Ireland's Sisters of Mercy hospital row takes a fresh turn

Ireland's Sisters of Mercy hospital row takes a fresh turn April 25, 2017

Following our report last Thursday that Ireland’s National Maternity Hospital (NMH) was to be handed to the Catholic Sister’s of Mercy order, news has emerged that the former master of the NMH, Dr Peter Boylan, above, has been asked to resign from its board for speaking out against the plan.
The hospital’s deputy chairman, former High Court president Nicholas Kearns, told Boylan to go, a NMH spokesman confirmed yesterday.
Boylan last week expressed strong reservations about the agreement reached last November between St Vincent’s and the NMH under which the maternity hospital is due to move to the St Vincent’s site in the sole ownership of the Sisters of Charity.
In this Irish Times article he wrote:

The principal points of the agreement are that the Sisters of Charity will be sole owners of the new hospital, and of the new company that will run the hospital, and that a new nine-person board will be set up to oversee the running of the new hospital.
So let us be clear: the Sisters of Charity will be the sole owners of the new National Maternity Hospital. Many at the hospital are satisfied that adequate protection is provided. I am not.
Modern maternity and gynaecological care encompasses contraception, sterilisation, IVF, gender reassignment surgery and abortion, as well as the usual day-to-day activities of a busy maternity hospital.
Are we seriously expected to believe that if the hospital goes ahead according to the proposed arrangement it will be the only maternity hospital in the world owned by the Catholic Church, and run by a company owned by the Catholic Church, that will allow these procedures? This stretches credibility to breaking point. Indeed it would seem to be naive.

Around 200 people gathered outside the Department of Health in protest at the Government’s plans to give ownership of the new National Maternity Hospital to the Sisters of Charity.
A spokesman for the NMH said in a statement to The Irish Times:

Last week, some five months after the agreement was approved, Boylan, without warning, consultation with or notification to the board, its chair or the master of the hospital, went public in attacking the agreement.
Board members have a duty of loyalty to the board on which they serve and for this reason his resignation has been sought.

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  • L.Long

    Religion is evil and promotes evil, and is allowed to get away with it! Treat them as their gawd says to treat them…they are guilty to the 10th generation!!!! Or forever!

  • Robster

    Aren’t the Irish ditching religion in ever increasing numbers after being under the various pope’s thumb(s) for eons? Surely the constant stream of scandals, including some seriously undesirable stuff, in Ireland, like stories of baby theft, child rape and the whole poisoned dishonesty of their business plan can any Irish person choose to support this mob of crooks in dresses and silly hats?

  • 1859

    A maternity hospital – besides carrying out normal births – will also be involved with abortions, gender realignment surgery, contraception, IVF and sterilisation, is to be owned and run by the RCC? No way! It’s more than naive – it’s criminal. You do not need religious people to run a hospital – inevitably they will have another agenda that will influence every decision they take. Dr. Boylan is right to speak out.

  • TT

    The RCC. It’s a vast global criminal enterprise. That’s it. Plain and simple. Name the crime the RCC is guilty of it. No exceptions.
    The nazis got it wrong. They tried using violence and failed within a decade. The RCC uses stealth, coercion, bribery, concordats, blackmail and intimidation. And they have thrived for centuries. It’s a clever business model but one that has now been exposed. But the old tentacles still exert control … for the time being. But it is weakening as more and more of its hateful bigotry and criminality is exposed.

  • barriejohn

    News from the BHA:
    The Citizens’ Assembly, a public forum of 99 members set up to advise the Irish Government on public ethical issues, has voted 52 to 29 to recommend reform of Ireland’s constitution to allow abortion without restriction for up to 12 weeks, for some reasons for up to 22 weeks, and with no time limit in limited cases.

  • Terry

    Yet another disingenuous name. The pious do this all the time.
    “Sisters of Charity” Yeah right.
    “Sinister sisterhood of perpetrators of and accessories to the abominable inhuman crimes of the catholic church” is a more accurate appellation

  • Newspaniard

    Is there really that much corruption in the Irish Government? Who are the RCC bribing? Dr Peter Boylan deserves a reward for speaking out against this abominable activity.

  • Terry

    OT … but anotherexample of how religion fucks up everything.
    ” … religious radicalisation was a “bigger challenge than stone pelting protesters”. He said some 3,000 Saudi-inspired Wahhabi sect mosques had sprung up in Kashmir in the past decade”.

  • Brian Jordan

    Aren’t the Irish ditching religion in ever increasing numbers?
    Of course they are – and this is what they get in response. Just as the UK response to rejection of religion is to open more religious schools and force non-religious children into them.

  • Aidan Griffin

    The Irish Independebt reports the Ethics committee of the Dublin Mater hospital is refusing a cancer medication to some women because of the need to use a contraceptive during medication.

  • Terry

    Refusing a cancer medication to some women because of the need to use a contraceptive during medication.
    Need any more proof that the rcc is a hateful bigotted barbaric criminal organisation.
    What would be the outcry if cancer treatment was witheld from those who adhere to roman catholic dogma.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Board members have a duty of loyalty to the board on which they serve and for this reason his resignation has been sought.
    Perhaps: but they have a greater duty to the people who are, or who might become, the hospital’s patients. The hospital is not run primarily for the board, nor for the staff, nor for some improbable deity; the reason for the hospital is the care of its patients. The patients deserve the best of modern medicine, not to have their therapy hobbled by millennia-old dogmas.
    Dr. Boylan has reminded the other board members of their duty. It is little wonder that they are aggrieved.

  • StephenJP

    “Sisters of Mercy” sounds so feminine and empathetic, doesn’t it? As ever, it’s a front for the usual group of hard-faced men in frocks who seek to maintain the RCC’s privileges in all circumstances. If women were really in charge their approach might actually involve some mercy for a change.

  • Stephen Mynett

    StephenJP, I suspect they were inspired by Orwell, the name fits well with the likes of Miniluv, Minipax, Miniplenty and Minitrue.