Kill Bill: Science Guy's 'gay cure' video riles the religious

Kill Bill: Science Guy's 'gay cure' video riles the religious April 29, 2017

American science presenter Bill Nye recently poured scorn on the idea that gays can be cured, and in doing so incurred the wrath of homophobic religious nutters.
PinkNews reports that the popular science educator and TV host received death threats after an episode from his new Netflix talk show – Bill Nye Saves the World – appeared on YouTube.
In the episode “Sexual Spectrum”, below, Nye explores sexuality – with one animated skit mocking the practice of attempting to ‘cure’ gay’ people.

The cartoon features different flavours of ice cream, with vanilla ice cream demanding that all other flavours of ice cream become vanilla too.
Vanilla insists:

As Vanilla, I feel that I am the most natural of the ice creams, and therefore the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla. It’s the one true flavour.

Attempting to reassure the flamboyant Strawberry ice cream, Salted Caramel cuts in:

No one can stop make you being Strawberry, Strawberry. You’re Strawberry!

But Vanilla insists:

I just think if you want to get right with the big ice cream in the sky, change your flavour by wishing to be vanilla. Everyone should pretend to be vanilla until they no longer have the urge not to be vanilla.

At the end of the clip, Vanilla ice cream succumbs to his repressed urges, engaging in an ice cream orgy with the other flavours.
The clip sparked a huge amount of anger from the far-right and anti-LGBT lobby, attracting more than 14,000 dislikes on YouTube.
Commenters attacked it as “blatant propaganda” and “Satanic”, while some resorted to homophobic threats.
One wrote:

As a born again Christian, it is my responsibility to inform the world of the truth. Like I said, this video is forcing the beliefs of Satanism.

Another added:

Anti-White, Anti-Male, Anti-Straight, Anti-Christian. If it was literally Anti-(Anything else) I could sue for millions, but I’m expected to ‘tolerate’ it. This is why Donald Trump won leftists, we see right through the bull and we’re sick of it.

Several of the comments included direct death threats aimed at Nye.

Bill Nye, centre, photographed at the recent March for Science
In another video, Nye explains why homosexuality is perfectly natural.
Nye recorded the video for Big Think, during which he is asked by an anonymous reader whether homosexuality makes evolutionary sense.
He responds that:

Homosexuality exists across all species and throughout nature. Bonobo monkeys, for example, exhibit homosexuality. And Bonobo monkeys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Expanding on his point, he says homosexuality:

Happens in nature, and look, we’re all here.

Hat tip: Angela_K

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  • L.Long

    “…If it was literally Anti-(Anything else) I could sue for millions,…” shows the absolute stoopidity of these people!!! As it is anti-anything else that are bigoted aholes filled with stoopid!! It is anti-isLame, it is anti-catlick, it is anti-hewbrew, it is anti-bigoted white ahole male… sue! But remember that if you lose you pay the other guys costs too!!!

  • Barty

    In England, only a few centuries ago, it was a capital offense to rail against christianity. Simply put, the officers of the Church of England, the representatives of the trinity, jesus, the holy ghost, the english god, would have you exterminated in barbaric fashion for standing up against their totalitarian rule. That village church is not a quaint little chocolate box gem. No. It was a fortress of fundamentalist christianity. One only has to scratch the surface of modern christian sensitivities to reveal the unlying intolerance and desire to subjugate all those who resist. Bill Nye got death threats for daring to correct primitive divisive hateful christian bigotry. Such love eh?

  • Club Secretary

    @ Barty says:
    Bill Nye got death threats for daring to correct primitive divisive hateful christian bigotry. Such love eh?
    “The people looked from christian to muslim, and from muslim to christian, and from christian to muslim again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

  • Barty

    Don’t get me started on islam.They dont even try to cure gays. They just launch them from high places.

  • John

    Maybe if Bill Nye had chosen a different flavour – say pistachio – the level of protests would have been lower?
    It seems some people equated vanilla with being white.
    If the converting one had been chocolate how else might they have reacted?
    Where these religitards are concerned, it seems they will always find something to object to.

  • Paul

    I posted that some months ago I read a book Demonic Males. It’s a very good book. In it there are quite a few references to apes that exhibit homosexuality / bonobos being a great example – when two groups meet it is the females that engage in sexual behaviour, we would refer what they do when they meet as tribbing.

  • Angela_K

    OT but something that annoyed the christians. I’ve just watched the film “The Brand New Testament” a 2015 French/Belgian black comedy where god is a grumpy old git who lives in Belgium making up cruel rules for every living thing. The fun starts when god’s daughter hacks his computer. More info here:

  • 1859

    What a comment , what an indictment of American society, its intelligentsia and culture, that it needs a satirical cartoon to open a debate about what – to anyone outside the USA – sees as so fucking obvious. Yes, it’s a good cartoon, but it’s as though it’s aimed at teaching pre-adolescent children about natural diversity, whereas it appears the film is directed towards educating a huge chuck of US adult society! And what’s more, it’s seen as radical! I know there are plenty of fundamentalists in other countries too, but let’s be honest, they are mainly viewed – in Europe at least – as oddballs on the fringes – male loners on street corners. But in the US these ‘male loners’ are mainstream – they are in positions of real political and social power. Hence the uproar. In Europe I doubt if such a cartoon would be seen a nothing more than a good cartoon – certainly not as a daring, radical statement about sexual diversity.

  • barriejohn

    This seems relevant:
    “We believe it is in the context of the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman that the full expression of sexuality is to be experienced and celebrated and that such a commitment is part of God’s plan for human flourishing.”
    “While we recognize a diversity of opinions within our community on the topic of sexuality, we affirm our statement on human sexuality.”
    (Seattle Pacific University)

  • Robster

    The Big Ice cream in the sky would have to be an Ice Cream Sunday, eh?

  • T Lawrie

    Perhaps the holy trinity is actually neapolitan ice cream. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla but still one ice cream

  • barriejohn

    Wouldn’t mixed flavours be forbidden under Old Testament legislation? “Confusion”!