Katha Pollitt in 1991:
    “Take a look at the kids’ section of your local video store. You’ll find that features starring boys, and usually aimed at them, account for 9 out of 10 offerings. Clicking the television dial one recent week — admittedly not an encyclopedic study — I came across not a single network cartoon or puppet show starring a female. (Nickelodeon, the children’s cable channel, has one of each.) Except for the crudity of the animation and the general air of witlessness and hype, I might as well have been back in my own 1950’s childhood, nibbling Frosted Flakes in front of Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and the rest of the all-male Warner Brothers lineup.
    Contemporary shows are either essentially all-male, like “Garfield,” or are organized on what I call the Smurfette principle: a group of male buddies will be accented by a lone female, stereotypically defined.”
    Ironic, isn’t it.

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  • barriejohn

    Daz/Ophelia Benson: It’s been true since the days when my sister and I started watching television as well. Leading characters were almost invariably male, such as Muffin the Mule (always “he”), Andy Pandy, the Flowerpot Men, Sooty, Torchy, Twizzle (who else remembers him?), Champion and Fury, all the cowboys (obviously), including “the Range Rider and his companion Dick West – that all-American boy”, and so on. There was Prudence the Kitten, and Dale Evans played a token female dutifully supporting her husband in rounding up the miscreants in some Roy Rogers films, but the girls were very thin on the ground. Literature did fare a little better, and, to her credit, Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, Secret Seven and (my favourites) Adventure Series, did feature strong female characters, no doubt contributing greatly to their popularity; and, of course, Arthur Ransome’s stories, which I absolutely adored and still do, had girls that were, if anything, stronger than the boys (Nancy changed her name from Ruth because pirates are “ruthless” – that always made me laugh), but they were, in every sense of the word , exceptional.

  • Nancy and Peggy forever!

  • Robster

    How do these people reproduce? They must do as they’re still here. Artificial insemination I’d suggest.

  • John the Drunkard

    For all the idiocy of the Right whining about censorship and the ‘professionally offended,’ we need to remember that Being Offended, or Feeling Oppressed, are central to most racist or fascist movements.
    Xtians whining about how opwessed they were by Obama? They actually believe it. MRAs pausing in their chest-beating, testicle-scratching sessions to whinge about how the grlz are all out to get them? Their FEEEELINGS are hurt.
    The poor Germans, so oppressed by the all powerful Poles? The ex-confederates, crushed under Negro oppression?

  • DDN

    Ophelia … Women take the lead in porn though.

  • Jobrag

    Oh FFS can’t these people tell the difference between real and pretend, do they check the gender of any animals depicted in print. On second thoughts they probably can’t tell the difference they’re whole life is spent believing in pretend.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I wonder if these women hating creeps teach languages with noun genders in their schools, if they agree to education at all that is. I suppose feminine nouns would have to be ignored.
    Welsh could be great fun as there are some differences between the North and South dialects where a feminine noun in the North will be masculine in the South and vice versa. I look forward to hearing the views of Rabbis and Imams on trans-gender nouns.

  • Prior

    Meanwhile here is a prime example of the inhumanity of those who think they are doing the work God of the CoE.
    Its an inhuman decision and an absolute condemnation of the system of government that has the pious at its rotten core. A fucking disgrace of the highest order. Time to call for a republic, abolition of the monarcy, disestablisment of the CoE and removal of the bishops from the Lords. Might as well do away with them too. If your dog is suffering it is humanely put down. A terminally ill person has to writhe in agony and extreme distress, sometimes for weeks, so that the godly can be satisfied that they have upheld the will of their god that the victim dies begging and guttering for redemption and release. A fucking disgrace. Lets hope a nasty death awaits those who are no doubt now celebrating their evil victory.

  • L.Long

    Yet they LLLLLOOOOOvvve porn!!!!
    But then a lot of the porn is animal porn so it could be they really miss the sheep after all!

  • Gui

    This is that thing: persons- no matter the religious or ideological affiliation- who want to dictate how other peoples should take their lives are the ones that less or never follow the rules themselves stipulates to others.

  • Paul

    Barriejohn Ophelia
    I think you are right. Although Muffin the Mule was presented by that lady.
    And Sue was with Sooty as his bit of ‘stuff’. (I think).
    There were quite a few women in the Thunderbirds/Gerry Anderson puppet TV shows. And In Captain Scarlett.
    Mariana.Destiny Angels. And a few others. But yes mainly all males.
    And thankfully the Teletubbies were asexual or gay weren’t they?

  • Paul

    Barriejohn Ophelia
    I think you are right. Although Muffin the Mule was presented by that lady.
    And Sue was with Sooty as his bit of ‘stuff’. (I think).
    There were quite a few women in the Thunderbirds/Gerry Anderson puppet TV shows. And In Captain Scarlett.
    Mariana.Destiny Angels. And a few others. But yes mainly all males.
    And thankfully the Teletubbies were asexual or gay weren’t they?
    As to the Saudis / why would any women or girls be there? I’m surprised they were on a video link. I mean, who was chaperoning them in that room?

  • The Badger

    Female role models in cartoons/childrens shows:
    Leela (Futurama)
    Angelica (Rugrats)
    Miss Piggy (Muppets)
    Marge (The Simpsons)
    Lisa (The Simpsons)
    Anything in common ?