Apostates need support. Help rescue them from religion.

Apostates need support. Help rescue them from religion. April 16, 2017

HumanistGlobal.org – the new website of the Brighter Brains Institute that launched the world’s first atheist orphanage in Uganda – is setting up an Apostate Support service.
Humanist Global promotes humanism globally and performs charitable deeds that indicate “we don’t need gods to be good”.
It is part of the Brighter Brains Institute, a California non-profit organisation.

In Uganda it supports two humanist orphanages, eightt humanist schools, and seven humanist clinics. It also provides start-up funds and microloans for community business projects, and medical payments for clubfoot and fistula surgeries.
Its mission is to launch humanist projects in multiple nations that need humanism, ie, places “where religion is destructive”.
It currently planning to expand to Kanya, Malawi, and Nepal.
The goal of the apostate support service is to assist people who want to leave religion by providing resource links and online online advisors.
Webpages have been established for Ex-Christians, Ex-Catholics, Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ex-Seventh Day Adventists, Ex-Pentecostals, Ex-Mormons, Ex-Scientologists, Ex-Orthodox Jews, Ex-Hindus and Ex-Muslims.
Apostate Team members will be listed here.
If you’re interested in being on our Apostate Support Team, contact humanistglobal@gmail.com.
Donations to support this service can be made here.
Hat tip: Hank Pellissier

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