Spanish police arrest Muslim couple for abuse of daughter

Spanish police arrest Muslim couple for abuse of daughter April 7, 2017

In a case indicative of Spain’s determination to clamp down on Islamic extremism and child abuse, a husband and wife were arrested this week for abusing their daughter who had who strayed from their devout Muslim lifestyle.
According to this report, the girl from San Javier in Murcia was insulted and beaten for her “Western” behaviour.

The local Guardia Civil reported that the parents of the adolescent girl have been placed under arrest for forcing their daughter to adhere to their Islamic faith.
According to the Guardia, the girl was subjected to abuse, humiliation and threats by her parents as they attempted to force her to follow their faith, a situation she had endured since 2011 before reporting it to the police.
This treatment was not confined only to the family home, as she was also coerced into Islamism in her social life. When she attempted to behave in a manner similar to her peers in public, by smoking, wearing “Western” clothes or failing to observe Ramadan, she was verbally abused and beaten by her parents.
The reason for the girl choosing to seek help from police was because that the situation worsened a few months ago when she began a relationship with a non-Muslim.
This resulted in the physical violence increasing before she was ejected from the family home on reaching the age of 18.
However, the insults continued by mobile phone message, and other members of the Islamic faith in the local community joined in, insulting her, obstructing her path as she walked the streets and even throwing objects at her.
The couple who have been arrested are both Moroccan nationals and are aged 47 and 31, and the case is now in the hands of the courts of San Javier. Further arrests have not yet been discounted.

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  • L.Long

    Exactly why you need our gov’mints to stay very secular…to slap down religion when people need help because some religious ahole is assaulting them!!!

  • Lambert

    So who was 13 years old when the daughter was born?

  • John the Drunkard

    One of her parents was THIRTEEN when she was born? Anyone care to guess which one?
    I guess the police have a lot of neglect to catch up on.

  • Walt

    I was, a few years ago, with two physically very large, and handy, colleagues in Barcelona on business. We were walking down the back streets adjoining La Rambas on the evening heading towards our favourite restaurant when the biggest and most intimidating of us was set upon by a wiry marroc, who was quickly rendered useless, whereupon his accomplices, screaming and shouting, leapt out from where they were lurking to accuse us of assault and racism. In the resulting confusion Islamic pick pocketing went on and as soon as the wallets were lifted the organised gang of muslim thieves scattered. Police were quickly on the scene to manage the aftermath. According to the most senior of the officers, and according to all my Catalan work colleagues, all the theivery and violence in that area of Barcelona is perpetrated by highly organised marrocs gangs (Morrocans) who are the scourge of law and order in the area. No sense of Islamic honesty here. Just the opposite actually. Organised gangs of Islamic shitehawk thieves robbing anyone they can and then screaming and shrieking about racism, prejudicesand injustice when caught.

  • 1859

    I am glad to hear the Spanish police are not following a politically correct approach by trying to be ‘culturally sensitive’ to both sides and thereby providing an inherent loophole for religious coercion to slip through. Physical and mental bullying like this should be against the laws of all civilised countries (fat chance!). There should be no ‘cultural justification’ for such intolerant behaviour. I just wish the UK police would do the same.

  • Laura Roberts

    Ok, yet another reason to like Spain. Kudos to the authorities for handling this case appropriately.
    But, yikes — as @JohnTheDrunkard noted, one parent is 31 and the daughter is 18? Turns one’s stomach.